Nta 2010 Leads for Tour Colorado Members Companies Requesting Tour Colorado at nta

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NTA 2010 Leads

for Tour Colorado Members

Companies Requesting Tour Colorado at NTA

About Tours Hawthorne Tours

Allied Tour, Inc. Holiday Vacations

Collette Vacations Mayflower Tours, Inc.

First Class Tours, Inc. Nomad Adventures

Globus Family of Brands Relaxation Station Tours

Grueniger Travel Group/ Star Destinations Inc.

Ambassadair Witte Travel & Tours

Wells Gray Tours
***Notes from Penny: Companies are receptive to receiving information from Tour Colorado members – please put Tour Colorado in subject line and send them what they have requested only! They have warned that emails will be deleted unless Tour Colorado in subject line.

All companies have been sent CD ROMs, and info from new website. The new flash drives, CD ROMs and books will be sent to them as soon as these products are finished.

Allied Tour Inc.

Susan Busskohl

720 Norfolk Ave

Norfolk, NE

Phone: 402-371-3267

Fax: 402-371.3267

Email: susan@alliedtt.com

Website: alliedtt.com

Tour company offering 1st Class Tours and Tour Saver Programs. Customers are primarily retired. Customized group planning for students, business, and bank groups. About 50% scheduled and 50% custom tours. Uses receptives. Most mororcoach, some fly/drives, some rail/ motorcoach.

Restaurants Used: Mid-Price

Hotels Used: Mostly 3-Diamond

Notes: Does Grand Canyonlands tour and Mesa Verde, also Colorado Rails and Aspen Trails. They are set for Colorado Springs tours spring and fall. Allied Tour is connected with Arrow Stage Lines.

Follow Up: Tour Colorado will send a Group Tour Manual, flash drive, and CD-ROM. Members to send pertinent info about lodging ideas, other train trips. They need and want new and different ideas for tours.

IBG International Group Corp.

Jessie Yu

8414 57th Rd.

Elmhurst, NY 11373

Phone: 718-285-8761

Fax: 718-565-6765

Email: ibgjohnny@gmail.com


International inbound company for all types of groups.

Notes: International inbound tours to both east and west coast. Specialize in more intense cultural tours. They do gambling in the tours. Design custom tours depending on group type and size. They did not know much about Denver and Colorado but are now quite excited to learn how much culture, educational resources, attractions, and outdoor activities there are here. They want to know about high-end and mid-range properties, restaurants, etc.

Follow Up: We need to send exciting material to them – DVDs, CD ROMs, etc. TC to send ideas and calendar of events. Send shopping and gamblinginfo. Members to send itineraries appropriate to above information. Also, send DVDs for their motorcoaches.

Ellison Travel & Tours Ltd.

(Member of Carlson Wagonlit)

Erika Korstrom

255 W. 1st St.

Ste. 116

North Vancouver, B.C. V7M3G3

Phone: 519-235-2000 or 800-265-7024

Fax: 519-235-2004

Email: erika@etravel.com

Website: www.ettravel.com

Specializing in student group tours.

Notes: Groups like to do things at the universities. They are always looking for new ideas to present to student group leaders. Economy -mid-price hotels and restaurants

Follow Up: Send performance venues and calendar of events. Highlight student performance festivals, venues and attractions and activities nearby.

Star Destinations Inc.

Pam Corderman

Box 456

1903 U.S. Hwy 71 N

Carroll, IA 51401

Phone: 712-792-9793

Fax: 712-792-5229

Email: pam@stardestinations.com

Website: stardestinations.com

Specialize in mid-western agricultural tours, bank clubs, students. Use receptives

Notes: Wants to do more Colorado tours. Wants to put together more train tours. Wants a 5-day Colorado tour.

Group tend to be upscale. The many bank clubs need high-end properties and restaurants.

Follow Up: Send DVDs to play on motor coaches. Members send info on trains, 5-day itineraries involving trains or another ideas. Send performance venues, calendars of events, attractions, educational and agricultural ideas and shopping. Send free things to do in your area. They need ideas for their groups.

Wells Gray Tours

Roland Neave, CTP

250 Lansdowne Street

Kamloops, BC V2C 1X7

Phone: 250-374-0831

Fax: 250-374-2711

Email: Roland@wellsgraytours.com

Website: wellsgraytours.com

Notes: Has done Colorado tours and has a Mystery Tour for 2011 – 9 days fly/drive, 2 nights Denver, 2 nights Colorado Springs, 1 night Alamosa and Scenic Railways of the West in June20 11.

Follow Up: Need step-on guide for Denver. Would like ideas for September/October. Trains to send info on cutomizing a train trip for him. Lodging send ideas, also restaurants, attractions, shopping, gambling.

Sunshine Express, Inc

Kay Krauskopf

9533 Baron Miller Rd.

Pensacola, FL 32514

Phone: 850-476-9149

Fax: 850-494-2272

Email: kay.sunshine@cox.net

Website: sunshineexpresstours.com

Notes: Motorcoach and fly/drive. They are partnering with Premier World Discovery (using own air.) Groups want to go someplace different for skiing/snowboarding –group of appr. 30. The younger church groups also want great places to ski/snowboard. They want DVDs of trains and skiing. They also do school groups – chorale and band.

They do motorcoach only mystery trips of 3 to 4 days.

Follow Up: Ski areas to send info and DVDs. Members send performance venues and attractions around the venues. Send ideas for mystery 3-4 days trips and itineraries.

Gunther Charters

Timothy Wilson

7474 Shipley Ave.

P.O.Box 348

Hanover, MD 21076

Phone: 410-761-3757

Fax: 410-766-5477

Email: gunthercharters@verizon.net

Website: gunthercharters.com

Notes: Planning 2012 – do every other year. Baby boomers and seniors. Work with receptives. Like historical tours.

Follow Up: Need ideas and itineraries and info for hotels and restaurants.

Holiday Vacations

Suzanne Holt

Tonya Carlson is product Development Manager

2727 Henry Ave

P.O. Box 87

Eau Claire, WI 54702

Phone: 715-834-5555

Fax: 715-834-8554

Email: sholt@holidayvactions.net


Mostly seniors

Notes: Developing more Colorado tours. They presently overnight in Denver and California. They want to do more Colorado and New Mexico flying into DIA. They like restaurants like Buckhorn Exchange. They now do 9-11 day tours and want to do week tours to match vacations.

Follow Up: Send info on 7-day trips. Send train info. Send info on free activities around stateand Denver. They need DVDs for coaches and TC member give-a-ways. Send all attraction and shopping ideas.

Grueniger Travel Group/Ambassadair

Anne Raney/Michael Grueniger

Meridian Tower

201 West 103rd Street, Suite 380

Indianapolis, IN 46290

Phone: 317-465-1122

Fax: 317-479-1000

Email: araney@ambassadair.com

Website: ambassadair.com

Comes to Colorado – Custom Tours, Senior, Students

Notes: They are doing a Native American Museum & Western Art tour – 5 nights in June – need ideas and info on this. Prefer high-end hotels and restaurants. Want experiential and ‘behind-the-scene” and new ideas for tours.

Follow Up: Arrow Stage Lines and Coach America to send info. Members send hotel, restaurant, attractions, Colorado itineraries and ideas to Anne. They seem to like historical and cultural.

Alamo World Travel and Tours, Inc.

Ilene Ferguson

3201 Danville Blvd. Ste 255

Alamo, CA

Phone: 925-837-8742


Email: iferguson@alamoworld.com

Website: alamoworld.com

Do fly/drives and specializing in senior groups

Notes: Want more Colorado product. Want 1-week itineraries for Colorado. Want new and interesting Colorado ideas. Uses receptive and existing tours by other companies. Specializes in the Signature Travel Network that is comprised of 5-night trips. Specializes in advanced skier groups.
Follow Up: Arrow Stage Lines and Coach America to send info. Members send DVDs to play on coaches. Want to know more about train/activity combos. Please send only pertinent information by mail as they tend to delete emails. Tour Colorado may send emails, so if there is anything urgent, please send it first to info@tourcolorado.com

Globus Family of Brands

( Globus, Cosmos, Monograms)

Tracie Wingo

5301 S. Federal Circle

Littleton, CO 80123-2980

Phone: 303-703-7338

Fax: 303-703-7601

Email: twingo@globusfamily.com

Website: www.globusfamily.com

Notes: Colorado sales are increasing. New is a fly/drive, overnighting in Grand Junction. Doing 7-10 day tours Denver, Estes Park, Vail, Grand Junction, Durango, Colorado Springs, Alamosa.

Requesting info for behind the scenes tours for the above cities.

Follow Up:. Need sample itineraries and detailed product information. Send student/youth group ideas and itineraries. Would like info on Durango area and trains sent.

Sports Leisure Vacations

Mark Hoffman

9812 Old Winery Pl. Ste 1

Sacramento, CA 95827

Phone: 916-361-2051

Fax: 916-361-7995

Email: markslt@aol.com

Website: www.greatdaytours.com

Notes: Has done Colorado tours and intends to do more in next years. He says that California people perceive Colorado as a regional destination and it is not priced accordingly. He has tried 5-day, 4-night. He is dealing more with upscale tours and affluent seniors. Send info on lunch at Brown Palace and contact for BP for a tour June 2011.

Follow Up: He needs to know about successful tours to Colorado so please send itineraries that have been successful. Send adventure and unusual ideas. Members – let’s do what we can to help him – he really does want to do more tours here. Send DVDs and incentive pricing.

Senior Tours

Nicholas Chava Plagge

Phone: 646-641-7197

Fax: 610-623-9120

Email: nick@seniortours.com

Website: seniortours.com

Seniors (older 70-75) Only does motorcoach

Notes: Using Colorado Springs as a hub for train. Likes shopping, history, Western themed activities. Groups need hand-holding and guided tours.

Follow Up: Send ideas and itineraries for shorter trips and ideas for all of the above in notes.

Allied TPro

Esther Roth

Karen Omojola contracting for F.I.T.

Sonya Hamilton – Westcoast rep

500 7th Ave.

New York, NY 10018

Phone: 212-596-1053

Fax: 212-313-9813

Email: esther.roth@alliedtpro.com

Website: alliedtpro.com

Fly/drive, F.I.T. Already does Zapata Ranch and Four Corners

Notes: Wants info mailed. Needs info on trains, wild west, National Parks, wide open space ideas. Looking for ideas for F.I.T. Send DVDs as well.

Follow Up: See above notes for member follow-up

U.S. Tours

Bob Cline

2819 Murdoch Ave.

Parkersburg, WV 26101

Phone: 304-485-8687

Fax: 304-485-7863

Email: bob@ustours.biz

Website: ustours.biz

Does Heart of the Rockies and Great Trains

Notes: Asked if he could take tour to the prehistoric dig in Snowmass – told of other sites in Colorado for participatory prehistoric digs. Was interested in all the new and weird Colorado such as Donkey Derby Days. He likes experiential tour ideas. Needs more train info. Was interested in high-end properties. As he doesn’t keep DVDs in office, I let him know he should request info directly from members.

Follow Up: TC to send flash drive and list of members. Members to send all new, weird, different, experiential ideas. Trains to send new info.

Hospitality Tours

Ted Nelson

259 Pleasant Bay Dr.

East Harwich, MA 02645

Phone: 800-966-1331

Fax: 774-237-7364

Email: ted@hospitality-tours.com

Website: hospitality-tours.com

Headquarters in Minneapolis

Notes: Use Mayflower and Globus for tours. Do fly/drives. Many bank clubs involved and heritageclubs.com use loyalty programs of trips/tours.

Follow Up: Send information on Colorado short trips, usually Wednesday to Sunday. Send ideas about new and exciting activities. Send DVDs on Colorado.

Groupize, LLC

Charles de Gaspe Beaubien

33 Commercial St. Ste 301

Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 508-232-7719


Email: Charles@groupize.com

Website: groupize.com

Notes: This is a website for customized groups and gives immediate quotes. It caters to smaller groups, family groups, sports teams, motorcoach.

Follow Up: Members are to send their information on step-on guides, lodging, attractions, restaurants, destinations, gambling, shopping – all member info.

Witte Travel & Tours

Kristin Sullivan (or Pat)

3250 28th St. SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49512-1640

Phone: 953-974-8393

Fax: 616-957-9716

Email: kristins@wittetravel.com

Website: wittetravel.com

Specializes in student groups

Notes: Had 2009 boy choir in Denver and group loved it! They want spring break, summer, and January/February ideas. They have repeat clients looking for new ideas.

Follow Up: Send student performance itineraries. Send updated list of performance venues in your area plus attractions and activities. Send calendar of events suitable for students for times in notes..

First Class Tours, Inc.

Jeff Rogers

12703 Eastex Fwy

Houston, TX 77039

Phone: 281-690-8800


Email: jeff@fristclasstours.net

Website: firstclasstours.net

More senior groups and motorcoach groups of 30-50

Notes: Wants more information on Durango and Durango Silverton Train. Presently doing mostly summer trips for seniors. Wants info from Black Hawk/Central City and Cripple Creek, Wildwood Casino. Needs “WOW” itineraries.

Follow Up: Members send DVDs to play on coaches. Send gambling, shopping. lodging, attractions, train, senior activities info.

All Aboard America

Jayson Wigley

230 S. Country Club Dr.

Mesa, AZ
Notes:.Mostly seniors. Does Cortez 2011, Mesa Verde, Durango. He is asking for new and unique ideas to create tours

Phone: 480-962-6202

Fax: 480-962-5727

Email: jayson@allaboardamerica.com

Website: allaboardamercia.com
Follow Up: Greeley and Fort Collins to send info on everything around there. Members to send DVDs and info on new and unique ideas for them to develop tours.

Mayflower Tours

Mary Novak-Beatty, CTC

1225 Warren Avenue

P.O. Box 490

Downers Grove, IL 60515

Phone: 630-435-8204

Fax: 630-960-9886

Email: maryn@mayflowertours.com

Website: mayflowertours.com

Mayflower always sends a representative to TrainFest (at same time as NTA) – suggests Tour Colorado go in 2011

Notes: Colorado is the longest selling product.

Follow Up: Members to send new and different info on wineries, ranches, anything to do with the “western” experience. Members update Mayflower on changes, incentives, ideas.

Nomad Adventures. LLC

Susan Damon/Julie Fish

P.O. Box 3963

Ballwin, MO 63022

Phone: 636-227-2900

Fax: 636-227-2907

Email: Julie@mynomadadventures.com


Website: mynomadadventures.com

Specializing in seniors

Notes: Three groups want train tours September 2011. She asked for all new and behind-the-scenes Colorado info.

Follow Up: Send Colorado DVDs to them. They need free surprise activities to use on tours. Also, member information and itinerary ideas.

Mayflower Tours

Sue Smetana

Tim Patrick contracts hotels, sue contracts restaurants, etc.

Phone: 630-435-8204

Fax: 630-960-9886

Email: ssmetana@mayflowertours.com

tpatrick @mayflowertours.com

Website: mayflowertours.com

Notes: Would like info on DIA hotels. Presently uses Crowne Plaza and Doubletree SE. They took out Georgetown Loop on tour, now only 4 trains.

Follow Up: Members to send lodging info to Tim Patrick and other info to Sue

About Tours

Courtney Ashley

460 N. Main St. Ste 201

Glen Ellyn, IL

Phone: 630-545-0904

Fax: 630-858-0301

Email: courtney@abouttoursco.com

Website: abouttoursco.com

Have not yet been to Colorado but planning now. Specializing in adults and seniors

Notes: Courtney’s associate just vacationed in Boulder, loved Colorado, and now Courtney wants to do Colorado tours. Looking to do soft adventure, outdoor, arts and culture, and whatever ideas we send. Send shopping and gambling, as well.

Follow Up: Members send info and DVDs on all areas of Colorado and activities. They need step-on guides.

Members remember to put Tour Colorado in subject line. Send “Hub and Spoke” itineraries.

Educational Tours, Inc./New Horizons - now Brightspark

Katie Cabell

111 S. Pfingsten Rd.

Deerfield, IL 60015

Phone: 647-509-0088 ext. 3368/847-282-3368

Fax: 847-509-0011

Email: kcabell@brightsparktravel.com

Website: brightsparktravel.com

Student Travel

Notes: Educational Tours and New Horizons are now Brightspark Travel. They are looking for new Colorado products. Like Agritourism and Voluntourism.

Follow Up: Send student performance venues and surrounding attractions and activities. Send calendars of events for students. Send info on lodging, restaurants, etc.

Relaxation Station Tours

Sherri Jackson/Kathy

PO Box 507

Owensville, MO 65066

Phone: 573-437-6600

Fax: 573-437-6605

Email: sjackson@relaxationstationtours.com

Website: relaxationstationtours.com

Specializing in Seniors

Notes: Coming to Colorado for a diamond tour in July and to Manitou Springs. She is working on 2012. Wants new and different. Likes diamond tours. (Barb Bowman, Grand Junction knows about these tours.)

Follow Up: Members to send new and different ideas for all components of tours.

Vermillion Tours

Sandi Sagrera

216 Rosewood Dr.

Crockett, TX 75835

Phone: 936-546-5962

Fax: 936-546-7032

Email: awesomeadventures@ymail.com


Notes: Coming to Colorado in September for National Parks tour. Would like info about Ouray and surrounding areas. Wants “awesome” adventures.

Follow Up: She needs more “awesome” info on different areas of Colorado. Send info if you are near or around a National Park. Members send DVDs and anything to wake her up about how amazing Colorado is.

Hawthorne Tours

Anne Turcotte

57 Wharf St. Ste 2F

Salem. MA 01970

Phone: 978-744-5463

Fax: 978-744-7227

Email: anne@hawthornetours.com

Website: hawthornetours.com

Specializing in students

Notes: Interested in FAMs. 2010 was the year of the first two tours to Colorado in Denver and Colorado Springs. They do tours for middle school and high school students – students would like to tour Colorado colleges.

Follow Up: In subject line put Tour Colorado and send student friendly hotels in Colorado. Also info on colleges in your area. Send DVDs for student trips to play on motorcoaches. Send student-friendly ideas and itineraries that would be good for student tours. Always - free activities are good for tours. Send calendars of events suitable for these groups. Any FAMs would be great for her to experience Colorado.

NuVu Traveler

Don Coffee

89 First St. Ste 204-120

Hudson, OH 44136

Phone: 330-650-1402

Fax: 330-650-1402

Email: contactus@nuvutraveler.com

Website: nuvutraveler.com

Inbound from China

Notes: May need Chinese translators. Groups of 3-7 and 15-20 interested in medicinal, sports, fishing, golf trips.

Follow Up: Members to send great information on Colorado to him, especially regarding the above activities. he is interested in learning more about Colorado. Send DVDs, calendars of events, photos, info, etc.

Silver Wheels Travel Tours

Richard Siegel

22 Overhill Rd

Ocean, NJ 07712

Phone: 732-496-1878

Fax: 732-493-8148

Email: silverwheels54@aol.com


Seniors and Baby Boomers

Notes: All inclusive escorted group tours. Likes Native American, trains, scenery, old west, agritravel

Follow Up: Members to send train itineraries, and any information to help plan tours involving the above interests in Colorado.

Collette Vacations

Cathleen Donahue

162 Middle St

Pawtucket, RI 02860

Phone: 401-727-9000

Fax: 401-728-1380

Email: cdonahue@collettevacations.com

Website: collettevacations.com

Notes: Does Trains of the Rockies. Requested that Tour Colorado Penny to keep Collette updated with new ideas, hotel info, attractions, etc.

Follow Up: Colorado Springs and Grand Junction send info on hotels. Hotels are in place for Denver.

Buckeye Charters

Linda Jones

8240 Expansion Way

Dayton, Ohio 45424 but maiing address is: 7438 Falls View Circle, Delaware, Ohio 43015

Phone: 937-432-5225

Fax: 937-879-3610

Email: linda@buckeyecharters.com

Website: buckeyecharters.com

Notes: Interested in National Parks

Follow Up: Members send info and itineraries on Rocky Mountain National Park and all Colorado National Parks


Jelena Matonickin

363 W. 19th St. Ste 3FW

New York, NY 10011

Phone: 718-753-0844


Email: info@monomtravel.com

Website: monomtravel.com


Notes: Needs info on all Colorado ski areas for groups plus shopping, activities, attractions around ski areas.

Follow Up: All ski areas to send information

Starline Tours

Vahid Sapir

6801 Hollywood Blvd. Ste 207

Hollywood, Ca 90028

Phone: 323-463-3333

Fax: 323-463-9969

Email: vahid@tourcoach.com

Website: starlinetours.com

Notes: Motorcoach from LA, usually 7-10 days. Groups of all sizes. Needs new adventures and ideas on Colorado

Follow Up: Send hotels with breakfast included. Send packaged trips like trains combined with floats, etc. Send all ideas, DVDs, itineraries of 7-10 days for Colorado

AAA Travel – Sojourns

Nicholas Lindsey

3055 Oak Rd. W460

Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Arlene Samonte is Ass. Product Manager

Phone: 925-279-5183

Fax: 925-279-5642

Email: Nicholas.lindsey@goAAA.com


Notes: Used to come to Colorado and needs ideas to come back

Follow Up: Members send new and different info to help them plan tours that will sell. Send itineraries that they may not have seen before and behind-the-scenes.

Lamers Tour & Travel

Kory Neuzerling

1126 W. Boden Ct

Milwaukee, WI 53221

Phone: 414-281-2002 ext.10413

Fax: 414-281-9826

Email: koryn@golamers.com


Notes: Already brings groups. Likes National Parks, Garden of the Gods, Mesa Verde, Grand Junction.

Follow Up: Members to send all new and different ideas for groups.

Pan Pacific Enterprises Group, Inc.

Yixin Su

1833 Kalakua Ave. Ste 1007

Honolulu, HI 96815

Phone: 808-951-9955

Fax: 808-951-5252

Email: fitppe@hotmail.com

Website: ppeg.net

Notes: Chinese inbound

Follow Up: Members send info on Colorado – DVDs, photos, “wow” itineraries

Geo Tours

Veronique Fettaya

12404 boul, Laurentien

Montreal, Quebec H4K1N6

Phone: 305-868-5874 (Miami) 514-331-7076 ext. 225

Fax: 514-331-8272

Email: Veronique@geotours.ca

Website: geotours.net

Notes: Bringing groups to Grand Junction. Wants more Colorado ideas to develop product.

Follow Up: Members send wow Colorado info – DVDs, photos, itineraries, attractions, lodging, shopping, gambling, culture, nature – suggest FAM.

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