B buy all your food in the school canteen but request for a discount

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200 Prof Ed Questions with Answers 1. As parent and the same time a teacher, which of the following will you do to show your cooperation to the PTA project in your school to be financed with the proceeds of the sales of the school canteen where food prices are little bit higher?

a. Bring food for you and your children, but always make it a point to buy in the school canteen.

b. buy all your food in the school canteen but request for a discount

c. bring food enough for you and your children but do not eat in the school canteen

d. buy all your food from the school canteen even if you cannot afford to do everyday

2. According to the existentialist, every person in the same predicament and has the same possibilities. What does this imply?

a. Every person must go to school.

b. Every person must go through the same from school.

c. Every person must earn a college degree.

d. Every person must be given access to education.

3. You are very much interested in a quality professional development program for teachers. What characteristic should you look for?

a. prescribed by top educational leaders

b. dependent and availability of funds

c. required for the renewal of professional license

d. responsive to identified teachers’ need

4. The singing of the National anthem is an offshoot of philosophy of ____.

a. Nationalism c. naturalism

b. pragmatism d. Socialism

5. The environment in order to facilitate, learning must be interactive. Which of the following best typifies this kind of environment?

a. the child goes out and discovers for himself some rock or fossil.

b. the child listens to a lecture on the fossils given by the teacher

c. the child summarizes the section on the fossils in his science textbook

d. The child copies a list of facts concerning fossils on the blackboard.

6. A teacher is said to be a “trustee of the cultural and educational heritage of the nation and is under obligation to transmit to learners such heritage”. Which practice makes the teacher fullfill such obligation?

a. Use interactive teaching strategies.

b. Use the latest educational technology

c. Observe continuing professional education.

d. As a class, study the life of Filipino heroes.

7. For more efficient and effective management of schools as an agent of change, one proposal is for the DepEd to cluster remote stand-alone schools under one lead school head. Which factor has the strongest influence on this proposal?

a. Psychological c. Geographical

b. Historical d. Social

8. What does the acronym EFA imply for school?

a. the acceptance of exclusive schools for boys and for girls

b. the stress on the superiority of formal education over that of alternative learning system

c. practice of inclusive education

d. the concentration on formal education system.

9. Which Republic Act provides government assistance to the students and teachers in private school?

a. RA 7784 c. RA 7836

b. RA 6728 d. RA 7722

10. the authoritarian setting in the Filipino home is reinforced by a classroom teacher who:

a. encourage pupils to ask questions

b. prescribes what pupils should do

c. is open to suggestions

d. ask open ended question

11. Who among believes that learning requires disciplined attention, regular homework and respect for legitimate authority?

a. essentialist c. Progressivist

b. existentialist d. Recontructionist

12. The Constitutional provision on language has the following aims EXCEPT:

a. to make the regional dialect as auxiliary media of instructions in regional school

b. to maintain English as second language

c. to make Filipino the sole medium of instruction

d. to make Filipino the national language and medium of instruction and communication

13. The tendency to emphasize o much on school beautification to the detriment of pupils performance illustrates the:

a. Filipino’s lack of seriousness

b. Filipino’ lack of reflection

c. Filipino’s sense of humor

d. Filipino’s love for “porma”

14. Which I Not a characteristics of democratic discipline?

a. child has opportunity to express his/her opinion

b. child given punishment is related to the misdeed

c. child understand the meaning of rules

d. child obeys blindly

15. Who among the following reasons stressed the processes of experience and problem solving?

a. Dewey c. Socrates

b. Aristotle d. Plato

16. The wide Acceptance of ‘bottom up” management style has influenced the schools to practice which management practice?

a. Exclusion of politicians from the pool of guest speaker during graduation exercises

b. prescription of what ought to be done from the central Office

c. Involvement of students, parents, teachers, and community in the school planning

d. Allowing schools to do what they think is best.

17. Which characterizes the perfectionist type of students?

a. does not volunteer or initiate

b. Give up easily

c. Rarely complete tasks

d. often anxious fearful or frustrated about the quality of work

18. The failure of independent study with mot Filipino students may be attributed to students’

a. unpreparedness of schooling

b. ambivalence

c. high degree of independence

d. high degree of dependence on authority

19. Despite opposition from some school officials, DepEd has continuously enforced the “no collection of fees” policy during enrolment period in public schools. Is this policy in accordance with EFA goals?

a. No, it violates the mandate of quality education

b. Yes, it somewhat eliminates gender disparities

c. Yes, it supports equitable access to basic education

20. Which of the following measures should a teacher do to a principal whom she would like to file a case of sexual harassment w/o violating the relationship of the teacher to her superior?

a. present the case before competent authority and prepare to prove the charge

b. writ an anonymous letter to a higher school official to denounce the superior

c. call a parent-teacher meeting and denounced the superior

d. encourage the other teacher and students to hold a demonstration to oust the superior

21. To earn units for promotion, a teacher pays her fees but does not attend class at all. Does this constitute professional growth?

a. Not immediately but yes after promotion.

b. It depends on the school she is enrolled in.

c. No, it simply earning MA units for promotion.

d. Yes, just enrolling in an MA program

22. Kounin claims that “with-it-ness” is one of the characteristics of an effective classroom manager. What is one sign of with-it-ness?

a. Giving attention to students who are having difficulty with school work.

b. seeing only one portion of the class but intensively

c. knowing where instructional materials are kept

d. Aware of what’s happening I all parts of the classroom.

23. A student collapsed in her social studies class. It was found out that he did not eat her lunch. What principle is shown in the situation?

a. Psychological need c. Ecological need

b. Physiological need d. Safety need

24. Which techniques (s) enable (s) a teacher to identify and eventually assists students which interpersonal difficulties?

a. Anecdotal record c. Cumulative record

b. Personal inventory d. Sociogram

25. Which is considered the “brain” of the computer?

a. CPU c. Video screen

b. Software d. Keyboard

26. Zero standard deviation means that:

a. The student scores are the same

b. 50% of the scores obtained is zero

c. More than 50% of the score obtained zero

d. Less than 50% of the scores obtained zero

27. Which of the least authentic mode of assessment?

a. Paper-and-pencil test in vocabulary

b. Oral performance to assess students to socialize students spoken communication skills

c. Experiments in science to assess in the use of scientific methods

d. Artistic production for music or art subject

28. What must a teacher do to ensure orderly transitions between activities?

a. Allow time for the students to socialize in between activities

b. Have the materials ready at the start of the activity

c. Assign fewer exercises to fill the allotted time.

d. Wait the students who lag behind

29. When teacher tries to elicit clarification on a student response or solicits additional information, which of these should he use?

a. Directing c. Structuring

b. probing d. Cross examining

30. A negative discrimination index means that:

a. More from the lower group answered the test items correctly

b. the items cloud not discriminate between the lower and upper group

c. more from the upper group answered the test item correctly

d. Less from the lower group got the test item correctly

31. ‘’When more senses are stimulated, teaching and learning become more effective.” What is an application of this principle?

a. Appeal to students’ sense of imagination

b. use multisensory aids

c. make your students touch the instructional material

d. Use audio visual aids because the eyes and the ears are the most important senses in learning.

32. I combined several subject areas in order to focus on a single concept for interdisciplinary teaching. What strategy did I use?

a. Reading-writing activity c. Lecture

b. Thematic instruction d. problem-centered learning

33. A teacher is a facilitator of learning and of the development of the youth. Which practice NOT keeping with this role a facilitator?

a. Considers the multiple intelligence of learners

b. Humiliates misbehaving pupils

c. Dialogs with parents and with other member of the community

d. Keeps himself abreast with educational trends

34. Which one indicates a teacher’s genuine enthusiasm and pride in teaching?

a. Sticking to teaching for the moment that there are no better offers

b. Telling everyone that he went to teaching for there was no other choice them.

c. Engaging himself in continuing professional education

d. Belittling the re-numeration one gets from teaching

35. Teacher A teaches English as a second Language. She uses vocabulary cards, fill-in-the-blank sentences, dialogues, dictation and writing exercises in teaching a lesson about grocery shopping. Based on this information, which of the following is a valid conclusion?

a. The teacher wants to make her teaching easier by having less talk.

b. The teacher is emphasizing reading and writing skills

c. The teacher is teaching in variety of ways because not all students learn in the same manner.

d. The teacher is applying Bloom’s hierarchy of cognitive learning

36. To teach the democratic process to the pupils, Biag Elementary School decided that the election of class officers shall be patterned after local elections. There are qualifications set for candidates, limited period for campaign and rule for posting campaign materials, etc. Which of the following did the school use?

a. Symposium c. Panel discussion

b. Simulation d. Debate

37. Which statement applies when scores distribution is negatively skewed?

a. The mode is lesser than the median c. The mode and median are equal

b. The median is higher than the mode d. The mean is lesser than the mode

38. In the Preamble of the Code of Ethics of Professional Teachers, which is not mentioned about teachers?

a. Duly Licensed professionals c. LET passer

b. Possess dignity and reputation d. With high moral values

39. What does a skewed score distribution mean?

a. The scores are concentrated more at one end or the other end

b. The mode, the mean and the median are equal

c. The mean and the median are equal

d. The scores are normally distributed

40. Teacher C, a reading teacher, advised her class to “read between the lines.” What does she want her pupils to do?

a. Make an educated guess

b. Determine what is meant by what is stated

c. Apply the information need

d. Describe the characters in the story

41. On which constitutional provision is the full or partial integration of capable deaf and blind students in the classroom based? The provision on

a. Providing citizenship and vocational training to adult citizen

b. Protecting and promoting the right of all citizen to quality education

c. Academic freedom

d. Creating Scholarship for poor and deserving students

42. Teaching the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains is based on the concept that the learner is a:

a. Moral and feeling being c. Thinking, feeling and acting being

b. Material and an acting being d. Spiritual and material being

43. Which of the different types of the test covers and wide variety of objective?

a. True-false c. Matching type

b. Multiple choice d. Essay

44. Teacher wants to compare 2 concepts. With which technique can be accomplish this best?

a. K-W-L technique c. Spider web

b. Venn diagram d. Fishbone diagram

45. When necessary conditions are present, the use of inductive method is preferred because

a. There is greater active participation on the part of the pupils

b. It gives the teacher more time to rest

c. It needs only few instruction materials

d. Academic time is used wisely

46. Teacher B teaches his/her students that pleasure is NOT the highest good. What teacher teaches is contrary to which philosophy?

a. Empiricism c. Hedonism

b. Realism d. Idealism

47. Which best indicates the effectiveness classroom activities?

a. The laughter and employment of students

b. The application of concept learned in daily life

c. The utilization of varied techniques and approaches

d. The variety instructional material used

48. Which is the most obvious and familiar way of reporting variability?

a. Range of scores c. Standard error of the mean

b. Standard deviation d. Distribution of raw scores

49. If the teacher’s pattern in questioning consists of calling on a student then asking the question

a. All students may be encouraged to participate

b. the student called to answer may be able to think well of his answer

c. The rest of the class may just dictate the answer

d. The rest of the class may not engage themselves in thinking of the answer

50. Teacher L says: “ If it is billiard that brings students out of the classroom, let us bring it into the classroom. Perhaps, I can use it to teach Math.” To which philosophy does Teacher L adhere?

a. Reconstructionism c. Existentialism

b. Essentialism d. Progressivism

51. A child refuses to obey orders or displays negativism as a development trait. How may you best handle him?

a. take every opportunity to praise him for every positive attitudes display

b. detain him after office hours for him to do what he has been ordered to do

c. insist on compliance to the same degree required of pupils

d. avoid giving him orders or if you do and he objects take the order back

52. Which term refers to the collection of student’s products and accomplishment for a period of evaluating purposes?

a. Portfolio c. Anecdotal record

b. Observation report d. Diary

53. Which practice is an offshoot of B.F. Skinner’s theory of operant conditioning?

a. ensuring mastery of language c. use of scaffolding

b. use of programmed instruction d. considering multiple intelligence

54. In testing, which of the following is referred to as cultural bias?

a. Test items are more familiar in some culture

b. Some culture do better on tests than others

c. Test will show who is more cultured

d. Cultured people do better on tests

55. You have a pupil who is so talkative, naughty and aggressive that he is burden to the entire members of the class. How would you remedy this problem?

a. Call the parent for a dialogue c. Reprimand him always

b. Report the case to the principal d. Talk to him seriously

56. Which of the following is the best situation wherein you can balance responsibility and accountability?

a. A teacher paid on an hour basis, takes her time with the subject matter till end of the period

b. A teacher paid on an hour basis, teaches as much as she could for duration of the period

c. A teacher paid on an hour basis, spends most of the time on the latest gossips in showbiz

d. A teacher paid on an hour basis, entertain her students w/ stories till the end of the period.

57. Section 5, article XIV, of the Constitution states that academic freedom shall be enjoyed in

a. Public assemblies’ c. All level of learning

b. State college and Universities d. All institutions of higher learning

58. Which of the following should a teacher do if she cannot pay the monthly instalment of an appliance she got from a department store in their own?

a. Reject any notice of demand for payment to make the impression that she will be receive

b. Move to another neighbourhood to escape payment

c. Inform the manager of the store personally and make a satisfactory arrangement of payment on or before the due date of payment

d. Offer to return the used appliance to the store on the condition that she will be refunded on the monthly instalment she paid.

59. Freud expounded that there is a period when young boys experience rivalry with their father for their mother’s affection. This is

a. Oedipus Complex c. Achilles syndrome

b. Electra complex d. Cassandra syndrome

60. Education is a lifelong process. This simply means that education-

a. May take place formally or informally to enable the individual to grow

b. May take place anywhere and anytime the individual so desire

c. Is a Continuous process of experiencing and recognizing experience

d. Take place in the school where the individual is expose, self-contained experiences.

61. The tendency to imitate elders is very strong in the early childhood stage. Teacher should therefore be very good-

a. Counselors c. Role model

b. Disciplinarians d. Facilitator of Learning

62. Teacher Z always checks on entry knowledge and skills before she proceeds to her new lesson. On which principle is Teacher Z practice grounded?

a. Effective teaching proceeds from the concrete to abstract

b. learning increase when the learning is relevant

c. Attention is essential for learning

d. New learning builds on previous learning

63. Which of the following is the best time for a teacher to set up routine activities that will contribute to effective classroom management?

a. As soon as the student have established

b. Daily as the start of the session

c. During his homeroom day

d. On the very first day of school

64. Teacher R wants to develop his students’ creativity. Which type of questions will be MOST appropriate?

a. Synthesis questions c. “What if….” questions

b. Fact questions d. Analysis question

65. You want your student to answer the questions at the end of the reading lesson: ‘’ What did I learn today?”, ‘What still puzzles me?” What did I enjoy, hate, accomplish in class today?” , “How did I learn from the lesson?’’ , Which of the following are you asking them to do?

a. Work on an assignment c. Work on a drill

b. make entry journal d. Apply what they learn

66. If the student is encourage to develop himself to the fullest and must satisfy his hierarchy of needs, the highest need to satisfy according to Maslow is ___________.

a. psychological need c. belongingness

b. self-actualization d. safety need

67. In Social Studies class, Teacher I presents a morally ambiguous situation and asks students what they would do. On whose theory is Teacher I’s technique based?

a. Bandura c. Kohlberg

b. Freud d. Erickson

68. Based on Freud’s theory, which operate/s when a student strikes a classmate at the height of anger?

a. Ego c. Id and Ego

b. Id d. Erickson

69. The Computer r for score in Math and Science is 0.92. What does this mean?

a. Math score is positively related to Science score

b. The higher the Math score, the lower the Science score

c. math score is not in any way related to Science score

d. Science score is slightly related to Math score

70. Which type of the tests is most appropriate if Teacher Y wants to measure students’ ability to organize thoughts and ideas?

a. Short answer c. Alternative response

b. Essay d. Multiple Choice

71. If Teacher wants to measure her students’ ability to discriminate, which of these is an appropriate type of the test item as implied by the direction?

a. “Outline the Chapter on The Cell.”

b. “Summarize the lesson yesterday.”

c. “Group the following items according to shape”

d. “State a set of principles that can explain”

72. A test item has a difficulty index of 0.89 and a discrimination index of 0.44. What should the teacher do?

a. Reject the item c. Make it a bonus item

b. Retain the item d. Make it a bonus item and reject it.

73. What can be said of Arielle who obtained a score of 75 out of 100 items in a Grammar objective test?

a. She performed better than 25% of her classmate

b. She answered 25 items in the test correctly.

c. Her rating is 75.

d. She answered 75% of the test items correctly.

74. The criterion of success in Teacher D’s objective is that “the pupils must be able to spell 90% of the words correctly.” Ana and 24 others in the class spelled only 40 out of 50 words correctly while the rest scored 45 and above. This means that Teacher D ___________.

a. attained her lesson objectives

b. did not attained her lesson objective because of the pupils lack of attention

c. failed to attain her lesson objective as far as the 25 pupils are concerned

d. attained her lesson objective because of her effective spelling drill

75. For her discussion of the topic from various perspectives, it is BEST to hold __________.

a. brainstorming c. debate

b. Symposium d. panel discussion

76. Availment of the Philippine Education Placement Test for adult and out-of-school youth is in the support of the government’s educational program towards _______________.

a. Relevance c. Equitable access

b. Quality d. Quality and Relevance

77. Which MDG goal is related to the state’s goal for equality education?

a. MDG 1 c. MDG 3

b. MDG 2 d. MDG 4

78. Which illustrates vicarious punishment?

a. We feel so bad to the classmate who is punished for being tardy so we convince him go to school on time.

b. Out of comparison, we volunteer to get punished in the place of friend

c. We charge to experience our being punished

d. See someone who get punished for habitual tardiness. In effect, we are fees likely to be tardy

79. Which objective in the effective domain is the lowest level?

a. To accumulate examples of authencity

b. To support view against abortion

c. To respond positively to a comment

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