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Zena Carruthers

From Issue 2 of the FPA Newsletter:

Zena Carruthers (1967), who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is married with 2 children, is Head of the International Audit Department of Gaylord Entertainment Co., which trades in Europe and the US.

From Issue 24:

In November 2002 a letter came from Zena Carruthers in Nashville, Tennessee. In it she writes: -

‘My computer is not sufficiently sophisticated to let me send you this photo via e-mail, so I thought Id send you a hard copy and take the opportunity to write a line or two. (I see from the Bell Baxter FP Newsletter that you remain interested in the doings of your Former Pupils).

‘I live in the US, but was home this summer for the Golden Jubilee celebrations in London, and also spent a few days in Carlisle visiting family. Margaret Wilson (née Haggart) and I have remained close friends over the years and we met up with our children for an afternoon at Carlisle Castle (which is where the photo was taken). That was lots of fun and a treat to be able to catch up with all the news face to face.

‘After Bell Baxter I read American Studies at Manchester University, then moved down to London to train as a Chartered Accountant. Following qualification I signed up for a two year tour of duty with Price Waterhouse in Milan. That's where I met my husband, an American, who was also working for Price Waterhouse. After our marriage in 1984 I moved to the US - though I still dream of returning home to settle one day.

‘Steve (Thorne - I didn't change my name) and I have two children, Julia (16) and Sam (13). How on earth did 1 become the mother of two teenagers?

‘I still work as an accountant, though I am currently "resting' between assignments due to the economic downturn.’

David Carse

David Carse (1960's) was awarded an OBE in the 1995 New Year's Honours List. He is Depute Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. The award was for services to the financial world. He is married and has one daughter.

Alexander Carstairs

MA (Hons.) St Andrews; taught in Lochgelly and Queen Anne, Dunfermline, now in Bell-Baxter; Church Lane, Ladybank. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

Margaret B Carswell

Margaret Carswell entered BBS in 1946. After School she attended Dundee College of Education then went into Primary Education. She became Assistant Head Teacher (early years) at Parks Primary School, Glenrothes. She also did a year's Teacher Exchange in Denver, Colorado, (1961-62).

Margaret was on the Committee of the Former Pupils’ Association for a period, including serving as the Membership Secretary.

Jocelyn Carthew

Jocelyn Carthew (Cupar) was Vice-Captain in 1996-7.

Eric Carver


Eric Carver, of Springfield, died on the evening of 28th August 1950. Eric, who was aged 14, died after taking part in a football match at Springfield. The Rector and eight of Eric's companions from Bell-Baxter attended the funeral.

Emma Castle-Smith

St. Andrews University recently hosted a promotion of Chemistry for School pupils, with the aim of encouraging interest in the subject. Over 60 young people from Fife Schools, including Bell Baxter, were involved in several laboratory exercises. The pupils also toured the facilities on the campus. Three of the Cupar pupils involved were Emma Bateson, Fiona Roberts and Emma Castle-Smith.

Forbes Catto

Forbes Catto of Ladvbank (late 1960s), who is a Divisional Commander in Fife Fire and Rescue Service, was promoted in 1999 Commander responsible for the service's operational response capability. He began his career with Tayside Fire Services and transferred to Fife in 1980. Until April 1999 he had spent two years on secondment to the Fire Service College in Gloucestershire as an instructor specialising in breathing apparatus procedures. He is married and has two children.

James Rintoul Cellars

BBS 1922-28

Group Captain James Cellars died at the beginning of October 1994. He studied medicine at St Andrews, graduating MB ChB. Later, he gained the Diploma in Public Health at Edinburgh University, became a Barrister (Grey's Inn) and was awarded the Air Force Cross and mentioned in despatches during service in the RAF. He was predeceased by his wife, Margaret Rollo (qv).

From 1964 Chronicle: Joined RAF Medical Service; 1943-50 Flying Personnel Medical Officer; Qualified Pilot; parachutist, observer and air-gunner; 2nd Tactical Air Force, Middle East and Far East Air Forces and Rhodesian Air Training; awarded Air Force Cross; Became Chief Medical Adviser to Commander-in-Chief Central European Air Force and then to Eastern Atlantic Command; (NATO); called to English Bar in 1962 and joined Home Office.

Jenny G Cellars

MA (St Andrews); has specialised in teaching of backward children; won Judd Commemorative Medal; teaches in Eastbank School, Kirkcaldy; Church Street, Ladybank. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

Nat Chambers

Nat Chambers (ex Metropolitan Police, ex Bermuda Police, ex British Airways) was resident in Bermuda in the late 90s, along with his wife and family. His son and daughter both live there with their spouses and families.

Shane Charlton

An S5 pupil is making his mark in the world of cycling.Shane Charltonwon both the 16 and under award and the open award at the East Fife Sports Council awards ceremony in 2005. He has also been selected to join the Olympic Development Squad. Later in 2005 Shane won a Gold and a Silver at the Scottish Cycling Championships and a Silver at the British Championships. He broke the 17-year old Scottish record for the Junior l km Time Trial.

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