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Thomas C Croll

Thomas Croll entered BBS in 1930. He attended the Scottish School of Physical Education from 1936-39 and eventually became the Principal Teacher of Physical Education at Madras College. He retired in 1980.

      1. Anne Crumley

Anne Crumley died in Norway in April 1992. Anne had also suffered a serious illness some years ago. Unfortunately we do not have a note of her married name.

Sandy Cumming

There was an unusual mention of a former pupil during the summer when the name of the School appeared in connection with an "escape" from "Big Brother". Sandy Cumming (probably 1970s) from Newburgh had apparently found the experience so boring that he felt impelled to make his escape! (Who can be surprised?) According to the Courier, Sandy lives in London, is married and is a "personal shopper and stylist". He had been due to leave that day at 7 pm, but he could not wait and climbed on to the roof at 7.30 am. It would seem that he felt his age and life-style did not fit in with those of the other participants. The only indication of his age is the comment that he was "20 years older than most of the others". That would appear to make him in his 40s, therefore at School in the 1970s.

      1. Chris Cummins

School Captain 1994-5 was Chris Cummins (Strathmiglo).

Margaret Sheila Cunningham

Mrs Margaret Hood entered BBS in 1943. After School she attended Edinburgh College of Art and became a Set Designer for television and the theatre. She married in 1957 and had two children. She gained a BA Honours degree through the Open University in 1978 and has been a WRVS District Organiser. She lived in Lenzie, Glasgow.

Ross Cunningham

Ross Cunningham (1932 approx.) died on 23rd December 2002 in hospital after a long illness. On leaving School, Ross went to Dundee to study Pharmacy at Bell Street College. He worked first in a Cupar chemist's shop before joining Boots. During the war he served in the Royal Air Force, reaching the rank of flight sergeant. After the war he returned to Boots in Glasgow, where he ran one of the first 24-hour shops in the country. He then worked as a locum at Kermaths in St Andrews until he took over the business, running it for 20 years until his retirement in 1977. He was a vice president of Cupar Opera Company and of St Andrews Opera Company. His other hobby was golf. He is survived by his wife and a son and a daughter.

      1. Gavin Curran

When in S4, Gavin was selected by one of the local Rotary Clubs to receive a Rotary Youth Leadership Award. This involves spending a week at Abernethy Outdoor Centre on Speyside enjoying a programme of activities designed to build character through developing self-awareness, leadership skills and generally promoting a healthy approach to life.

Janette Curran

Cupar's Citizen of the Year 2008 wasJanette Curran (late 1940s). Janette studied at Dundee College of Education when she left School, and her teaching career was spent firstly in Auchtermuchty and then in Castlehill School. Janette has been Sunday School Superintendent and also an Elder for many years in St John's Church. She is also actively involved in the Justice and Peace Group, local Fairtrade activities and the Ladies' Probus.

      1. Effie Currie

Mrs Effie Leighton (née Currie) (1950s) died suddenly at home, after a long illness, on 26th September 2000. Effie was born and brought up in Cupar and worked for many years as Librarian in Elmwood Technical College. She is survived by her husband and a son and a daughter.

Fiona Cuthill

Fiona was the Balgonie Dux Medallist for the Session 2010/11. Fiona was also, earlier in the year, the winner of the Centenary Music competition. She is intending to study medicine.

Arthur Dall

Arthur Dall entered first year in 1950. He spent 3 years with English Electric before becoming a Reliability Engineering Manager with Vauxhall, where he stayed 25 years. He then became a project manager with the Metropolitan Police. He has 2 daughters, Hazel a teacher and Jenny a nurse in Zurich. He is married to Dorothy Anderson (qv), the younger brother of Dennis (qv) and Katherine Dall’s nephew.

Dennis N Dall

Dennis Dall from Ladybank entered BBS in 1949. He is a nephew of Katherine Dall (qv) and elder brother of Arthur (qv).

Katherine P Dall


Mrs Katherine P Heron (née Dall), originally from Ladybank, entered BBS 1924.

Donald Dallas

Donald Dallas, who attended the school in the 1950s, had a book entitled Boss and Co., Builders of Best Guns Only published by Quiller Press in 1996, at a price of £38. If the book seems costly, think of the price of the guns - anything between £40,000 and £60,000 for a gun which takes three years to make. Donald is a History teacher, and he has recently been teaching in our Alma Mater. It was reported in FPA Newsletter Issue 20 that Donald now had the unusual honour of knowing that a recent publication of his was in the hands of Ex-President George Bush. Donald's book, Purdey, Gun and Rifle Makers - the Definitive History, was published by Quiller Press in November, having been commissioned by Purdeys. The book is a history of the firm from its beginnings in 1816. The firm's guns are all hand-made and retail today at $30,000 each. They have been sold over the years in every country in the world and to members of the British Royal Family, starting with the Prince of Wales in 1868. The family came originally from Scotland, leaving in the early 1700s for London.

The redevelopment of the Westport site, which gathered pace in February 2012, stirred the pupils of the Bell Baxter Publicity Group into action. They caught up with some teachers who remembered their time teaching (and even on occasions being taught) at Westport. This is one of their stories:

Mr Dallas is ‘really sad’ to see Westport go, however he feels it is good that the land is getting used for something else. Mr Dallas attended the school as a pupil and when he returned to teach, he was shocked that the classrooms were almost identical! ‘They were very self-contained and shut out the noise from the rest of the school.’ He remembers the boys toilets were outdoors when he was a pupil, and unfortunately they were roofless and open to the elements. ‘The concrete floors and extremely narrow corridors were definite disadvantages of the building.’ Mr Dallas ended with a personal story: ‘My father taught at Westport in the Hut Square. He taught in the very first hut just after the war in 1945!’

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