Audition Basics

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Avon Players Youth Theatre

Audition Basics

Welcome to the world of Youth Theatre at Avon Players! Youth Theatre is an exciting time for children, whether it is their first time on stage or is an experience as a “seasoned pro”. If this is your child’s first time ever auditioning for a part, or their first time auditioning at Avon Players, here is the basic information that you need to know.


Youth Theatre productions are either musicals written specifically for children, or known musicals that have been scaled down for a youth-oriented audience. There is plenty of singing and dancing, with a little dialogue tossed in for the story line. Everyone gets a chance to do something on stage.

Cast Size

The maximum cast size is 40 children. We do this so the children are not cramped on the stage and can be easily seen by their friends and family.

Audition Process

The audition process can take anywhere from two to three hours, depending on how many children show up. The auditions process for Youth Theatre is a little different than the process for regular season shows. For regular season shows, the Director is looking for specific types of actors, with certain looks and voices. For Youth Theatre, the Director is primarily interested in how your child acts, sings and dances on stage. This is not the time to be shy!

There are no preparation requirements for the auditions. All songs and dances are taught to the children before they are asked to sing and dance as part of the audition.

However, if your child is not familiar with the show and/or its music, YouTube is a great place to view videos of other productions.

Cast Selection

The cast list will be posted on the Youth Theatre page on the Avon Players web site ( The list is usually posted by 9:00pm on the day of the auditions. If your child’s name is on the list, please respond by sending an email to Respond using only the Subject line. Anything written in the body of the email will not be read, as only the Subject line is reviewed for your answer.

Type your child’s name, followed by “Accept” to accept the part, or “Decline” to decline the part.
If My Child is Not Cast, Can He or She Still Help Out With the Show?

Certainly! Let us know if your child would like to help out as a member of the crew. Things have to be done to keep the show running.

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