Assignment : Research, 10%, Week This is either a written, audio or a video

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Assignment 1: Research, 10%, Week 4 

This is either a written, audio or a video submission that explores the first steps in any strategic communication model, namely research and problem analysis. The assignment tests the students’ abilities to carry out independent research and be able to analyse data in order to construct a story about a particular problem. For this assignment, students will research the “Northern Territory Emergency Intervention.” The expectation for students is that they take us on the journey of their research- from the key research questions that would guide their research, to the sources they will visit and the conclusions or assumptions they will arrive at. Length: >2000 words. You have the flexibility in terms of the outline of the report, which you can present loosely based on the detailed rubric is here. 






Identification of key questions 

1  Mark 

Poor or weak understanding and articulation of key questions  

1.2  Marks 

Minimal understanding and fair explanation of the questions 

2  Marks 

Excellent identification, understanding and explanation of the questions 

Width of the research scope and bibliography 

1  Mark 

Very limited scope of research and over-reliance on one type of resource 

1.5  Marks 

Average scope of references but not very wide 

3  Marks 

Excellent exploration of a range of sources and broad research 

Use of sources for analysis 

1-2  Marks 

Poor quality presentation 


2.5  Marks 

Very basic presentation that highlights some of the key issues 

5  Marks 

Excellent presentation that is very original in analysis  

Total Marks 



10  Marks 



Download 26.3 Kb.

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