Automotive Design Mr. Graves Auto Design 101 Project

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Automotive Design Mr. Graves

Auto Design 101 Project

You must work individually to complete this project

Project: Research, plan, design and present a New Concept Car. You will start by looking at the cars in your driveway. Your research will expand to the history and future of the vehicle as well as understanding the vehicle manufacturer and the other vehicles in the manufacturer=s AFamily@. You will then learn how to sketch automobiles, and with a little practice, you will design a new car. Your design will have strict limitations, but still have room for showing your AStyle@. You will then compile all of your research and design work into a professional AEngineering Presentation@ which you will present to a team of designers (your classmates).
Step 1: What kind of car(s) is parked in your driveway? Do you know why? Select and get approval to research an automobile you or your family own. Research the vehicle - year, make, and model. Try to locate photographs of the vehicle that can help you communicate your findings to classmates. Gather as much information as you can about the vehicle and the people who own/operate it.
Step 2: Complete a ABrand Analysis@. Research when the model was first introduced, changes it has seen over it=s history, what it looks like today, and if possible, where it is headed in the future. Gather specs and photographs to show changes and communicate them to your classmates. The information you can find will depend on the vehicle - some have lots of information available, others don=t. With this in mind, you can show the total evolution of the vehicle, or select major changes and highlight them.
Step 3: Complete a ABrand Portfolio Analysis@. Research the other vehicles your car company manufacturers - the cars of the manufacturer=s family. Try to identify signature identification indicators of the vehicles. What makes BMW a BMW? Gather photos of the other vehicles in the company line to demonstrate identification and where Ayour car@ fits into the car family.
Step 4: Add a new vehicle to the Brand Family Portfolio. You will design a new car that fits into the ACity Style@ category. Develop sketches to communicate your new concept city style car. Be sure to make it fit with the vehicle brand portfolio by including identifiable characteristics.
Step 5: Prepare an engineering presentation ( 5 - 10 minutes with visual aids ) to explain your car, how it has evolved, how it fits into a brand line, how it can be identified as a member of the brand family portfolio, then present your idea for a new city style car and how it will fit into the family.

You will be graded at each step of this project. Be prepared to work each class.
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Download 6.85 Kb.

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