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William Valentine

William Valentine (1970) died very suddenly on 6th April 2009. William was due to be married towards the end of May. When he left School he was apprenticed to Houston's in Cupar and completed his apprenticehip. He then served for a time in the Royal Engineers before returning to Houston's. He also worked for some time for Fisher's Laundry as an engineer. His hobby was 'tinkering’ with cars and he greatly enjoyed music. Karaoke was a special pleasure. He is survived by three sons from his first marriage and, of course, by his fiancée.

Edward Veitch

Edward Veitch was a pupil at Bell Baxter in the 50s. He left the following message on our website:

My superb education at B-B resulted in a legal career which took me from Nigeria to Uganda to Ireland to the United States and finally to Canada. What can I say? A thousand thank you(s). ev.

Here is Edward’s résumé:

MA (Edinburgh) 1963, LLB (Edinburgh) 1966 joined the Faculty of Law at the University of New Brunswick in 1979 as Dean. Prior to joining the Faculty, Professor Veitch lectured in Nigeria, Uganda, and Ireland.

He has been a Professor of Law at the University of Windsor as well as a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Illinois and North Carolina. Professor Veitch teaches in a broad range of areas including judicial remedies, torts, practice, intellectual property and municipal law.

He researches and has published extensively in an equally broad range of areas including contracts, torts, legal education, civil procedure and practice, including the Canadian Chapter in the International Manual of Civil Procedure (1994 1st ed. and 2007 2nd ed.) He is a member of both the Ontario and New Brunswick bars and a member of the firm of Gilbert, McGloan, Gillis.

He was Editor of both the Canadian Bar Review/La revue du barreau and the Solicitor's Journal/Le bulletin des avocats from 1994 to 2004.

Professor Veitch retired in 2007 but continues to offer courses on a part-time basis.

Rita Venturini

Rita Venturini (1948) died in the autumn of 2009. She did her Primary Teacher Training at Craiglockhart College in Edinburgh. She had intended to study at Moray House, but, being a nominal Catholic, (the nearest Church to Leslie being Falkland Palace which required a journey in 2 buses), it was at the Bishop's intervention that she finished up at the Convent of the Sacred Heart. The Mother Superior undertook her religious education regarding her as (I quote) ‘a branch plucked from the burning’ a description which afforded much mirth to her Bell Baxter pals. It was while she was there that Rita suffered a sickness bug from which she emerged with a very svelte, trim figure which she never lost. Rita's early teaching career was in primary schools in West Fife, then in London and thence to Rome where she taught for many years at the International School, teaching among others the children of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Never one to forget her roots, Rita claimed that many of the children in this Roman School emerged after Rita's tuition as enthusiastic Scottish Nationalists. She is survived by a daughter and a son.

(Contributed by Alice Oliphant)

Basil Vickerman


BBHS 1964-5

Basil went to Castlehill PS then moved up to Bell Baxter in 1964. However, his association with the School was short-lived, as his family moved to England in 1965.

He joined the RAF in 1970 as an apprentice technician and served for 12 years. He then worked in Zimbabwe for a year before returning to the UK. He worked for Hawker Siddeley for 16 years and due to redundency moved to the Ministry of Defence at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire. He still works there on the jets belonging to the Empire Test Pilots’ School.

He has always been mad about aircraft and was a keen glider pilot from 1969 to 1996. His interests include music and Island Malt Whisky!

He has lived in sunny West Sussex since 1986 and was impressed to see that the old 'pug' shunting steam engine that used to be at the sugar factory has been restored to better condition than he ever saw it in (Barclay 1863).

Gavin Waddell

Gavin Waddell came to Bell Baxter in 2nd year from Madras around 1950 or '51. He was living in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in 1997. His career has been in design, in which subject he was a College Lecturer.

Gavin’s experience of fashion is wide ranging. He has worked as a designer for two of London's top couturiers, as a ready-to-wear designer with his own label, as a forecaster, menswear designer and illustrator and more recently as a writer on the subject. As an educator he has run three of Britain's foremost fashion schools and performed the role of assessor, external examiner and advisor to many of the country's leading colleges and universities. He studied fashion design at Saint Martin's School of Art London and has had his work featured in, amongst others, Womenswear Daily, Vogue, Harpers and Queen and The Times.

Publications: How Fashion Works, 2004 Blackwell, Oxford.

Gavin has a sister, Sasha (qv).

Iain Waddell

From Issue 7 of the FPA Newsletter: Iain Waddell (1966) is a Chartered Civil Engineer and has recently been appointed Deputy Director (Operations) with Tayside Contracts, the direct labour organisation contracting arm of Tayside Regional Council. Iain is married to Nancy (Nairn), and they have 3 sons - Campbell (13), Fraser (10), and Russell (8). Iain is Richard’s older brother.

From Issue 10: lain has been appointed Managing Director of Tayside Contracts, the contracting arm of Tayside Regional Council. The organisation, which has an annual turnover of £48 million and employs 3,000 people, is to continue despite reorganisation of Local Government, under the control of the three new Councils. Iain, Nancy and their three sons live in Blairgowrie.

Tayside Contracts won the contract to resurface the A90 at Longforgan near Dundee in 2009, using a new paving system which is acclaimed as a ‘greener shade of black’. This is the first time the new system has been used on a Scottish trunk road and is estimated to have saved 43 tons of carbon dioxide. Tayset involves using a cold laying process, is said to boost recycling, to bring environmental benefits and to allow for potential savings of over £6 million a year in Scotland when compared to traditional asphalt. The product was developed through a 3-year knowledge transfer partnership involving Tayside Contracts, Dundee University and bitumen manufacturers Nynas.

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