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Milestone Husky NVRs (2016)

(To be used for Milestone Husky M50, M30 and Hybrids)

Architecture & Engineering Specification

Proprietary Milestone Information
This A&E specification is based upon MasterFormat® (2011 Edition),

issued by Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and Construction Specifications Canada.

Table of contents

Introduction: Product comparison

This A&E specification includes all features of the Milestone Husky series.

A. – General

B.General product description

  1. The digital video management system (DVMS) shall be open platform, easy to use and designed with open architecture. The DVMS shall be able to manage all the surveillance-related hardware associated with this project.

  2. The total DVMS solution shall consist of:

  1. DVMS software

  2. Network video recorder hardware

  3. IP cameras

  4. Analog cameras connected to IP encoders

  5. Ethernet network

  6. Server hardware with storage

  7. Client hardware

C.Open platform definition

  1. An open platform is defined as a software system with published external programming interfaces that shall enable its use in ways beyond the scope of the original programmers. The open platform shall allow other companies and developers to develop products that add additional functionality and versatility to the IP video surveillance solution.

  2. Software-based open platforms shall provide a management layer that shall decouple software from hardware.

  3. The DVMS solution offered shall have the following:

  1. As support becomes available for future camera and encoder models, the DVMS shall be able to support these without the need to reinstall the system.

  2. The DVMS solution shall be compliant with ONVIF and PSIA.

  3. The end user shall have the choice of hardware he or she wants to use for the solution, including servers, storage, clients, and so on. The solution shall also be able to operate in a virtual environment if desired.

  4. The DVMS solution shall function on any standard TCP/IP Ethernet network.

  5. The DVMS solution shall have a number of existing third-party integrations such as video analytics, intercoms, access control, public address, and so on.

  6. The DVMS solution shall offer a mobile viewing client that shall be able to operate on Android and iOS mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and portable music players).

  7. The DVMS solution shall have third party companies develop applications to function on the IP video surveillance solution.

D.Digital Video Management System (DVMS)

  1. The DVMS shall be a hardware-based solution with preloaded software designed for scalable installations that may consist of multiple sites and, therefore, utilize multiple NVRs to run the deployment.

  1. The preloaded software shall be quick and easy to set up and manage. The solution shall use system configuration wizards and have functionality to detect hardware. The system shall support devices from different vendors.

  2. The software solution shall allow an unlimited number of cameras to be connected when used with Interconnect software.

  3. A single site shall consist of a dedicated video recording server, a management application, an imageserver, a database server, an optional event server and an optional dedicated mobile server.

  4. In addition to the NVR, the preloaded software solution shall have the ability to store video and audio recordings on any form of additional storage selected by the client including internal hard drives, direct attached storage, network attached storage, storage area network, and so on.

  5. The software solution shall support archiving for optimizing recorded data storage through data storage solutions that shall combine performance and scalability with cost efficient long-term video storage.

  6. The software solution shall include an alarm management function that shall make it possible to manage all alarms generated by all the components on the system, including:

  1. Internal system-related events, such as motion, archiving issues, and SNMP.

External integrated events, such as video analytics, access controlled doors that have been open too long or forced open and invalid card events.

Other events from third-party-developed plug-ins.

E.– Products


  1. Modules

  1. Hardware variations

  2. Recording server

Event server

Mobile server

  1. Clients

  1. Management application

  2. Full viewing client

  3. Mobile viewing client (iOS and Android compatible)

  4. Cross-platform web viewing client (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari)

  5. Standalone viewing client (used for playing exported video)

  1. System

  1. Unlimited number of recording servers per system

Unlimited number of cameras per recording server

Unlimited video retention time

Simultaneous live, recording and playback capability

Automatic camera discovery

Automatic configuration wizard


Support for MJPEG, MPEG-4 SP, MPEG-4 ASP, MxPEG and H.264 compression formats

Support for ONVIF™ and PSIA compliant devices

Generic device support via universal driver

IP device brands and models directly supported via dedicated driver

Secure HTTPS camera connectivity (on supported devices)

Dual stream (live and recording) per camera

Built-in video motion detection (VMD)

Set video motion detection per camera

Video recording speed up on motion, event and time schedule

Input, output and events

Pan-tilt-zoom (with patrolling and presets)

Microsoft® Active Directory support

Alarm management feature

Privacy masking

Camera navigation feature

Video-sharing feature

Map function

Email and SMS notifications

Integration platform (software development kit) for third-party application integration

Built-in de-warping lens support for 180° and 360° views


  1. Archiving of recordings

Keep online access to archives

Parallel archiving and recording

Hourly archiving schedules

Dynamic archiving (disk spanning)

Archiving to network drives

Storage overview (used vs. available space) of available storage drives

H.Video archiving system modes

  1. Delete oldest recordings system mode

Stop saving recordings when storage is full (evidence collection)


  1. Export to AVI, MKV and still images


  1. Video content analysis support

  1. Open integration platform and/or software development kit

  2. Application programming interface (API)

  3. Client plug-in support

  4. Generic events via TCP/IP


  1. Configuration wizards

Automatic device scanning with automatic device model detection

Device replacement wizard

Run servers as Windows Services

Scheduled start/stop of devices

Export and import of configuration data

System configuration restore points

Online and offline activation


  1. System logs, event logs and audit logs

M.Viewing clients

  1. The DVMS shall have a client for different platforms (full viewing client, mobile viewing client and web viewing client).

  2. It shall be possible to customize access ports to viewing clients.

  3. The following functionality shall be available in all of the offered viewing clients:

N.View cameras from multiple servers

O.Private and shared views

P.Full screen mode

Q.Time/date search

R.Adjust playback speed

S.Digital zoom on live and playback

T.Shared video images

U.Privacy masking

V.PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) support

W.Input, output and events user authentication

X.Restricted access to features and devices based on user login and time schedules.

  1. The following functionality shall be available in the full viewing client:

  1. Minimum 39 view layouts

Y.Up to 100 view items per view

Z.View live images at 25 PAL / 30 NTSC + frames per second

AA.Optimized view layouts for 4:3 and 16:9 display ratios

AB.Landscape, portrait and corridor-optimized view layouts

AC.Images, alarms, maps, camera navigation, maps, virtual video-sharing, active HTML pages, hotspots and controllable carousels in views

AD.Overlay buttons


AF.Controllable carousel

AG.Display views as multiple monitors and as floating windows

AH.Automatic restore of views and windows at login

AI.Update video on motion only

AJ.Audible alerts on VMD (video motion detection) or event

AK.Independent playback in live and playback mode

AL.Change camera shown in view

AM.Swap the position of two cameras in view

AN.Send video from camera to virtual matrix view

AO.Share video image (copy to clipboard)

AP.Assign commands to keyboard shortcuts and joystick buttons

AQ.Switch to camera by number

AR.Use keyboard to select which viewing client window and camera to be selected and in focus

AS.Recording search

AT.Time/date search

AU.Fast search feature

AV.Event/alert list visible in recordings

AW.Graphical timeline

AX.Immervision Enables® panomorph lens support

AY.User control of layout and content

AZ.Print report with comments

BA.Privacy masking

BB.Sequence explorer (listing of sequences and time intervals)

BC.Two-way audio support

BD.Digital zoom

BE.Share video image

  1. The following functionality shall be available in the mobile viewing and web viewing client:

  1. Minimum two (2) view layouts

BF.Export in AVI format

BG.Recording search (mobile viewing client only)

BH.Camera search

BI.Video push functionality (mobile viewing client only)

BJ.Outputs and events

BK.Add-on products

  1. Access control solution

  2. Transactional data solution

BL.License plate recognition solution

BM.Screen recording service


  1. Software manager utility

BO.Utility to detect system failures

BP.Software maintenance and upgrade requirements

  1. Care Plus

  1. The DVMS manufacturer shall make a software product maintenance package available. Taking up this package shall be at the client’s discretion.

The package shall give access to the latest technology and features released by the software solution manufacturer, including:

  1. Latest developed camera drivers

BQ.Device firmware updates

BR.Increased software functionality requests.

BS.Available languages

  1. Software solution

  1. The management application’s graphical user interface shall be available in American English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Danish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Spanish.

  1. The management application’s built-in help shall be available in American English, Simplified Chinese, French, Korean, Japanese and Portuguese (Brazil).

  1. Full viewing client

  1. The full viewing client’s graphical user interface shall be available in American English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.

  1. The full viewing client’s built-in help shall be available in American English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

BT.Mobile viewing client

  1. The mobile viewing client shall be available in American English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.

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