As far as I know, Australia is an island located in Oceania. Well, I haven’t set my foot on the country yet, but I have learnt something about the country through a friend of mine

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As far as I know , Australia is an island located in Oceania . Well , I haven’t set

my foot on the country yet , but I have learnt something about the country through a friend of mine . She’s been living in Australia since she got married , and she posted a lots pictures on her Instagram . The landscapes are stunning with dense forests , and snow-covered mountains and placid rivers with crystal clear water . Even the weather is more predictable .

Obviously , there are intermittent drizzles in autumn , but it won’t be pouring with rain so Australians don’t have to stay home and wait for a break in the clouds .There are hardly any dog days during the summer , so it is more bearable . In the winter , it becomes freezing cold but the snow is lovely and crisp in the morning . You can also have hard frost and biting winds when it becomes dark , so driving is more dangerous .

Yes , I have seen its once in a horror movie . Unluckily , my memory is somehow vague . It was just an abandoned gold mine located in a forest , with a railway running into a dark tunnel at the opening gate . Inside the mine , it is dark and wet , and everything is in bad condition . Well , anyway , it appeared in a horror movie so it has nothing to do with a real mine . In fact , I believes that official mines must be sanitary and airy because we need to protect the health of the workers .

Definitely . Well , I haven’t lived in an underground house so I would like to try . Moreover , an underground accommodation is one-of-a-kind , isn’t it ? I think you are not likely to be exposed to much sunshine when living underground , and there is less air pollution or noise as well . However , the best thing is that you can get your personal space and be away from prying eyes of your neighbors . You know , I’ve been driven crazy by the nosy parkers living next door . Those oldies have pried too much into my personal life and even given out snide remarks about my appearance . It would be a relief if I don’t see them very often .
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