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1. Its President Benigno Aquino [ba-neen-yo a-KEE-no] has made peace with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front whose guerrillas now control much of its southern island of Mindanao. Name this Asian nation, south of Taiwan and north of Indonesia, whose capital is Manila.

answer: the Philippines
2. Pencils and paper ready! Solve for x in the equation .

answer: x = 18 ()

3. Donated by King Louis XVIII to the Louvre, this marble artwork was originally made of several parts that were put together with vertical pegs. Give the most common 3-word term for this ancient sculpture, found off the coast of Greece in 1820 without any arms.

answer: Venus di Milo

4. After his wife Letitia died and left him with 8 children, he married a much younger woman named Julia and had 7 more children with her. Name this U.S. President who later became a member of the Confederate Congress and became President only after the death of William Henry Harrison.

answer: John Tyler

5. Its new logo will change the white letters in its signs to red and totally get rid of the yellow section of the sign that said “Old Fashioned Hamburgers.” Identify this nationwide fast-food chain whose signs will still feature the red hair, freckles and pigtails of the daughter of its founder, Dave Thomas.

answer: Wendy’s

6. Pencils and paper ready! The average of 3 numbers is 15. What is the new average after a fourth number, 23, is added in?

answer: 17 (3 x 15 = 45, 45 + 23 = 68, and 68/4 = 17)

7. Formed from rapidly cooling lava, it forms the famous Giant's Causeway in Ireland as well as the dark areas of the moon, called “seas” or “maria” [ma-RYE-a]. Name this volcanic rock that also forms most of the floor of the ocean.

answer: basalt

8. His recently-discovered play Is He Dead? tells of a painter who fakes his own death to increase the value of his paintings and is as funny as his travel books like The Innocents Abroad. Name this American author of The Prince and the Pauper, as well as a novel about Huck Finn.

answer: Mark Twain (or Samuel Clemens)

9. Born on the Mediterranean island of Corsica, he crowned his wife Josephine Empress while he

was Emperor of France. Name this world leader who is probably most famous today for his invasion of Russia in 1812 that caused Tchaikovsky to write his famous overture.

answer: Napoleon Bonaparte
10. One new TV series this fall features a man named Sherlock with substance abuse problems who is forced to live with an Asian lady named Dr. Watson. Identify this CBS series, based on Sherlock Holmes, whose title completes a phrase the original Holmes never actually said: “[blank], my dear Watson.”

answer: Elementary

11. The Rimsky-Korsakov musical suite Scheherazade [sha-hair-a-ZOD] is based on this set of Middle Eastern legends and has a first movement called “The Sea and Sinbad’s Ship.” Name this set of stories, said to have been told by Scheherazade, one at a time each evening, to keep the Sultan from killing her.

answer: 1001 Arabian Nights

12. In 2003, he became the first man to skydive across the English Channel; thus, he’s had practice in doing stunts where you fall a long way in a short time. Name this Austrian daredevil who did it again in October 2012 when he jumped out of a helium balloon and safely skydived more than 24 miles to Earth.

answer: Felix Baumgartner

13. It requires Congress to meet at least once a year --on January 3rd at noon, 17 days before any new President is inaugurated. Identify this Constitutional Amendment that moved Inauguration Day from March 4th to January 20th and was the last Amendment passed before the one that ended Prohibition.

answer: 20th Amendment

14. Its viral type is no fun to get but is milder than its bacterial type. But getting one of those is better than getting the fungal version that was spread around in steroid shots in 2012. Name this deadly disease, diagnosed by a spinal tap, that causes a very stiff neck and swelling in both the spinal cord and the brain.

answer: meningitis [men-un-JYE-tuss]

15. One theory of their existence is that when people who had never seen a horse first saw a man riding a horse, they thought the man and horse were just one creature together. Name this group of mythological beings, including Chiron [KY-ron], that all have human heads and torsos but the lower body of a horse.

answer: centaurs

16. Pencils and paper ready! One formula for the area of a triangle is to subtract each individual side from the triangle’s semiperimeter, multiply the 3 results together, multiply that number by the semiperimeter, and then take the square root of the whole thing. If the semiperimeter is half of the triangle’s perimeter, use this formula to find the area of a triangle with sides 5, 8 and 9. Give your answer as a square root.

answer: √(396) or 6 √11 [semiperimeter = 11, so √((11)(6)(3)(2)) ]

17. When Bobby Hogg died in 2012 at age 92, he took this country’s Cromarty dialect with him. Name the country where Hogg had lived in the Highlands as the world’s last native Cromarty speaker, a country north of England whose capital is Edinburgh.

answer: Scotland

18. Found in oceans but not in freshwater, its crown-of-thorns variety eats algae and coral at such a rate that it now threatens the ecosystem of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Name this symmetrical sea creature that can regrow any of its five arms.

answer: starfish
19. Its epilogue was written by Jonathan Harker, who tells of his return trip to Transylvania and quotes the celebrated Dr. Van Helsing. Name this novel by Bram Stoker, originally titled “The Un-Dead”, whose title character is a vampire.

answer: Dracula

20. It has a surface area almost as large as South Carolina. Cities on it include Marquette, Michigan and Duluth [da-LOOTH], Minnesota, while Isle Royale is in the middle of it. Identify this northernmost and largest of the Great Lakes.

answer: Lake Superior

21. It is getting its own pavilion in the California Science Center, which it reached in 2012 by a slow journey on city streets. Identify this space shuttle, named by American schoolchildren, that carried Mae Jemison into space and orbited the earth more than 4,000 times.

answer: Endeavour

22. After winning a World Series with the Florida Marlins, this Venezuelan was traded to his current team, changing leagues in the process. In 2012, he moved to third base so his new teammate Prince Fielder could play first base. Name this Detroit Tigers star who, in 2012, became the first player in 45 years to win the Triple Crown.

answer: Miguel Cabrera

23. The fovea [FO-vee-a], the macula [MACK-ya-la], the iris [EYE-rus], the lens, the retina [RET-na] and the cornea [COR-nee-a] are all major pieces within—what part of your body that can be damaged by glaucoma [glaw-CO-ma] and allows you to see things?

answer: the eye

24. It reached a deal in 2012 to extend the range of its ballistic missiles. But it notified China and Japan beforehand, telling them the move was directed only against its neighbor to the north. Name this Asian country whose northern neighbor hasn’t actually attacked since the armistice in 1953—but could at any moment.

answer: South Korea (both words needed)


1. Name these countries that are, like the U.S., trying to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil:

A. This island off the coast of Florida has a Communist government, so its best players leave when they can.

answer: Cuba

B. This Central American country is bordered by Mexico on its north and west and Belize on its east.

answer: Guatemala

C. This Caribbean island’s capital is Kingston.

answer: Jamaica

D. This tiny Caribbean nation within the British Commonwealth whose capital is St. John’s plays its home soccer games in “Sticky Wicket Stadium.”

answer: Antigua & Barbuda

2. Pencils and paper ready! Fraction X is and fraction Y is . Give each of these quantities in lowest terms and as a mixed number if necessary:
A. X + Y

answer: 1

B. X - Y


C. X times Y


D. X divided by Y

answer: 1

3. Like The Nutcracker, it is often performed at Christmas.

A. Identify this German “fairy tale opera” by Engelbert Humperdinck about two children who get lost in the forest.

answer: Hansel and Gretel

B. This character in the opera puts Hansel and Gretel to sleep in the forest, just like he is said to put children to sleep at night.

answer: the Sandman

C. This character in the opera owns a house that is designed to attract small children for her to eat.

answer: the Witch

D. Children come and eat pieces of her house because it is made of this food.

answer: gingerbread

4. His home, which also served as headquarters for the union he organized, became a National Monument in 2012.

A. Name this Hispanic labor organizer.

answer: Cesar Chavez

B. Name the union he organized.

answer: United Farm Workers of America (or UFW)

C. Name the U.S. state where you’d find his home in the tiny town of Keene at the southern end of the San Joaquin [wah-KEEN] Valley.

answer: California

D. This current Interior Secretary was happy about the new Monument because he is of Hispanic descent.

answer: Ken Salazar

5. Pencils and paper ready! The width of the rectangular penalty area on a soccer field is 8 yards longer than twice its length. The perimeter of the penalty area is 124 yards.

A. If the length is x yards, what expression describes the width?

answer: (2x + 8) yards

B. How long is the penalty area?

answer: 18 yards [2 (x + 2x + 8) = 124]

C. How wide is the penalty area?

answer: 44 yards [2(18) + 8)

D. What is the area of the penalty area in square yards?

answer: 792 sq. yds. (18 x 44)
6. Name these common parts of a home heating system:

A. This should be cleaned or changed regularly to keep dirt and dust out of your system.

answer: filter

B. When one of these “blows”, electricity stops flowing; to get electricity going again, you either replace it or (in some houses) reset it.

answer: fuse

C. This part allows two fluids to change places and flow through the system in different directions; sometimes, a “fluid” is actually a gas.

answer: heat exchanger

D. This part turns on to move warm air from the place it’s generated into the ducts and through the house.

answer: blower
7. Name these 19th -century works of American literature from pairs of their characters:

A. Katrina van Tassel and Brom Bones

answer: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

B. Henry Fleming and Wilson

answer: The Red Badge of Courage

C. Eliza and Topsy

answer: Uncle Tom’s Cabin

D. Aunt Polly and Becky Thatcher

answer: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

8. In 2012, its Vice-President Alvaro Garcia married a journalist half his age in an ancient stone temple at Tiwanaku [tee-wa-NAW-koo].

A. Name this small South American country whose city Sucre is one of its capitals.

answer: Bolivia

B. Tiwanaku is about 40 miles west of this Bolivian city, the country’s other capital.

answer: La Paz

C. Bolivia is one of the world’s leading producers of this metal, found in cans of food you open.

answer: tin

D. Garcia picked Tiwanaku because his ancestors were from this indigenous Bolivian group that used Tiwanaku for religious rites and still speak their native language.

answer: Aymara

9. Singer Sarah Brightman has announced that after her album tour next year, she will spend 6 months in a Russian training center preparing for a future flight to the International Space Station.

A. Brightman became famous in this starring role in Broadway’s The Phantom of the Opera.

answer: Christine Daaé

B. This ex-husband of Brightman’s wrote the role of Christine just for her.

answer: Andrew Lloyd Webber

C. Brightman made her stage debut in London playing Jemima in this musical by Webber about felines.

answer: Cats

D. One of her singing partners has been this blind Italian tenor you see on PBS all the time.

answer: Andrea Bocelli
10. A recent rock musical tells his life story, from his childhood to marrying his wife Rachel to beginning the Democrat Party to becoming President of the United States.

A. Give the first and last name of this 19th- century President, the subject of the musical whose title begins “Bloody Bloody.”

answer: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

B. As in real life, Jackson became a national hero by winning this battle at the end of the War of 1812.

answer: Battle of New Orleans

C. Jackson accused this son of a former President of making a “corrupt bargain” in 1824 to get himself elected as President even though Jackson had more votes.

answer: John Quincy Adams (ensure it’s not John Adams)

D. Andrew Jackson grew up in this Southern state that’s much longer than it is tall.

answer: Tennessee
11. Answer these about the Edward Munch painting The Scream:

A. Munch said he was inspired by a blood-red sunset while walking along a fjord in this Scandinavian country where he was born.

answer: Norway

B. This is the capital city of that country.

answer: Oslo

C. The four versions of The Scream include two paintings and two in this brightly-colored medium.

answer: pastel

D. The work shows two people walking behind the screamer and two of these objects in the background.

answer: boats

12. In 2012, people leading the ENCODE project announced that most of the human genome actually does serve some purpose—in contrast to past ideas.

A. The D in the acronym ENCODE stands for this substance studied by Watson and Crick.

answer: DNA (or deoxyribonucleic acid)

B. These 46 structures that contain DNA decide our hair color, eye color and other things about us.

answer: chromosomes

C. To the nearest 10%, this is the percentage of the human genome that now has a known biochemical function.

answer: 80%

D. It is now known that most of the human genome can be transcribed into this substance whose name starts with R.

answer: RNA or ribonucleic acid

13. Pencils and paper ready! Evaluate these exponent expressions:

A. x cubed, squared

answer: x6

B. the square root of x18

answer: x9

C. x to the eighth, times x to the fifth, divided by x to the third

answer: x10

D. x to the zero power

answer: one (anything to the zero power is 1)
14. Spell these words from French:

A. “mirage” [ma-raazh], what you think you see in a desert

answer: M-I-R-A-G-E

B. “fatigue”, the tiredness you feel after a long day

answer: F-A-T-I-G-U-E

C. “souvenir”, what you buy to remind you of a trip

answer: S-O-U-V-E-N-I-R

D. “boutique”, a small, fancy and expensive store

answer: B-O-U-T-I-Q-U-E
15. As of October 15, 2012, several states seem to be locked up for Democrats in the upcoming presidential election.

A. Even though Mitt Romney once governed it, he’s widely expected to lose there.

answer: Massachusetts

B. This state typically goes Democrat because of its largest city; the fact that President Obama represented it in the U.S. Senate is just a bonus.

answer: Illinois

C. This Eastern state is home to Vice-President Joe Biden.

answer: Delaware

D. Solidly a Republican state until 1988, it hasn’t gone Republican since. Mitt Romney’s doing well to be even within 15 points there.

answer: California

16. Name these Greek gods or goddesses:

A. Goddess of marriage and wife of Zeus

answer: Hera

B. God of music and of the sun

answer: Apollo

C. Goddess of wisdom and warfare

answer: Athena

D. Goddess of love and beauty

answer: Aphrodite [aff-ra-dye-tee]

17. Name the capital cities of these South American countries:

A. Colombia

answer: Bogota [bo-go-TAW]

B. Guyana

answer: Georgetown

C. Suriname

answer: Paramaribo

D. French Guiana

answer: Cayenne
18. Name these major Protestant religious denominations. (accept all forms of each term)

A. Its roots are usually traced to the Wesley brothers.

answer: Methodist

B. Its roots go back to Scotland.

answer: Presbyterian

C. This group requires joining adults to be immersed in water.

answer: Baptist

D. This church, called “Anglican” in England, was started by England’s King Henry VIII>

answer: Episcopal
19. Name the starting quarterbacks of these NFL teams as of October 15, 2012:

A. New England Patriots

answer: Tom Brady

B. New York Jets

answer: Mark Sanchez

C. Philadelphia Eagles

answer: Michael Vick

D. San Francisco 49’ers

answer: Alex Smith

20. Answer these about the Scotia Sea:

A. It lies between Antarctica and Tierra del Fuego, an area on this continent.

answer: South America

B. This country whose capital is Santiago owns part of Tierra del Fuego.

answer: Chile

C. This South American country that owns the rest of Tierra del Fuego names the Scotia Sea for itself.

answer: Argentina [“Mar Argentino”]

D. Species of this flightless bird found near the Scotia Sea include “Chinstrap”, “Macaroni” and “Adelie.”

answer: penguin

(Areas that do not use these 60-second rounds in their local format can use them as extra bonuses or as warm-up “speed check” questions to improve buzzer speed.)
Name these comic book characters that Stan Lee had something to do with creating.

1) His real name is Tony Stark. Ans. Iron Man

2) This former Soviet spy’s real name is Natalia Romanova. Ans. Black Widow

3) This fearless man’s real name is Matt Murdock. Ans. Daredevil

4) The real name of this man with anger issues is Dr. Bruce Banner. Ans. the Incredible Hulk

5) Named for a Norse god, his real name is Donald Blake. Ans. Thor

6) He got his name for his skill at archery—not his great vision. Ans. Hawkeye

7) This enemy of Spider-Man is named William Blake. Ans. Sand-Man

8) He edits the Daily Bugle, Peter Parker’s newspaper employer. Ans. J. Jonah Jameson

9) His name is the same as the man of myth who performed 12 labors. Ans. Hercules

10) This mutant is the father of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Ans. Magneto

Name the authors of these books on the Library of Congress list of “books that shaped America.”

1) Charlotte's Web Ans. E. B. White

2) Silent Spring Ans. Rachel Carson

3) The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Ans. L. Frank Baum

4) Little Women Ans. Louisa May Alcott

5) A Grammatical Institute of the English Language Ans. Noah Webster

6) Experiments and Observations on Electricity Ans. Ben Franklin

7) Gone With the Wind Ans. Margaret Mitchell

8) Goodnight Moon Ans. Margaret Wise Brown

9) The Catcher in the Rye Ans. J.D. Salinger

10) To Kill a Mockingbird Ans. Harper Lee


1) State whose capital city is Hartford Ans. Connecticut

2) Shape that names a school of art started by Pablo Picasso Ans. cube (Cubist)

3) Innermost layer of the earth Ans. core

4) Arch-rival of Pepsi-Cola Ans. Coca-Cola or Coke

5) Longtime leader of Venezuela, re-elected again in 2012 Ans. Hugo Chavez

6) A small hard square of bread, often tossed into a salad Ans. crouton

7) The white moon-shaped surface at the base of your fingernail Ans. cuticle

8) One of these is held every 10 years to count America’s population. Ans. census

9) NHL franchise that plays home games at the Pengrowth Saddledome Ans. Calgary Flames

10) In the Aesop’s fable, mice want someone to put a bell around the neck of this animal.

Ans. cat



1. Once ruled by the Romans, the Ottomans, the Italians and the British, it joined Libya in 1951. Name this city, the origin of the rebellion that finally killed Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi, where U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed in September 2012.

answer: Benghazi, Libya [ben-GAW-zee]
2. In Hindu mythology, it is an appearance on Earth by the goddess Vishnu. Give this 6-letter word that is also the name of the picture next to a user's name on an Internet discussion board and a popular movie directed by James Cameron about the planet Pandora.


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