Baritone Saxophone Instrument

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Baritone Saxophone


  • Yamaha 62 $8,300

Intermediate (also great for marching band)

  • Yamaha YTS-52 $5,400

GRC currently owns two baritone saxophones. Students assigned to play baritone sax will have access to these instruments. They are both shared by multiple students.

Bari Sax players should continue to play and practice the alto or tenor at home or in other band ensembles.
All bari players should strive to own their own mouthpiece.
Professional/Intermediate/Marching Band

  • Selmer Paris S80 (Size C*) $249

  • Vandoren Optimum BL4 $219

Preferred Beginner

  • Yamaha 4C $40

The ligature holds the reed to the mouthpiece. The best ligatures evenly distribute the pressure exerted on the reed from all sides.

  • Vandoren Optimum $80

  • Vandoren M/O $54

  • Rovener “Dark” $25


Concert Band/Marching Band

  • Vandoren “Traditional” Size 3

Jazz Ensemble Only

Mouthpiece – Otto Link 6* w/ Vandoren Red Java 2.5

Download 4.3 Kb.

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