Atlanta Persian Festival Saturday, April 2, 2016 Piedmont Park Atlanta Persian Festival Vendor Application Form

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Atlanta Persian Festival Saturday, April 2, 2016 Piedmont Park

Atlanta Persian Festival Vendor Application Form

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Beer, Wine, Bottled Water, and Soft Drinks are provided and sold through a supplier. No vendor will be allowed to sell alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

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General Information & Agreement Please Read the following information carefully and sign this vendor agreement. By signing the Misc. Vendor/Participation Agreement & Liability Waiver and release, you agree that you have thoroughly read and agree to the following regulations. 1. Only activities listed on the application can take place or to be sold at the event. The vendor/participant must be present at the event booth throughout the festival. 2. Festival booths must be described in full with the organizer, the Persian Community Center of Atlanta, and approved before the event. 3. Each application is approved through the event committee. After we receive the application and it is reviewed, you will receive confirmation of your participation. All decisions are FINAL. Signing of the application confirms receipts of your application and follows through with this process. 4. Payment for booth space will not be processed until the vendor/participant is accepted to the festival. Booth application fees are not refundable. 5. Event will be held rain or shine. 6. All vendors will provide a quality tent according to size specified on the application. For safety, four 40-pound weights will be required on all tents in the event of unexpected weather or wind. 7. Signs promoting your vending are provided by vendor. 8. Festival set-up and break-down, assignments of placement and vehicle passes will be assigned by festival organizer in advance and controlled by Atlanta Police policies. 9. All Booths must be ready to sell and operate 30 minutes before the festival opens and must be open or remain set up through the entire event. Please do not break down before the event is over. There will be no vehicles in the event area while participants and event guests are still present. 10. All items sold by vendor must be paid directly to the vendor. Vendors are solely responsible for collecting, reporting and paying any taxes collected to the Georgia Department of Revenue. 11. Anyone using Charcoal cooking will need to provide metal containers to dispose of the ashes after the event, as per Atlanta Fire Department. 12. In case of an emergency you may reach event organizer's cell phone at 813-817-4661 13. Please read and sign the Liability Waiver and release that is included in this application. You may return the required Paperwork to: Persian Community Center of Atlanta 3146 Reps Miller Road Norcross Georgia 30071 Attn: Persian Fall Festival or E-mail: Liability Wavier and Release I hereby assume all responsibility for and risks and hazards of participation in the rental activity planned by my group. In consideration of Persian Community Center of Atlanta and the city of Atlanta providing permission to use the space requested, I and all members of my rental group, do hereby release the Persian Community Center of Atlanta and city of Atlanta, including all officials, officers, employees, sponsors, organizers, supervisors, Volunteers participants and all other agents of any and all claims, demands, rights and causes of action of whatever kind and nature arising from and by reason of, and all known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen, bodily and personal injuries, and damage to property planned in the city of Atlanta. By reading this information and signing the vendor/participant agreement, you are agreeing to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the event organizers in the 2013 Persian Fall Festival and made a part hereof by reference. Business Name: _____________________________________________________ Printed Name of Person Responsible: ____________________________________ Signature of Person Responsible: _______________________________________ Persian Community Center of Atlanta will make every effort to accommodate special request within the space of our festival, however, special requests are not guaranteed. Electricity is limited. Please request outlets only if necessary. We will make every effort to place your booth accordingly. It is the vendor's responsibility to bring necessary outdoor 110 200ft. extension cords for each outlet requested and a power strip. ° Application fees are not refundable. Fee Processed at the time of application receipt. Including the fees paid for the event participation, the vendor/participant will be enrolled in one year PCCA membership and in addition the name of the vendor will be printed in the handout event directory. Also the name of the vendor/participant will be added to PCCA's website sponsor list.

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