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Robert Ferguson

Robert Ferguson (1945) died on 16th April 1997. He belonged to Leslie, and he lived and worked in Edinburgh. Sadly he died just as he and his wife were about to move to live in Cupar. He is survived by his wife and three sons.

Thomas Russell Ferguson

Thomas Ferguson (1938) died during the summer of 1999. Russell grew up on the family farm at Grange of Lindores. He followed the family tradition of farming, but he was also a very keen sportsman. While at school he won the Stark Cup for the half mile and was a regular member of the school rugby team. On leaving school he joined the Fleet Air Arm and trained as a pilot in Canada, but the war ended before he could see active service and he returned to farming. He also resumed his rugby career, taking part in the first match played by the combined Howe and Cupar clubs. He became an enthusiastic curler and golfer and was Secretary of the Lomond League Curling Association for a remarkable 47 years until he retired in March 1999. He is survived by his wife, two sons and five grandchildren.

Marg Fergusson

Marg (Mrs Robertson) started at BBS in 1920. After leaving School she became the Post Office clerk in Ladybank. She married in 1934 and had three daughters, all of whom went to Bell Baxter. She emigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada in 1972.

Catherine Fernie

Mrs Catherine Simpson entered Bell Baxter in 1949. After leaving school she assisted with her father's butcher's business.

Ronald Ferrans

Ronald Ferrans (early 1970s) died very suddenly at home on 21st December 2006. Ronnie worked for some years at the Young Offenders' Institution at Rossie, Montrose. Latterly he had lived in Cupar, where he was caring for his father after his health deteriorated. Ronnie was, throughout his life, a very keen member of the Scout movement and a leading member locally. Recently he was also active in assisting the Group which is trying to reorganise and reestablish the Douglas Bader Garden as a feature of the Duffus Park in Cupar.

He is survived by one son, his father and two brothers.

Luisa Ferrari

Luisa Ferrara di Valencia, from Strathmiglo, has lived in Cali, Colombia for over 40 years. She is married and has 6 grown-up children. She retired from a senior teaching post at a local international school in the late ‘90s.

Luisa entered BBS in 1949. After School she attended Craiglockhart College of Education, Edinburgh, then taught at St Paul's School, Glenrothes and St Margaret's School, Dunfermline. She emigrated to Colombia in 1963.

She writes:

I taught for 34 years in the Colegio Colombo Britanico, Cali, and retired in 1997. I still participate in school activities and have told our FPs about the Bell Baxter Newsletter and will be showing them a copy in the hope we can get the FP Association motivated. The School is young compared to Bell Baxter. We celebrate the 45th anniversary in October 2001. The School is considered one of the best in Cali and offers bi-lingual education. It is a private school and was funded by Colombian families who wanted to give their families the best of British and Colombian education. The pupils have the opportunity to sit the International Baccalaureate Diploma exams as well as the Colombian High School Leaving Certificate Exams. I have fond memories of my years at Bell Baxter and hope to keep in touch. Please give my regards to all who remember me.

Alison Ferrier

Alison Ferrier (1993) now lives in Spain, in Barcelona, and teaches English as a foreign language. Recently (2006) she exhorted her fellow ex-pats to support her fund-raising efforts for Breast Cancer Awareness and raised €1300 for the fund. The money was raised by holding pub quiz nights, a darts competition, a pool competition and a pitch and putt tournament.

Margot Fettes

BBS 1945-51

Margot - now Mrs Gibson - is a Former Pupil (1945) who returned to teach PE in the School from 1956-59. She donated a cup which is awarded to the winners of the House Hockey competition.

From 1951-54 she attended Dunfermline College of Physical Education. She taught at Kennoway School before joining the staff at Bell-Baxter and left in September 1959 to be married.

Margot died in Ninewells hospital on 28 November 2013.

Nancy Field

I eventually became an academic in Edinburgh, but moved to live in Galloway where I have been for the last 25 years working for the Open University, and as a part time business woman. Now I do that full time ... my husband Colin and I import handicrafts from Indonesia and other countries which we sell to shops. So we travel a lot buying, trade-fairing, buying and designing. I know this sounds wonderful but a. we have not yet made enough money to retire although we would like to; b. we do not have time to lie about on beaches, and c. Chinese cities are pretty ghastly. So apart from that it is an interesting, exhausting life, and on the positive side Indonesian food is lovely. One day I will have time to weed my garden and travel to all the other places in the world but for the moment it’s enough to submit this by the closing date.

Carol Finlay

Carol Finlay (1974), who wrote a moving article for the FPA Newsletter around 1998 describing the plight of one of the families she knows in Malawi, had a full article published in the Church of Scotland monthly magazine "Life and Work" in 2000. She had been attending a conference in Durban about the problems of AIDS world-wide but particularly in the Third World. Some of the statistics she quoted bring home the full horror of what is happening. In Malawi, one in three of the 20-40 age group is thought to be HIV positive, life expectancy has dropped to 39 years and it is the norm for grandmothers to be caring for their orphaned grandchildren. In the year 1999 in Malawi, 52,000 children lost their schoolteachers to AIDS.

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