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Atlantis Word Processor

Atlantis Word Processor

David Blankenship has arranged for all conference attendees to have the registered version of Atlantis at no cost to you. After downloading and installing Atlantis, register your product by launching the program and clicking Help/Enter Registration code and enter 7A8D-6A96-93C8-C3BC. User name is “BR Group”

Atlantis Command-line Parameters

If your version of Atlantis is not U3-smart, you can launch it with parameters and switches in the command-line to instruct Atlantis to perform various actions.

A parameter in the command-line of Atlantis can be either a document filename that should be opened by Atlantis, or a switch (a string of characters preceded by a slash / or a hyphen ) that instructs Atlantis to perform some action.

The following table lists all the switches that can be used in the command-line of Atlantis.

You can use either long versions of switches, or their short counterparts.




Sample command-line



Atlantis opens all the documents specified in the command-line, prints them, and shuts down.

Atlantis.exe /p MyDocument.rtf



Used in combination with the p switch. Instructs Atlantis to print the document from the command-line to the default printer "silently" (without displaying any dialogs).

Atlantis.exe /p /npd MyDocument.rtf



Atlantis prints the document from the command-line to the specified printer "silently" (without displaying any dialogs).

Atlantis.exe /pt MyDocument.rtf "hp deskjet 656c series"



Atlantis automatically minimizes itself to the System Tray at startup.

Atlantis.exe -st



Atlantis will not automatically create a new document at startup regardless its current settings.

Atlantis.exe /n



The window of Atlantis will be initially in "non-maximized" ("restored") state regardless the recent state of this window.

Atlantis.exe -r



The window of Atlantis will be initially in the maximized state regardless the recent state of this window.

Atlantis.exe -m



The Full Screen mode will be initially toggled ON.

Atlantis.exe -fs



Atlantis will not attempt to retrieve settings either from the registry or an INI file. The default built-in settings will be used.

Atlantis.exe -dls
(use this command-line to restore the original settings).



Atlantis will attempt to retrieve settings from Atlantis.ini file (this file must be available in the home directory of Atlantis).

Atlantis.exe -lsi



Atlantis will retrieve settings from the Registry (the Atlantis.ini file is ignored even if you launch Atlantis from a memory flash drive).

Atlantis.exe -lsr



Atlantis does not save settings on close.

Atlantis.exe -dss



Atlantis saves settings to the Atlantis.ini file in the home directory on close.

Atlantis.exe -ssi



Atlantis saves settings to the Registry.

Atlantis.exe -ssr



Instructs Atlantis to use a specified INI file (the name of this INI file should immediately follow this switch). Should be used in combination with the lsi switch.

Atlantis.exe /lsi /ssi /sfn "My Settings.ini"
(Atlantis will both read and write settings from/to the My Settings.ini)

Note. Do not forget that all filenames in the command-line that contain spaces, should be enclosed within the double quotes.
For example, if you wish to instruct Atlantis to open document My Document.rtf, you should use the following command-line:

Atlantis.exe "My Document.rtf"

Atlantis on a Memory Flash Drive

You might have to work on computers that do not have Atlantis. Installing Atlantis on a memory flash drive allows you to use Atlantis on such computers. All you have to do is to plug the USB stick into the host PC and launch Atlantis from the USB drive. In this way, Atlantis travels with you. Note that the host computer must match the Atlantis system requirements.

Atlantis installs on a memory flash drive in the following way:

  • If you have already installed Atlantis on your PC,

    1. Launch Atlantis on your computer as usual (if it is not running yet), and run the Tools | Options... command.

    2. Use the Save to File... button to save the Atlantis settings to the home folder of Atlantis on your hard drive (by default, to "C:\Program Files\Atlantis"). The settings filename should be Atlantis.ini.

    3. Copy the whole home folder of Atlantis (by default, "C:\Program Files\Atlantis") to your memory flash drive.

  • If you do not have Atlantis installed on your PC, or if you have Atlantis on your PC but do not want to transfer its current settings to the flash drive,

    1. Download the latest standard setup of Atlantis Word Processor from our site, and run it on your system.

    2. Specify a folder on your flash drive as the destination folder for the installation, and complete the setup.

After this, Atlantis is ready to be used from the flash drive. Simply connect the flash drive to a computer, locate the corresponding USB drive in Windows Explorer, and run the Atlantis executable from the USB drive ("Atlantis.exe").

Atlantis will automatically use the settings stored on the USB stick. Any change to these settings will automatically be saved back to the USB drive. No changes will be made to the registry of the host PC.

Atlantis can be also installed on a U3-smart flash drive. Please click here for details.
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