Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) and Atlantis: Milo’s Return (2003)

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Hello Steet, Balto Source members, animation source… etc. This is my entry for the contest containing summaries of the movies: Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) and Atlantis: Milo’s Return (2003). The following are summaries of each of the movies I listed. I hope you enjoy them!
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)
Atlantis: The Lost Empire was Disney’s first animated sci-fi movie released on June 2001. It was released by Walt Disney Pictures.
Atlantis was not as successful as its predecessors, but it still became a Disney classic to remember! This film was recognized for using simplistic art styles that resemble that of a comic artist Mike Mignola, as well as another attempt for Disney to create an animated film without adding any musicals.
Atlantis: the Lost Empire features mainly about the fabled land of Atlantis (based off of Plato’s story and its rediscovery in 1914 by a group of scientists.
The story focuses on a linguist named Milo Thatch, who was intellectual and rather enthusiastic of lecturing topics about Atlantis. In belief that he was a madman who believed in inexistent worlds, he was sent down to the basement of the museum he worked in to keep him quiet. Suddenly, Milo was suddenly invited to meet Preston B. Whitmore, an eccentric billionaire, took interest in Milo’s obsession. As Whitmore becomes familiar with his visitor, he gives him an ancient manuscript about Atlantis (dubbed “the Shepard’s Book”) and a government paid expedition for Atlantis itself.
At first, things carried on as planned, but the adventure’s positive spark fell as Milo’s team was suddenly attacked by a robotic leviathan, angered fire flies (that literally burn whatever lies in their path), and heavy losses of crew members and equipment.
Undaunted by their losses, the adventure goes on as they reach a massive underground cavern. Little did they know they were being followed…
Even though Atlantis: the Lost Empire was rated “PG” due to violence, it still shares family values and a very important message to its viewers. A must-see for those who love mystery and thrilling action!
Atlantis: Milo’s Return (Atlantis 2)

Following the events of the first Atlantis movie, Milo and his newly wedded wife, Kida (daughter of the recently dead Atlantean king) begins work to restore their lands former glory. This was then interfered as Mr. Whitmore and Milo’s loyal comrades (from the previous movie) arrive unexpectedly on Atlantean ground. The team then informs Milo and Kida that mysterious forces are causing chaos above the ground, believing that some of Atlantis’ creature machinery (such as the Leviathan from the old film) have gone rogue.

Unwilling but ready, Milo and Kida then joins the crew to head back above to check out the issue. However, they suddenly find something that would change the history of Atlantis forever and a secret that will shed more light on Atlantis’ dark past.
Characters in both movies: Atlantis: the lost Empire and Atlantis: Milo’s Return

Milo Thaddeus Thatch

Milo is a linguist, someone who studies dead languages. He is the main protagonist of both of the films as an intellectual man who uses common sense to deal with hardships. Milo soon becomes the husband of the Atlantis princess, Kida, and later on as an Atlantean king (in the second movie).
Certain Aspects:

  • Can get very excited over certain things, like the time his team eventually discovers Atlantis.

  • Disagrees with using certain things for money purposes, which can be seen as Rourke took Atlantis’ famed Heart Crystal.

  • Is madly in love with Princess Kida, the first Atlantean he meets and talks with while in Atlantis.

  • Has strong will power.

  • Saddened by the death of his grandfather.

Kidagakash (Kida)

Kida is first introduced as she tends to a wound Milo received after falling from a bridge collapse in the first movie. Later, the two meet again on the fringes of Atlantis and immediately befriend each other as time passes. She is responsible for transporting the Heart crystal to Rourke’s group, in attempt to protect her loved ones and the city from harm. Eventually she is released from her imprisonment, saving Atlantis from a sudden volcanic eruption.

In the sequel, she becomes Queen of Atlantis with Milo as the acting king.

She is part of Milo’s crew with the role of an engineer.

Audrey has a tomboyish personality, having to be annoyed by matters like Milo. But soon as the movie progresses, she softens a bit and will help Milo’s cause no matter what.
Mole (Gaetan Moliere)

Known as Mole by his friends, Mole is a geologist with a nose for dirt. He is of French origin and loves to prank his friends every so often. In both movies, he can be seen attempting to flirt with Atlantean girls, which fails ultimately in the end. As crazy and unusual as he might be, Mole is loyal to his duties and a person that could lighten up negative vibes.

Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke

Rourke is the main antagonist in the first movie. Originally he planned to excavate ruins and Atlantean artifacts, but when he realized there were people living on Atlantis, he switches his goals over to the Heart Crystal. After a while of preparation, he then seizes the Heart Crystal (by the help of a grief-stricken Kida) and prepares to take it to the surface. Rourke was stopped immediately by Milo and his comrades and was morphed into a crystal demon after Milo ripped a scar in his arm with part of the Heart Crystal. He eventually dies after taking a hit by a flying machine’s hover blades.

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