Bt employees and pensioners together with eligible relatives can now receive fantastic savings on Vauxhall, saab and Chevrolet vehicles with the gm associate Partners Programme!

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BT employees and pensioners together with eligible relatives can now
receive fantastic savings on Vauxhall, SAAB and Chevrolet vehicles
with the GM Associate Partners Programme!

A brand new model of your choice is a whole lot more affordable than you think

What is the GM Associate Partners Programme?
- The programme is designed specifically for you to enjoy the benefits of Vauxhall / GM motoring at specially discounted prices.
- Purchasing a new car or taking advantage of amazing savings with Vauxhall Insurance
- The Associate Partners Programme is also available to your immediate family members:
Spouse or partner
Parents and step-parents
Brothers and sisters
Step brothers and sisters
Children and step-children
- The Brand new model of your choice is now a whole lot more affordable than you think.

Who is eligible?
All BT employees and BT pensioners.

Being part of the GM Associate Partners Programme not only gives you excellent saving when purchasing your new car but also much more, such as:
- Fantastic savings with Vauxhall, Saab and Chevrolet vehicles
- Significant savings on Vauxhall commercial vehicles
- 0% finance offers and deposit allowances on selected vehicles (support when paying your finance deposit see website for more information and terms and conditions)
- Up to 17% off any Vauxhall factory-fitted options, so you can get the extras you need and want on your new car

Why not visit the Associate Partners Programme website
- Enter the website
- Enter the BT reference VAS189
- Once you are in to the home page you will see a number of support buttons, which will aid your movements around the site.
- As well as registering yourself and family for Partners savings, you can view all the latest discounts and offers plus information on Vauxhall accessories and insurance.
- The interactive price guide lets you choose the specification of your car, including options, then calculates the total price including your Associate Partners savings.

How do I register?
- To register for the Associate Programme simply complete an Associate Partners Registration Form. Registration forms are available by either calling the Partners Helpline on 0870 444 5678, or by visiting the Vauxhall Partners website on
- You can nominate yourself and as many eligible family members as you wish, nominations can be made at any time.
- Nomination details will be added to a central database to be used for purchase authorisations.
That's all there is to it!

What Happens Next?
- Once registered, visit your local Vauxhall, Daewoo or SAAB Retailer.
- Take along your BT identity details – an ID card or pension statement should be sufficient.
- Tell the sales consultant that you have registered for the Associate Partners Programme.
- They will calculate your specially discounted price and take care of the necessary paperwork.

Who do I call for assistance?
- If you have any queries about the Associate Partners Programme then please feel free to call the

Vauxhall Partners Helpline on 0870 444 5678

- They will be only too happy to help.

Download 6.11 Kb.

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