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Austin Manage Rules

Rent payments are due on the 1st with a grace period until the 3rd, making rent late on the 4th. Payments will not be accepted without any and all account balances included. Please make sure to always indicate the property that you are leasing on the check or money order submitted. Rent checks are made payable to Austin Manage. Late fees and all lease violations will be made payable to Realty Pros of Austin.

Pre-Leasing (University area properties only)

Residents agree to let unit be shown for pre-leasing with agents giving a minimum of 1 hour notice. Pre-leasing season may start as early as October 1st. If you are considering renewing for the following year, please notify us as soon as possible. If we receive a pre-lease application on your unit and you have not signed a renewal, we will follow through with the pre-lease application. If you refuse to allow agents to show your unit for pre-lease, you will receive a $50 fine per occurrence.

Sub-Leasing/Lease Changes

In order to sub-lease your apartment, the applicant must complete an application, pay the $75 application fee and provide either a lease guaranty form or provide proof of income. There is a $200 administration fee for processing a sub-lease or making any changes to the lease once it has been executed. Once the application is approved, everything in the lease is transferred to the new tenant including the deposit. The deposit will need to be worked out between the tenant and sub-leaser.


Austin Manage provides parking stickers for Palisades Apartments and it is to be adhered to the passenger rear window to be clearly seen by tow truck drivers. Tenants are assigned the number of stickers stipulated in the lease and will not be replaced if lost. If a tenant purchases a new vehicle, we need proof prior to issuing a new sticker. Austin Manage is not responsible for towing expenses if a tenant parks in the lot without a sticker. We do not provide guest passes.


Please visit our website at to submit all non-emergency maintenance requests. If a tenant causes damage, the tenant will be financially responsible. If maintenance is not able to enter due to tenant, a $50 fine will be assessed. Uncontrollable water, fire, smoke, gas, explosion and overflowing sewage are considered emergencies and need to be reported immediately. Requests pertaining to HVAC do not constitute as an emergency. Calling the emergency line for something that is not an emergency may result in a minimum of $100 after hours service fee in addition to the cost of the service.

Tenants are responsible for:

  • Check and maintain all smoke detectors (including battery replacement)

  • Plumbing stoppages: commodes, garbage disposals, sinks, tub drains, etc.

  • Changing AC filters MONTHLY

  • Light bulb replacement (including fluorescent bulbs)

Plumbing – Do not flush anything other than toilet paper down the commode. Do not use cleaners and/or deodorizers that are inserted into the tank – the rubber flapper will rot. To prevent stopped drains:

  • Remove hair from tub and sink drains

  • Boil large pot of water

  • Pour bleach into the drain, slowly pour water behind it, add more bleach

  • Allow to sit, add more boiling water by pouring slowly in the drain

Stoppage or leak:

  • Use plunger and Draino (bleach and water works too) to try and unclog the stoppage

  • Check to see if the chain is loose or has fallen off on the inside of the toilet tank and replace it

  • Remove any foreign objects and keep water mopped up until maintenance arrives

It is your responsibility to clean up any water from flooding on the tile or hard woods. If we deem necessary for water extraction it will be provided.

AC and Heater – IT IS MANDATORY PER YOUR LEASE CONTRACT THAT YOU CHANGE YOUR FILTER MONTHLY. Failure to do so can be costly. Leave your AC on during the day turning it up to 80 while you are out. Turning the unit completely off is less energy efficient and could cost you more money. If your AC is leaking TURN IT OFF! There is a possibility it is frozen over. The unit will need to defrost before any contractor can work on the unit. If your AC or heater stops working:

  • Always check your breaker box first. Breakers will trip due to too many appliances running at the same time. Flip all breakers back and forth at one time.

  • If there is ice outside or inside the unit, turn off the unit and submit a maintenance request.

Garbage Disposal – NEVER PUT SHELLFISH OR POTATO PEELINGS IN THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL. Do not discard of any oil or grease, this clogs the pipes. Use caution with rags, bottle caps, silverware, shot glasses, etc. that may cause the disposal to stop working. Should your disposal become jammed:

  • Turn off the power switch and remove any objects that have fallen inside

  • Check the base of the disposal under the sink for the reset button, next to the button is an insertion for a wrenchette, turn several times to clear blades

  • If you do not have a wrenchette, use a wooden spoon to unstick the blades by manually turning the blades (make sure the power switch is in the OFF position)

Washer/Dryer – Washers and dryers in units are a courtesy of the owner. Residents are responsible for maintaining them. KEEP YOUR DRYER LINT TRAP CLEAN WITH EACH LOAD. Make sure you are not overloading the machines. If your washer or dryer stops working:

  • Check the exhaust pipe behind the dryer, if it is crimped it will not dry.

  • Check the lint trap, if it is full it will not dry

  • Make sure your washing machine is balanced, they can become unbalanced as a result of overloading the. A balanced washer will spin and clean better.

Dishwasher – Only use soap specifically sold for use in the dishwasher. NEVER STOP YOUR DISHWASHER MID CYCLE. Always rinse your dishes thoroughly, excess food can cause plumbing stoppages. If your disposal is clogged, your dishwasher will not work. If your dishwasher is not working properly:

  • Check for the switch near the sink next to the disposal, this operates the dishwasher. If it is off your dishwasher will not work.

  • If you have stopped the dishwasher mid cycle, drain water before restarting.

  • Make sure there is no food in the bottom of the dishwasher that could cause stoppages.


All garbage is to be disposed of in the designated trash dumpsters provided by the Home Owner’s Association or apartment complex. Anyone found to be dumping trash in or around the complex or leaving it in front of the unit will be subject to a $50 fine plus any fees incurred from the city or Home Owner’s Association.


It is the tenant’s responsibility to turn on all utilities including electric, gas and water. Every resident must disclose their City of Austin account number in order to get keys. As per the lease contract, paragraph 41, utilities must be left on for 5 days after move out.

Patios and Balconies

No BBQ pits, grills or smokers may be stored or used on the patios or balconies. Such items, when in use, must be at least 30 feet away from the building. The Fire Department imposes a $1000.00 fine on such violations. Residents must keep their balconies and patios free of trash and other debris. Trash must never be left outside of the unit.

Yard Maintenance

Austin Manage is not responsible for yard maintenance. Any patios, decks or landscaping is the tenant’s responsibility unless otherwise specified in the lease. If the lawn is not kept up with, Austin Manage will hire a professional landscaping company at the tenant’s expense.

Charges & Fines

There will be a minimum fine of:

  • $50 for any lease violation

  • $150 per each disconnected smoke detector

  • $500 if tenant or guest found on the roof

  • $100 fine if tenant allows animals in community pool

  • $150 per lock that is changed by the residents

  • $65 service charge for any repairs for plumbing stoppages

  • $200 per occurrence for any additional people found to be living in the dwelling

  • $100 fine for any unauthorized animal

Move Out Cleaning Instructions

All tenants are responsible for having the apartment professionally cleaned and steam cleaned upon move out. Detailed cleaning instructions will be sent out closer to the move out date. Standard deductions are as follows:

Maid Service Carpet Steam Cleaning

Efficiency $100 $100

1 Bedroom $125 $125

2 Bedroom $150 $150

3 Bedroom $175 $200

4/5 Bedroom $200 and up $225

Standard Deductions

Light Bulbs market price plus labor

Drip pans market price plus labor

AC Filter $50 plus labor

Broken/disabled smoke detector $50 plus labor

Missing mailbox keys $50 each

Missing door keys $50 each

Parking openers/cards/stickers $100 each

Wall damage (holes) $65 and up

Broken windows market price plus labor

Burned or severely damaged carpet market price plus labor

Trash removal $150 and up

If there is excessive damage to the unit, broken or missing items, management reserves the right to deduct any extra costs from the security deposit.
Arbitration Agreement

Residents acknowledge that the Lease Agreement is subject to binding arbitration under the Texas Arbitration Act. All claims, demands, disputes, controversies and differences that may arise between the parties to this agreement of whatever nature or kind shall upon demand from either party, be submitted to binding arbitration and such arbitration shall be governed by the provisions of the Texas Arbitration Act.

Where provisions of this agreement vary or conflict with any other provision, the provisions of this agreement shall prevail.

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