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Jennifer Galloway

Extracted from FPA Newsletter, December 2012:

Jennifer Galloway (19....) is Principal Oboeist with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and recently she joined the ranks of world's best musicians to take part in the World Orchestra for Peace at concerts in the Carnegie Hall, New York and the Chicago Symphony Center. She was one of 3 oboeists playing with the orchestra, which is made up of 48 musicians from around the world. The World Orchestra was set up by Sir Georg Solti to mark the 50th anniversary of the UN. The concert at the end of October was to mark the 100th anniversary of Solti's birth.

Jennifer is the grand-daughter of Tom Galloway who was an inspiring Principal Teacher of Music in Bell Baxter in the 1960s. Her father was the late Richard Galloway who was an Assistant music adviser in Fife and then Music Adviser for Central Scotland. Jennifer studied at the Royal northern College of music in Manchester and was appointed to the BBC Philharmonic as sub-principal oboe while still a student and became Principal in 2000. She is regularly invited to play as guest Principal with other orchestras.

Helen S Garland

MA (St Andrews); Teaching at Springfield Primary School; Main Street, Springfield. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

Kenneth Garland

Kenneth Garland (1960) was been promoted to the rank of Inspector in Fife Constabulary in 1997. He was to be stationed at Levenmouth. Before joining the Force in 1975 he was a professional footballer with Heart of Midlothian. Ken was appointed Community Police Inspector at Glenrothes in 2000.

Steven Garland


BBHS 1999-2003

Steven Garland died on 31st January 2005 as the result of a road accident. Steven was taking a Construction Engineering course at Fife College.

Rebecca Gatherum

Rebecca Gatherum was a member of the under-15 Girls' Team that lifted the trophy in the 2005 Fife Cross Country Championships.

Kathryn Gemmell

Kathryn Gemmell was chosen to participate in the Euroscholar scheme in 2010. She was put forward with sponsorship from Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife. She travelled to Strasbourg in January 2011 with 24 other Scottish pupils for 5 days and had the opportunity to use her language skills by surveying local people, putting together a presentation and working with pupils of different nationalities. The climax was a debate in the parliament chamber, at which Kathryn was elected secretary for one of the six discussion groups. She then had to present her group's proposals in both English and French to the full house. The visit ended with a ceilidh in which young people from Portugal, France, Greece, and Germany took part. After her experience, she gave a presentation to the Howe of Fife Rotary Club together with fellow BBHS pupil, Francesca Hill.

Gemma Geoghagan

Gemma Geoghagan, who was in sixth year in 2004, was planning to undertake voluntary work with Link Overseas Exchange in August of that year. Her destination was likely to have been India, Nepal, China or Sri Lanka. This was to be a prelude to going to Strathclyde University to study forensic science. Her work overseas would entail teaching conversational English and assisting with social welfare projects.

Christopher Gibb

Deputy Head Monitor in the Westport Building 1994-5 was Christopher Gibb (Balmullo). When in S4, Chris was selected by one of the local Rotary Clubs to receive a Rotary Youth Leadership Award. This involves spending a week at Abernethy Outdoor Centre on Speyside enjoying a programme of activities designed to build character through developing self-awareness, leadership skills and generally promoting a healthy approach to life.

Roddy Gibb

Roddy Gibb befriended an Indian family when he was taking part in a voluntary teaching programme, and he is now trying to raise funds to help the family out of poverty. He first met the family when he was teaching English in the north-east of India 5 years ago. It seems that the family were about to be evicted form their home recently and from the land which their family had worked for generations. This would leave them without the means to pay for the education of their son and daughter. Roddy has taken part in the Nevis River Race, organised by the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team, and he was hoping to raise funds to help the family.

Stuart Gibb


Stuart Gibb died in December 1995 as a result of a road accident in Western Australia. Stuart had been working in Australia since the Spring of 1995. He trained as an engineer, worked then with James Fowler in Ladybank and later with Kettle Produce. Before going to Australia, Stuart played rugby for Howe of Fife.

Kimberley Gibson

Kimberley Gibson undertook a sponsored parachute jump in aid of the Parkinson's Disease Society when she was in sixth year in 2003. She was motivated to do this because her grandfather suffers from the illness. She raised £770 by her efforts. It is her intention to study medicine when she leaves School.

Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson, who was in fifth year at the time, was given a valuable insight into the world of business thanks to the Rotary Club of Cupar. He was sponsored to take part in a Challenge Enterprise organised by the Rotary District 1010 in March 2000. A number of young people who have shown some inclination towards entrepreneurship attended the course at St. Michael's Inn and they were given an introduction to business ideas, good practice and some legal problems.

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