Augmented Reality explained and demystified Amsterdam/Nuenen 13 March 2014

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Augmented Media Conference, 27 March 2014, B-Amsterdam, Amsterdam The Netherlands

Augmented Reality explained and demystified

Amsterdam/Nuenen 13 March 2014:

In the nineteen sixties researchers started to experiment with Augmenting the reality. “Adding a computer generated graphical overlay on top of the reality”. At universities it really took off in the nineties and up to 2008 there were only two types of Augmented Reality (AR); with markers or natural features recognition and tracking. In 2009 the AR Browser (Layar) became a hit and the term ‘AR’ became a buzz word.

Application Fields for Augmented Media:

  • Marketing & Branding

  • Retail

  • Print, Media & Entertainment

  • Automotive

  • Health & Wellness

  • Industry

  • Architecture

  • Education

  • Training & Maintenance

  • Military

Because AR became a big promise, everybody jumped in and joined the bandwagon. Applications, like a hologram that puts digital information in the real world or a projection mapping that is adding digital content on real objects, are examples of augmenting the reality! The discussion started and everything that connected digital information to real objects and environments was considered to be Augmented Reality, even QR codes.

This first international conference on Augmented Media will give the novice and the experienced professional an excellent overview of both deployments (apps) and future developments (Google Glass) in the Augmented Media market. The conference will take place in B-Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 27 March 2014.

Confirmed speakers and companies who will be present include: Glow Interactive, Catchoom, Limebizz Layar Concepts, Augmented Reality Lab, AR Lab, Mr.Beam, VIGC, Dutch Rose Media and Beyond Reality.

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