Atlas Auctioneers Kyalami Auction Auction at 11. 00am 23rd

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Atlas Auctioneers

*** Kyalami Auction ***

Auction at 11.00am

23rd April 2016.

We gladly accept PayPal.


How to get there (From the N1):Take the R51 Allandale Road turn off and drive 4.5km along Allandale Road towards the Kyalami Race Track (west). At the Race Track turn right on the R55 Kyalami Main Road and drive 1.6km north to the M71 road to Bryanston. Turn left on to the M71 and drive 2km to Maple Road. Turn right into Maple Road and drive 1km to the

Kyalami Country Club entrance on the right. Stamp Fair starts at 9.00 live Auction at 11.00. Come and enjoy a great day of stamps and friends.

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