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Jordan Thomson

Jordan Thomson (around 2002) is a drama student at Dundee College studying for an HNC in acting and performance and took a leading part in a drama devised by the students and entitled TIME: This is my everything. The theme is time and how modern society is now in thrall to the clock. It also examines the effects of the passing of the hours, days and years on the individual and the ageing process, the growth and demise of relationships.

Kathleen Thomson

Mrs Kathleen Arnold (née Thomson) (1943 into fourth year) died very suddenly in hospital in the early summer of 2007. Kathleen studied music when she left school - indeed it was the availability of music studies at Bell Baxter that had brought her to the School in the first place, from Buckhaven. She trained as a music teacher and returned to teach in the School. She left the area when her husband, who was in the RAF, was posted, and they returned to live in Fife after retirement. Kathleen had been admitted to hospital for a routine operation. She is survived by her husband John.

Margo Thomson

Margo Thomson (Mrs Martin) entered first year in 1950. She has a daughter and grandson.

Nancy Thomson

Mrs Robert Welch (qv), Fountainbrae House, Monifieth. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

Sheila Thomson

Lady Cowperthwaite (née Thomson) (1930s) died on 13th February 2006 in hospital in London. On leaving School, she began medical studies at St Andrews University, but these were interrupted by the war. She married in 1941 and worked in the Food Office in Cardiff. Her husband was a Civil Servant in the Commonwealth Office and became Financial Secretary for Hong Kong from 1961-71. Sheila's time in Hong Kong provided lasting interests and friendships. She became an accomplished practitioner of Chinese art forms and had wide interests in politics and travel. The couple's only son - an architect- was murdered in the Philippines in 2004. Sheila was predeceased by her husband only weeks before her own death.

Sheila Thomson

Sheila Mackenzie (née Thomson) (late 1960s) was Head Teacher of Dunbog Primary School. In 1999 she moved to the other end of the country to live in Plymouth. Sheila had previously taught in Strathmiglo and Canongate Schools.

William Thomson

William (Willie) Thomson (1931) died suddenly on 25th June 2006 at Pitlair Nursing Home. During the war, Willie served in the RAF, and when he was demobbed he returned to work with the Inland Revenue. He remained there until he retired in 1984. He was unmarried.

Winnie Thomson

Mrs Winnie Verbeck (née Thomson) was astounded to receive the letter (in connection with a reunion of the Class of ’47 held on 23 August 1997) from Joan (Mitchinson) with the address ‘Percy Baldinnie’, for she herself had lived at Over Baldinnie as a child. She recalls the misery of the cycle run each day to Ceres to catch the school bus on cold winter mornings. Try getting a modern youngster to do that! Her memories of school include going to the La Scala to see the film Hamlet, a maths teacher who threw chalk and walked on desks (who could that be?) and the French teacher everyone thought was in love with the visiting French teacher, and who sang Au Clair de la Lune - probably the late Nessie Simpson.

Margaret Tighe

Margaret Tighe from Strathmiglo was appointed MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2008 and was invested by the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace. The honour was given for services to HM Revenue and Customs. When she left School, she worked as a nanny in Belgium before studying for a BA (Hons) in Humanities at Teesside University. She then joined HM Customs and Excise, working for 13 years in Newcastle before moving to Manchester, where she works now as a Senior Investigating Officer. In the course of the past year she has also obtained a second degree, BSc (Hons) in Counter Fraud and Criminal Justice Studies from Portsmouth University. This was the outcome of a 4-year distance learning course.

Margaret D Tod

Margaret Tod entered fourth year at BBS in 1933. She lived in Newport-on-Tay. She was engaged in Munition Work during the Second World War, after which she did office work, mainly as a wages clerk.

Charles M Todd

Charlie Todd (1935) died at home in Freuchie on 25th August 2005 after a long illness. On leaving School, Charlie joined the RAF, postponing the start of his studies at Jordanhill, where he qualified as a PE Teacher. He spent all of his career in Fife, first as a peripatetic teacher in North East Fife, then in the Markinch/Thornton area and finally in the new Auchmuty High School, where he was Principal Teacher of PE until his retirement. He was a very keen and good golfer, having been three times champion at Ladybank, twice the Captain of the Club and a regular member of the team which repeatedly won the Fife Championship. In Ladybank's Centenary year he was made an Honorary Member for his services to golf. In 1971 he reached the semi-final of the Scottish Amateur Championship at St Andrews. His other great interest was Scottish Country Dancing, and he was a qualified teacher, having trained with the famous Miss Jean Milligan, the founder of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. He taught the St Andrews class for 30 years and trained the demonstration team. Just 3 weeks before his death he was honoured for his contribution to the organisation. Charlie was also a renowned Burnsian, who was in great demand both as a speaker and chairman. He is survived by his wife.

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