Coach samobafemi behavioural Change Advisor Abuja. Nigeria who should attend?

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‎Nigeria is a very fertile ground for everyone. We only have been prospecting her on inferior terms. When the idea of the Practitioners Conference was conceived, it hinged on a passion to create a new movement for individuals who love to make impact and yet make profiting from their works.
Every day, the market is increasingly being populated with passionate, ambitious Nigerians who want to help other Nigerians through tools available to them; but why is there a wide gap between the volume of practitioners and the impact they are making? Why are there more problems than solutions? More quacks than thoroughbreds? More attaches than professionals? More 'make do's' than 'wealthy practitioners'? What is amiss?
This conference is not one-off. It is a new direction that pursues a lifetime of creating wealth, influence and returns for everyone who is willing to THINK DIFFERENTLY. This is a clarion call for us to change the dynamics of the game and by that, become masters of the craft.
Every individual who has ever tried to assist another individual to become better at how they think, speak or do anything; such individuals are qualified to attend this conference. You are already a practitioner.
Brace up, secure your seat today and look forward to engage and be engaged. I bring you Africa's best conference, the annual Behavioural Change Practitioners Conference. 
Coach samOBAFEMI
Behavioural Change Advisor 
Abuja. Nigeria



Life Coaches


HR Managers



Public Speakers


And students/undergraduates of relevant practices who are ready to take the leap.


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Popularly called ‘Coach Sam’, Samuel Obafemi has carved a niche for himself in the practice of Emotional & Behavioural Therapy. c:\users\fola\desktop\sam.jpg

Sam is the Publisher of ACTIVATE!!! (A Virtual Daily Post on Mind Power, posted via Blackberry and All Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn)). He also publishes a BBM Bulletin titled ThePractitioner, which is a focus bulletin targeted at developing professional behavioural change practitioners. Coach samOBAFEMI is the convener of ‘Hands-On Behavioural Change Practice Training’, a quarterly training subscription conducted both via classroom and distance learning for psychology practitioners.

Having graduated from the prestigious Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, (formerly Federal University of Technology) Bauchi with a B.Tech (Hons) in Computer Science, Samuel proceeded to acquire professional qualifications in Human Systems. He is the FIRST Nigerian Certified Anger Mastery Coach and Therapist from Century Anger Management Institute (USA), and a Certified Peak Performance, Business and Life Coach (NCFE, UK). Sam is a Certified Master NLP Practitioner, an Ericksonian Hypnosis Expert, a Neurological Repatterning Therapist, a Performance Consultant, Results Coach & Results Technologies Advisor.

Samuel is a versatile Teacher, Public Speaker, Writer and Business Advisor. He is the Author of some Books including ‘My Valleys’, ‘Vision Clarified!!!’, ‘Where are the Goals I Set?’, ‘SALT LAKE THERAPY: Healing Yourself through Emotional Immunity’, and ‘5 Distinct Steps to Measure Results on Your Efforts’. His Audio CDs titled “4 Pillars of a Strategy”, “Anger Mastery” and “Emotional Intelligence” are in very high demand across Nigerian cities.

Sam is a serial businessman who sits on the Board of ‘O c t o p u s M a n d a t e ’ a Community Development Initiative targeted at providing multi-dimensional support and problem solving solutions to NGO’s and Non-Profit Organizations in Nigeria and across the Globe. He also sits on the board of Assa’s Box, a Kids’ Party Planning Company operating from Abuja.

Coach samOBAFEMI is the Recipient of the Nigerian Youth Merit Awards in the EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP Category 2013.

He works for Barnabas House Group [since 2003] (; a Life Coaching, Training and Business Modelling company.



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Lanre Olusola brings years of extensive study spanning the fields of Engineering, Performance Improvement Management, Theology, Science, Human Behavioural Psychology, Governance, Organizational Design, Business Transformations and MetaMedicine.c:\users\fola\desktop\conferencee\speakers\kuppy.jpg

Consequent upon diverse engagements and phenomenal transformation across several industries, He has been described by many as Peak Performance Catalyst, Life Coach, Health Therapist, National Development Strategist, and Executive Advisor.
He is an alumnus of the world-renowned Harvard Business School, Boston Massachusetts USA, An ASET, U.K certified Life coach. He graduated as a Performance Coach from Europe’s Number one Coaching institution; The Coaching Academy, U.K
His Advanced studies in Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Quantum Physics, Led him to become an AAMET U.K. Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Therapist.
Lanre Olusola is respected Nationally and Internationally for imparting exceptional problem solving, motivational, inspirational, human developmental, leadership and management skills.
He has worked extensively with the UK Government through the Department for International Development (DFID), and the Nigerian Government, Various State Governments and Government agencies, and other International Donor Organizations such as The World Bank, and the British Council etc.
He is involved in various capacities with and sits on the board of some of the following not-for profit organizations: FATE Foundation, NESG, Linkachild GTE Ltd, and Inspire Africa Foundation.
He is simply known as The Catalyst.


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Dr. Kadiri’s knowledge in the field of psychiatry and psychology also provides her a sound foundation for her teaching practice and she has acted on professional development of “School Based Mental Health Programmes” in some nursery/primary/secondary schools around the Lagos metropolis as part of her community mental health advocacy. She is also involved in “Counseling skills training in Adolescent Sexuality and Reproductive Health” in some schools.may.jpg

She has developed a strong practice in the area of stress management and employee assistance and counselling programme. She is also experience in consultations on employee performance problems, conflict resolution issues, team building issues, and other interpersonal or behavioral areas that have negative impact on productivity.

She is a member of several professional organizations, including the following: Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Society of Occupational and Environmental Health Physicians of Nigeria (SOEHPON), American Psychiatric Association (APA), International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR) and Employee Assistance Professional Association (EAPA)

Dr. Kadiri offers a wide range of private medical and psychological services;

Stress Management

Health education and promotion services

Corporate Health Services

Educational Kinesiology / Brain Gym

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Counseling: Individual, Group, Marital, Family, Educational etc

EEG Neurofeedback & Alpha-Theta Training

Peak Performance Training

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

PsychotherapyPsycho-Educational Assessment

Occupational therapy

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder diagnosis and management

Autism & Asperger’s disorder management

Child and Adolescent Behavioural and Mental Health

Alcohol and other Substance Abuse Counseling and management

Complementary Therapy

Occupational Health

Berard Auditory Integration Technique (AIT) Training

Hyperbaric medicine: for divers, stroke, cerebral palsy etc

Dr. Maymunah KADIRI shares on:

'Global Best Practices that can be adapted with local realities in Behavioural Change practice'


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Praise hosts “Emotion” with Praise and the gangs every Monday on Radio Continental 102:3FM as well as Heart Matters on City 105:1FM Lagos. And his Lovebirds daily devotional on social media and This Day newspapers has helped several families.

A recipient of LEAP/IYF/NOKIA youth leadership award, Yellow Ribbon award for the prevention of child sexual abuse, 1st youth to motivate family values and campaign against underage sexual abuse in Nigeria, JCI 2012 10outstanding young person’s award among others He is a well sought after speaker who covers several miles annually speaking to hundreds of thousands of people all over the nation.

Praise is Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, a kingdom ambassador, a mentor, a coach, a counselor, a creator, an initiator, an encourager, builder, motivator, poet, businessman, pastor, a father and husband.

Praise FOWOWE will be teaching on the topic

'Addressing loopholes that erode the quality of behavioural change practice in Nigeria'


Tylor is one of the highly regarded Holistic Life Coaches in Nigeria. He developed the SAGE Coaching model, a goal attainment re-engineering process, that has caused massive shift in the performance level of some corporate executives and it has redefined how marketers hit their targets. The SAGE Coaching model has a universal application in terms of performance and goal attainment.

As an organisational leadership expert, he has, in the last few years, trained and coached at various levels of the corporate sector. Some of the courses includeCulture Capital (Where organisations start to succeed), Coaching and Mentoring, Lead and Engage and Emotional Intelligence programs for the leaders in organisations like GTAssure (now Mansard Insurance), SWAP, Vanguard Newspaper, Systemspec, Sovereign Trust Insurance, Pison Investment and IGI (to mention a few).

He has also organised and co-facilitated various Customer Service, Effective Communication skills, Strategic Marketing for Insurance services, Sales Effectiveness for Insurance marketers, Workplace/Business Success management, Workplace/Business Relationship, Personal Mastery program, Team Bonding Program and Management/Leadership Retreat Programs in some other organisations like Oceanic Bank, Skye Bank, StanbicIBTC pension, MainOne cable and Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc.

Tylor, regarded as one of the leading figures in today’s Nigeria Public Speaking industry has had the

privilege of having honoured several invitations to speak at various meetings and conferences across the nation.

Dr. Tylor ILORI will share with us on the topic

'What does it take to create a functional industry for practitioners in Nigeria?'


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Innocent Usar is the founder of INNOCENTMINDS INTERNATIONAL, Nigeria’s First comprehensive indigenous Trainer of NLP (Neuro - Linguistic Programming)that team up with highly esteemed organization in order to help further their personal as well as the organization’s vision and mission using the cutting edge tools and techniques of accelerated human change – NLP, the way no other training company does in Nigeria to train and educate organisations workforce about excellence, productivity and the changing workplace as well as the balanced lifestyle.

Innocent NLP Training provides powerful strategies for producing personal and professional achievement

through a series of intensive NLP based training workshops that help; Enhance leadership and coaching abilities, greatly improve communication and influencing skills , discover new ways to motivate employees, effectively lead to change, build rapport within client’s new and existing networks

INNOCENT USAR has clients which include Staff and Management of the Financial Industry like Banks and

Insurance firms. Others include Schools, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Coaches, Religious Leaders, Therapists, Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Nurses, Sales people, Civil Servants, TV and Radio presenters, Artistes, Parents and many other individuals and groups. Some of the Clients Innocent has organized and facilitated training/coaching sessions for include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Management and Senior Staff of the Plateau State Polytechnic

2. Management and staff of the Federal College of Education, Pankshin

3. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

4. SUBEB training for CRS teachers for all local government areas of Plateau State

5. Vivencare Pharmaceuticals

6. Vita Feeds Nigeria Ltd

7. Intercontinental Bank PLC

8. Adamawa State Poverty Alleviation Program

9. Leadership and Financial Intelligence training sessions for several churches, religious groups and organisations in Plateau State where he is based, other Northern states as well as across Nigeria

10. Students and youth groups across Nigeria

11. Staff of TVC Lagos

12. In-House training, coaching and occupational therapy with professionals, teachers, business men, and many high net-worth individuals since 2009

13. InnocentMinds training has organized weekly lifestyle mentoring, coaching, leadership development, Financial Intelligence and wealth creation strategy sessions every weekend since 2010 at its training facilities in Jos, Plateau State.

Innocent USAR Shares with us on the topic:

'Neuro-Linguistic Programming: the new way of practice in Nigeria'


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c:\users\fola\desktop\clients job\sam obafemi\untitled-1.jpg

Eyiyemi Olivia Rogbinyin is a graduate of Architecture from the University of Jos with more than 15 years post experience in the fields of Architecture and Interior Design, Broadcasting as a Television and Radio presenter, Tailoring which she has a PASSION for and Make-Overs.

Eyiyemi enjoys public speaking as a result of this she anchors social events and has participated in various Stage Plays directed by Bunmi Davies and Richard Mofe-Damijo.

As a naturally creative being, Eyiyemi has excelled in her various fields of endeavor. She tackles her goals with a passion borne out of a strong will to succeed at whatever she does. Eyiyemi’s

stint in Broadcasting has made her a household name in the city of Lagos and the country of Nigeria as a whole.

Her passion for tailoring propelled her into setting up OLIVIA CONCEPT which has now been

re-branded EYIYEMI OLIVIA where her expression for that unique style comes to life. She is fluent in spoken and written English and speaks Yoruba as a second language.

Eyiyemi is married to Kolawole Samuel Rogbinyin, she totally adores God, loves to cook, bake, read and listen to music.

Eyiyemi OLIVIA (nee Pratt) Anchor/Compere


Make payment of #25,000 into any of these accounts


Account Name: Samuel Obafemi

Acount Number: 0014480963


Fidelity Bank

Account Name: Samuel Obafemi

Account Number: 6052168209

After, send payment details, email address and phone number to conference@samobafemi.comc:\users\fola\desktop\conferencee\designs\logo.gif

NB: Seats are being closed as soon as payments for registered seats are made

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c:\users\user\desktop\folayemi\clients job\sam obafemi\conferencee\dps\newconferenceflyer.jpg


Phone: 0807 361 0884, 0806 077 9474


Twitter: @BCPConf

Facebook: BCPConference

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c:\users\fola\desktop\clients job\sam obafemi\conferencee\sponsors proposal\sponsors.jpg


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samOBAFEMI International ® [Since 2003]

…live EXTRAordinary

3, Kaltungo street,

off Egbedi close, off Ladoke Akintola boulevard,

Garki 2. FCT Abuja. |

0807 361 0884 | 0806 077 9474

c:\users\fola\desktop\conferencee\sponsors proposal\sam-sign.jpg c:\users\fola\desktop\signimisi.gif

Sam Obafemi ` Imisi Owolabi Ademoye

Conference Convener Conference Manager

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