Terms and Conditions for bt employee & Pensioner Mobile Discount Scheme

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Terms and Conditions for BT Employee & Pensioner

Mobile Discount Scheme

What benefits does the BT Employee Mobile discount scheme offer?
An excellent choice of competitively priced plans to suit everyone’s needs with an on-going reduction to the standard monthly subscription charges. The higher the plan you choose then the greater the level of monthly discount applied.
Full details are available under the following link on the Phone & Mobile Store page under Benefits Plus.
http://today.intra.bt.com/today/benplus/webs/docs/tariffplans withdiscounts.xls
Where can I purchase the BT Employee offers from?

Currently you can only purchase a BT Employee plan by calling 0800 783 1961.

Who is eligible for the Special Offer?

These offers are only available to BT plc Employees, BT Pensioners. BT Contractors are not eligible for these offers.

Your discounts will continue past the initial contract term as long as you remain as both a BT Employee and BT Mobile customer.

Is the BT Employee Mobile discount available in conjunction any other offers?

The BT Employee offer gives a discount off BT’s standard plans, and cannot be taken in conjunction with any other BT Mobile promotion.

Please note the BT Employee offer is not available on 100+, 150+, 200+, 300 & 500 plans.
How do you receive the discounts?

The discounts are applied directly to your bill as a recurring monthly credit, with the value dependent on the plan you have chosen.

Are there any other Terms and Conditions?

The availability of this offer is subject to status and subject to a minimum period of service depending on the contract length signed up to. Standard BT Mobile terms and conditions apply.

Download 8.12 Kb.

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