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Abrahams, Roger D. The Man-of-Words in the West Indies: Performance and the Emergence of Creole Cultures. Baltimore,


Baring-Gould, W.S. The Lure of the Limerick. London, 1972 (1968)

Battle, Kemp P. (comp.). Great American Folklore: Legends, Tales, Ballads and Superstitions from All Across America.

Garden City, NY, 1986

Bloomfield, L. Sacred Stories of the Sweet Grass Cree. Ottawa, 1930

Botkin, B.A. A Treasury of American Folklore. New York, 1944

__________. (ed.). A Treasury of Southern Folklore: Stories, Ballads, Traditions, and Folkways of the People of the South.

New York, 1971 (1949)

Brunvand, Jan Harold. The Choking Doberman and Other "New" Urban Legends. New York, 1986

_________________. Curses! Broiled Again! The Hottest Urban Legends Going. New York, 1989

_________________. The Study of American Folklore: An Introduction. New York, 1968

_________________. The Vanishing Hitchhiker: American Urban Legends & Their Meanings. New York, 1981

Christian, Roy. Old English Customs. London, 1966

Le coffret magique des contes et legendes. Livre 2. n.p., n.d.

Cooper, J.C. (ed.). Brewer’s Book of Myth and Legend. London, 1992 (taken from Phrase and Fable)

Dorson, Richard M. American Folklore. Chicago, 1959

Dundes, Alan (comp.). Folklore Theses and Dissertations in the United States. [Vol 27 of Publications of the American

Folklore Society, Bibliographic and Special Series] Austin, TX, 1976

___________ & Carl R. Pagter. Never Try to Teach a Pig to Sing: Still More Urban Folklore from the Paperwork Empire.

Detroit, 1991

________________________. Work Hard and You Shall be Rewarded: Urban Folklore from the Paperwork Empire.

Detroit, 1992 (1st ed., 1975)

Erdoes, Richard & Alphonso Ortiz (sel., ed.). American Indian Myths and Legends. New York, 1984

Fowke, Edith. “‘Blind McNair’: A Canadian Short Story and Its Sources in Folklore Studies in Honour of Herbert Halpert: A

Festschrift. St John’s, 1980 [offprint]

__________. Folklore of Canada. Toronto, 1976

__________. Folktales of French Canada. Toronto, 1979.

Fraser, Amy Stewart (coll., ed.). Dae Ye Min’ Langsyne?: A Pot-pourri of Games, Rhymes and Ploys of Scottish Childhood.

London, 1975 [photostat in binder]

Gard, Robert E. Johnny Chinook: Tall Tales and True from the Canadian West. Toronto, 1945

Green, Roger Lancelyn. A Cavalcade of Magicians. London 193 [this ed. from NY, n.d.]

Jason, Heda. About the ‘Historical’ and the ‘Local’ Legend and their Relatives. The RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA,

May 1968

_________. The Jew and the Barber: About the Particular and the General. The RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA,

April 1968

_________. The Narrative Structure of Swindler Tales. The RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, February 1968

_________. N.P. Andreev, ‘Index of Tale-Plots According to the System of Aarne’: A Partial Translation. The RAND

Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, May 1968

_________. The Russian Criticism of the ‘Finnish School’ in Folktale Scholarship. The RAND Corporation, Santa Monica,

CA, February 1968

_________. Structural Analysis and the Concept of the ‘Tale-Type’. The RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, May 1968

Johnson-Tekahionwake, E Pauline. Legends of Vancouver. Kingston, ON, 1991 (1st. ed. 1911)

Krappe, Alexander H.(1894-1947). The Science of Folklore (1929). New York, 1964

Lauder, Afferbeck [= Alistair Morrison]. Strine. Sydney, NSW, 1982

Legman, G(ershon). The Horn Book: Studies in Erotic Folklore and Bibliography. New Hyde Park, N.Y., 1966 (1964)

_______________. No Laughing Matter: Rationale of the Dirty Joke. Second Series. New York, 1975

_______________ (ed.). The Limerick: 1700 examples, with notes, variants and index. New York, 1969 (1964).

Lemieux, Germain. Les jongleurs du billochet. Montreal, 1972

Opie, Iona and Peter. Children’s Games in Street and Playground. Oxford, 1969

__________________. The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren. Oxford, 1959

Ramsay, Sterling. Folklore Prince Edward Island. Charlottetown, 1976 (1973)

Randolph, Vance. Pissing in the Snow and Other Ozark Folktales. New York, 1977 (1976)

Morrison, Lillian (comp.). A Diller, A Dollar: Rhymes and Sayings for the Ten O’clock Scholar. New York, 1955

Oring, Elliott (ed.). Folk Groups and Folklore Genres: An Introduction. Logan, UT., 1986

Peck, Catherine (comp., annot.). A Treasury of North American Folk-Tales. New York, 1998

Propp, Vladimir. Morphology of the Folktale. Austin, 1968

Sedillo, Mela. Mexican and New Mexican Folkdances. Albuquerque, NM, 1950 (1st ed., 1935)

Shoolbraid, Murray. List of Folklore Books and Other Materials. Salt Spring Is., BC, 1996

Shoolbraid, G.M.H. The Oral Epic of Siberia and Central Asia. Bloomington, IN, 1975

B.C. Folklore: Bulletin of the British Columbia Folklore Society. (see list for holdings) #1 Winter 1995 – (quarterly). G.M.H.

Shoolbraid, editor: Holdings: No 1, Winter 1995; No. 2 Spring 1996; No. 3 Summer 1996; No. 4 Autumn 1996; No. 5

Candlemas 1997; No. 6 Summer 1997; No. 7 Autumn 1997; No. 8 St. Valentine 1998; No. 9 Summer 1998; No.

10 September 1998; No. 12 October 1999; No 15, No. 16, No. 19

Center for Southern Folklore (2 vols.)

Folklore Studies Association of Canada. Bulletin. Vol 1, No. 4 December 1977; Vol 2, No. 1, May 1978; Vol 27,


_______________________________. Folklore. (See list for Holdings): Vol 2, Numbers 2/3, Sept/Nov 1978; Vol 2, No. 4

May 1979;Vol 3, Nos. 1/2, October 1979; Vol 3 Nos 3/4, Dec 1979; Vol 4, Nos. 3/4, Nov 1980; Vol 5, Nos 1/2, May 1981,

Vol 5 Nos 3/4, Nov 1981

Journal of American Folklore. Vol 87, No.343, No. 346; Vol 91, No. 353, No. 359, No. 361;l 92, No. 363, No. 364

Journal of the Folklore Institute


Bambra, Audrey & Muriel Webster. Teaching Folk Dancing. London, 1972

Games and Dances of the Maori: A Guide Book for Teachers. Wellington, NZ, 1972

Greenaway, Kate. Kate Greenaway’s Book of Games. New York, 1976 (1889)

Lovett, Benjamin B. "Good Morning": Music, Calls, and Directions for Old-Time Dancing as Revived by Mr. and Mrs. Henry

Ford. Dearborn, MI., 1943

Martin, Elaine. Kids’ Games: Creative games and activities: A Parents’ Guide to playing with your three to six-year-old.

New York, 1989

Mayo, Margot. The American Square Dance. New York, 1943

Stenhouse, Agnes B. Folk Dancing, Book Two. Hamilton, 1941

Stewart, Georgiana Liccione. Heel, Toe, Away We Go: Simple Folk Dance Patterns for Children. [enveloped incomplete

photostat of book: no title page]. 1976

Withers, Carl. Ready or Not, Here I Come: Town and Country Games. New York, 1964 (1947)

__________. A Treasury of Games (originally Ready or Not…(1947). New York, 1976


Andrews, Ralph W. Glory Days of Logging. New York, 1956

Duff, Wilson. The Indian History of British Columbia. Vol 1: The Impact of the White Man. Victoria, 1964

Efrat, Barbara J. & W.J. Langlois (eds.). Captain Cook and the Spanish Explorers on the Coast. Sound Heritage Vol VII, No.

1. 1978

English, L.E.F. Historic Newfoundland. Jt. John’s, 5th printing, 1961 (1955) & 12th printing (1967)

Hobsbawm, Eric. Bandits. New York, 2000

Loggers Handbook (Vol 9, 1949). Portland, OR, 1949

Marlatt, Daphne & Carole Itter (comp., ed.). Opening Doors: Vancouver’s East End. Victoria, BC, 1979

Patton, Janice. The Sinking of the I'm Alone. Toronto, 1973

People’s Law School. Volunteers & the Law. 2000 edition

Phillips, Paul. No Power Greater: A Century of Labour in British Columbia. Vancouver, 1967

Pike, Robert E. Tall Trees, Tough Men. New York, 1967

Selleck, George A. Principles of the Quaker Business Meeting. Richmond, IN, n.d.

Sheeran, Michael J. Beyond Majority Rule: Voteless decisions in the Society of Friends. Philadelphia, 1987

Sound Heritage. Vol III No. 4, Victoria, 1974

Wejr, Patricia & Howie Smith (comp., ed.). Fighting for Labour: Four Decades of Work in British Columbia 1910-1950.

Victoria, BC, 1978

Who Does What: A Guide to National Arts Associations.... Ottawa, 1980-1
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