Atlanta Housing Authority Tour with Wayne Martin Notes by Liz

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Atlanta Housing Authority Tour with Wayne Martin

Notes by Liz

  • The Atlanta Housing Authority:

    • Building up structures, building up people

    • A real estate company providing market rate, affordable housing

    • Special focus on families, the elderly, and the disabled.

    • A subsidiary of HUD

    • Does not develop, but does give development rights to private developers

    • Creates incentives for developers

      • TADs: Tax Allocation Districts

    • Beginning to focus more on environmental issues, because lower energy use= lower operating cost

  • The previous model of public housing

    • Concentrated poverty (less disposable income) discourages businesses from entering the area

    • Crime rates, gang activity, prostitution

    • Either isolated or urban

  • New model of public housing

    • Entices businesses because of higher amount of disposable income

    • Also entices more private development in those areas

    • Allows people more freedom as to where they wish to live

    • Usually includes plans for new schools, a YMCA.

  • Perry Homes/West Highlands

  • Bowen Homes

    • Built in 1964

    • 60 acres

    • 160 Units

    • 102 Buildings

    • Low achievement levels

    • Average age of a grandmother: 34 years of age

    • Fully relocated by early June.

    • Demolition began by mid-June

    • No current plans for redevelopment due to current economic circumstances

  • Techwood Homes/New Centennial

    • The first public housing project in the country

    • Originally used as a transitional home for men exiting the military

    • No one went from Techwood Homes to GA Tech

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