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Abrahams, Roger D. (ed.). A Singer and Her Songs: Almeda Riddle’s Book of Ballads. Baton Rouge, 1970

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Great Britain and America. Princeton, N.J., 1959 (4 vols photostated in 3 large binders)

____________________ (ed.). The Singing Tradition of Child's Popular Ballads. Princeton, 1976

Brown, Mary Ellen. William Motherwell’s Cultural Politics 1797-1835. Lexington, KY, 2001

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William Paterson, Edinburgh, 1875 (repr. from original ed. of 1828)

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________________ (ed.). The English and Scottish Popular Ballads [1882-1894]. 5 vols., New York, 1965

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Cambridge, MA, 1925

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_____________________. ___________________. Vol II. Little Rock, AK, 1988

Miscellaneous Papers [Photostats in ring binder] see holdings

Newbolt, Sir Henry (sel., intro.). English Ballads. London, n.d.

Niles, John Jacob. The Anglo-American Ballad Study Book Containing Eight Ballads in Current Tradition in the United States

of America. New York, 1945

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______________. The Ballad Book of John Jacob Niles. New York, 1962

______________. Songs of the Hill-Folk: Twelve Ballads from Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina. Set 14, New York,


Olrik, Axel (sel., intro.). A Book of Danish Ballads. New York, 1968 (1939)

Percy, Bishop Thomas. Reliques of Ancient English Poetry (1765)(2 vols.). London, 1845

__________________. Reliques of Ancient English Poetry (1765). London, 1845. Spineless; needs rebinding]

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__________ (ed.). Border Ballads: A Selection. London, 2003 (1991)

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York, NY., 1995

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London, 1912

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York, 1950

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Robin Hood articles & reviews (in Robin Hood folder)
Dobson, R.B., “Sightings of Robehod fugitivus”: review of Robin Hood: An Historical enquiry (John Bellamy). TLS 22 Feb


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of A.B. Paterson. Sydney, 1957

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London, 1947

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Dutt, Toru. Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindustan. London, 1906

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Folks-Fest [folk festival program]. Bonn, 1979; 1980

Folk Songs from China (supplement to China Reconstructs). Shanghai, 1955

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Pihl, Marshall R. The Korean Singer of Tales. Cambridge, MA., 1994

Poston, Elizabeth & Paul Arma. The Faber Book of French Folk Songs. London, 1972

Sounds and Folk Songs of Japan. n.p., 1965 (includes 3 45 rpm discs)

Ukrainian Folk Songs. Toronto, 1984 [p. 3-72; pop/folk in English 73-108]

Vietnamese Folk-Songs. Hanoi, 1961


Ceol: A Journal of Irish Music (Dublin)

International Folk Music Council. Bulletin. (see list for holdings) No. XXV, April 1964; No. XXVI, October 1964; No.

XXVII, April 1965; No. XVIII, July 1966; No. XXIX, November 1966; No. XXX, April 1967; No XXXII, April 1968; No.

XXXIII October 1968: No. XXXV, October 1969

__________________________. Members. March, 1965

Michel Folkzeitung (Bonn)(11 vols.)

Musikblatt: Zeitschrift fur Gitarre, Folklore und Lied (Gottingen)

Stringybark and Greenhide: Folk Magazine of Australia. Newcastle, NSW, 1979

Altès, Henry. Method for the Boehm Flute. New York, 1918

Atkins, Chet. Chet Atkins Note-for-Note. Saratoga, CA, 1975

Baxter’s Complete Guitar Accompaniment Manual. New York, 1968

Bay, Bill. Mel Bay’s Fun with the Harmonica. Pacific, MO, 1976

_______. Mel Bay’s Guitar Christmas Carols. Kirkwood, MO, 1974

Burakoff, Sonya & Gerald. The Beginners Method for Soprano and Alto Recorder. Saugerties, NY, 1965

Burns, Jethro. Mel Bay Presents Jethro Burns Mandolin Player. Pacific, MO, 1976

The Chromatic Harmonica. Chicago, 1966

Coker, Patty & David Baker. Vocal Improvisation: An Instrumental Approach. Lebanon, IN, 1981

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Duschenes, Mario. Method for the Recorder. Part One (1957). [two books, one for “soprano and tenor”, the other for “alto,

sopranino and bass”]. Toronto, 1969

Edwards, Cliff. Ukelele Ike Collection for the Ukelele. New York (post 1946)

Enjoy Your Recorder. The Trapp Family Singers’ new complete method. Books M-1 (C-Soprano or C-Tenor: and Book M-2

(F-Alto, F-Sopranino, F-Bass). Sharon, CN, 1954

Evans, “Hank”. Harmony Hank’s Harmonica Budget of Famous Melodies. New York, 1937

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Folk Guitar arranged for easy guitar with lyrics. Los Angles, n.d. [c. 1972

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__________. Modern Chord Progressions. Melville, New York, 1976

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___________ & Sally Holden. Life is Like a Mountain Dulcimer. New York, 1974

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Manus, Steven. How to Play the Harmonica. Sherman Oaks, CA, 1980

____________. Learn to Play the Alfred Way Harmonica. Van Nuys, CA, 1975

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Musical Instruments of the World. New York, 1978

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__________. The John Pearse Finger-Picking Guitar Method. London, 1967

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Pickow, Peter & Jason A. Shulman. How to Play the Pocket Harmonica. New York, 1983

Raim, Ethel & Josh Dunson (eds.). A Folksinger’s Guide to Grass Roots Harmony. New York, 1968

Rapid Baritone Ukelele Method. New Westminster, 1969

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ON, 1981

Ritchie, Jean. The Dulcimer Book. New York, 1963

Roth, Arlen. Traditional, Country and Electric Slide Guitar. New York, 1975 [with slide guitar disc]

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Schwab, Siegfried. Folk Concerto: Folk Picking für Finger-Style Guitar. Frankfurt, 1981

Seeger, Pete. Henscratches and Flyspecks: How to read melodies from songbooks in twelve confusing lessons. New York,


Sevush, Leo. Let’s Play Recorder Instruction Book. Milwaukee, WI, 1973

Silverman, Jerry. The Art of the Folk-Blues Guitar: An Instruction Manual. New York, 1964

____________. Beginning the Folk Guitar: An Instruction Manual. New York, 1970 (1964)

____________. The Flatpicker’s Guitar Guide: An Advanced Instruction Manual and Song Book. New York, 1967

____________. Folk Blues. New York, 1968

____________. The Folksinger’s Guitar Guide: An Instruction Manual based on the Folkways Record by Pete Seeger. New

York, 1969 (1962)

____________. How to Play the Guitar: Folk. Blues. Calypso. Garden City, NY, 1968

Snyder, Jerry. Finger-Style Chord Solos for Guitar. New York, 1972

__________. Jerry Snyder’s Easy Chord Christmas Guitar Book. Miami Beach, FL, n.d.

The Sound Horizon 2. Part 1. Japan, n.d.[post 1964]

Statman, Andy. Bluegrass Masters: Jesse McReynolds: Mandolin. New York, 1979

Taussig, Harry. Advanced Guitar. New York, 1975

___________. Folk Style Autoharp. New York, 1967

Teaching Little Fingers to Play: John Thompson’s Modern Course for the Piano. Cincinnati, OH, 1936

Thede, Marion. The Fiddle Book. New York, 1966

Tottle, Jack. Bluegrass Mandolin. New York, 1975

Traum, Happy. Finger-Picking Styles for Guitar. New York, 1966

Ukelele Chord Finder. New York, 1950

The Ukelele Occasional. Debut Issue, Summer 2002

Waring, Dennis. Folk Instruments: Make Them & Play Them: It’s Easy & It’s Fun. Winnipeg, 1979

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Zeidler, Frank. Mel Bay’s Fun with the Recorder. Kirkwood, MO, 1971

Zeitlin, Ralph Wm. Appalachian Folk Songs for Recorder. New York, 1978

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