Maritime Brass Quintet Classics For Brass

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Maritime Brass Quintet

Classics For Brass
Canzona Bergamesca Samuel Scheidt, arr. DeJong
Galliard Battaglia Samuel Scheidt, arr. Jones
Trois Chansons Claude Debussy, arr. Nicholson

Dieu! qu’il la fair bon regarder

Quant j’ai ouy le tabourin

Yver, vous n’estes qu’un villain

Frost Fire Eric Ewazen

Bright and fast

Gentle and mysterious

Tense and dramatic


Fancies, Toyes and Dreames Giles Farnaby, arr. Howarth

The Old Spagnoletta

His Rest

Tell mee Daphne

A Toye

His Dreame

The New Sa-hoo

Myosotis Serge Filiatreault
Suite from the Monteregian Hills Morley Calvert


Chanson Mélancolique

Valse Ridicule

Danse Villageoise
A Newfoundland Sketch Howard Cable
Just A Closer Walk Traditional, arr. Gillis

*Program is subject to change. Debut Atlantic will supply printed programs.

Download 6.09 Kb.

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