Autosport Dynamics finishes 1st in Sonoma, their sixth consecutive podium of the season charlotte, nc

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Autosport Dynamics finishes 1st in Sonoma, their sixth consecutive podium of the season
CHARLOTTE, NC. (September 15, 2010) – The Autosport Dynamics crew slid into Sonoma, California over the weekend for Formula Drift Round 6 at Infineon Raceway. The course is known for its high-speed entries of 100-plus MPH and insane head-to-head action. ASD has podiumed at every round so far this season, and their goal was to keep that streak alive in Sonoma. They achieved their goal when Vaughn Gittin Jr. fought his way to 1st place at Round 6, and was able to maintain his points lead in Formula Drift Championship.
Tyler McQuarrie brought his momentum from his big win at Round 5 to his qualifying runs on Friday, where he and the Falken Tire Nissan 350Z qualified in 1st place. “It felt awesome to be on top in qualifying at my home track simply because this track has never been good to me during Formula Drift events,” says Tyler. “But I felt great in practice and knew I had a good shot another win.”
Justin Pawlak (JTP) and the Falken Tire blue and teal Ford Mustang took the 13th place qualifying spot; Vaughn Gittin Jr. and the Monster Energy Falken Tire Ford Mustang followed right behind him in the 14th place spot; and Darren McNamara (D-Mac) and the Falken Tire Saturn Sky put down a solid run landing in the 20th place qualifying spot.
In the first battle of the top 32, Tyler was matched with Formula D rookie Dennis Mertzanis. Tyler led first and blazed through the course as Mertzanis struggled to keep up. Tyler gave chase next, and put the pressure on his competitor, giving him the advantage and the win. Click HERE to watch the battle. (Skip to 0:1:40 to view.)
It was an all-ASD brawl when JTP and D-Mac were paired to go head-to-head in the top thirty-two. JTP would lead first with an amazing run, but D-Mac stuck to his teammate like glue throughout the course. D-Mac would lead next while JTP attempted to keep up to his fast competitor, but unfortunately ending up going wide and off-course. Click HERE to watch the battle. (Skip to 0:22:55 to view.)
Last up from the ASD camp to compete in the top 32 was Vaughn. After he put down two picture-perfect runs in his battle with Ken Gushi, Vaughn was deemed the winner and would advance into the Sweet Sixteen. Click HERE to watch the battle. (Skip to 1:02:55 to view.)
After the drivers spent some time with the fans in the “Half-Time” break, signing autographs and giving high-fives, it was time to get back to the drifting action on the track in the Sweet Sixteen main event.
Tyler was up first against two-time Formula Drift Champion, Tanner Foust, in his battle of the top sixteen. Tyler led first and threw down a picture-perfect run proving why he was the number one qualifier of the event. However, Foust was hot on his trail and seemed unshakeable. When it was Tyler’s turn to give chase, he followed Foust in after initiation and swung it out a little too wide going into the first clipping zone, allowing a gap between him and his competitor. Tyler had fought a good fight, but it would be Foust who would advance this time. Click HERE to watch the battle. (Skip to 0:25:20 to view.)
D-Mac was up next to have his shot at a place in the Great Eight. He was matched with Ryan Tuerck. D-Mac gave chase first and was right on Tuerck’s door at initiation. He was so close to his competitor, that he was forced to correct and distance himself from Tuerck. D-Mac led next with a great run, but it was too little too late as Tuerck got the win. Click HERE to watch the battle. (Skip to 0:35:11 to view.)
Last up in the top 16, Vaughn was matched with Dean Kearney. Vaughn led first with an excellent entry and maintained a ton of speed and angle throughout the course. Kearney tried to keep up, but resulted in a correction going wide then straightening up. When it was Vaughn’s turn to give chase, he followed Dean into the first clipping zone and then as Dean slowed down a good amount going into the second clip, Vaughn was forced to tap him with nowhere else to go. Vaughn was awarded the advantage and would be moving on to the Great Eight. Watch the run by clicking HERE. (Skip to 0:55:50 to view.) Also check out Vaughn’s IN-CAR VIEW of his following run.
In the top 8, Vaughn gave chase to Fredric Aasbo, who put down a solid run, but Vaughn was all over him piling on the pressure. When it was Vaughn’s turn to lead, he threw down an amazing run while blazing through the course, and was able to pull a decent gap on Aasbo, giving him a clear advantage. Vaughn was awarded the win and would move on to the Final Four! Click HERE to watch the battle. (Skip to 1:28:45 to view.)
Vaughn met 2009’s Formula Drift Champion, Chris Forsberg, in the semi-finals. Forsberg led first with a great run, but wasn’t quite able to shake the ASD-built Mustang from his door throughout the course. When it was Vaughn’s turn to lead, Forsberg attempted to put the same pressure on Vaughn, but ended up going wide and off course after the first turn, ultimately spinning out. Vaughn was awarded the win and would move on to the finals with a guaranteed spot on the podium. Click HERE to watch the battle. (Skip to 1:38:30 to view.)
In the finals, Vaughn gave chase first to Ryan Tuerck, sticking to his competitor like glue throughout the course, while maintaining a ton of angle and leaving an insane trail of Falken Tire smoke in his tracks.
When it was Vaughn’s turn to lead, he put down one last amazing run of the day, as Tuerck pushed to keep up, but it was just not enough to overcome Vaughn’s unbelievable determination and driving. Vaughn was deemed the winner of the battle and Round 6 at Infineon Raceway. Click HERE to view the final battle of the day. (Skip to 1:50:25 to view.)
“Winning this round makes this dream-season even more unbelievable for me and I don’t want to wake up,” says Vaughn. “The success I am experiencing on the track is due to multiple variables; most notably our awesome 2011 Ford Mustang, the amazing Falken Tires, and my amazing team that I appreciate more than words can explain. I look forward to carrying this momentum to Irwindale!”
With his 1st place finish at Round 6, Vaughn remains the Championship points leader. Darren remains in his 5th place position, Tyler moves up one spot to 8th place, and Justin sits in 11th place overall.
The incredible year just keeps getting better for the Autosport Dynamics team and drivers. In the six rounds thus far, seven times have ASD drivers taken to the podium. Vaughn alone accounts for five of those podiums; taking 1st in Long Beach, 2nd in Atlanta, 2nd in New Jersey, 3rd in Las Vegas, and now 1st in Sonoma. Darren claims one podium, taking 3rd place in Seattle, and Tyler’s 1st place finish in Las Vegas makes six. In fact, ASD has been on the podium every round this year!
The Autosport Dymanics team heads to Irwindale Speedway, otherwise known as “The House of Drift”, October 8-9 for the Formula Drift final round. You can bet that this “Final Fight” will be an exciting one as the ASD team will be pushing to end the year with a Championship title!
About ASD:
Autosport Dynamics is dedicated to race car fabrication, preparation, planning, and product development. Autosport Dynamics, better known as ASD, has been building and preparing race cars since the 80's. Our team of dedicated professionals have built and prepared cars for professional racing teams, club racing events, and driver’s education events.
Many professional teams rely on ASD for complete conversions of new showroom stock vehicles into race ready and rule conforming race cars. No matter what make and model or what level of track experience you are looking for, ASD can put you in the driver’s seat.
The team at ASD has a combined experience in racing of over 115 years. We have been involved with most types of racing to include NASCAR, SCORE, F1, British F3, SCCA, NASA, and most recently professional drifting through D1GP and Formula D.
We can offer everything related to these and more types of racing, including engine programs, suspension programs, parts development, chassis work and more! If you can dream it, we can help make it a reality.
About Falken Tire:
Falken Tire Corporation, based in Fontana, California, was introduced to the North American market in 1985.  Falken focuses on UHP (Ultra High Performance) products and utilizes pro drifting and American LeMans race programs to further develop, improve and market passenger vehicle products for worldwide distribution.  For more information, visit Falken Tire's updated website at, as well as its new fan enthusiast site,, which recently launched a new interactive section, Falken Fanatic

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