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Karen Hannah

Karen Hannah (Balmullo) took part in the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow in 2002. Karen (1992) is a member of the all-girl band, The Midden.She and the band were playing on stage at the Festival. Karen took a marketing course after leaving School but she now devotes her time entirely to music. Her instrument is the fiddle.

In 2003 Karen ran a Jimmy Shand Celebration Weekend at the Rothes Halls in Glenrothes and raised £1700 for the Dalgairn Adult Training Centre in Cupar. The event included Ceilidhs, folk bands, a dance school and music workshops. Karen undertook this as part of an Arts Council Training Bursary. Another part of this saw her working with Fife Council Traditional Arts Development Officer, Sheena Wellington.

Richard Hannah

Sergeant Richard Hannah (1978 approx.) has made an important contribution to the efficiency of the Royal Air Force medical services. He designs courses for RAF medical staff, having studied to obtain a BTEC Diploma in Immediate Care Management, which takes into account all the modern paramedical skills which are expected from rescue personnel. After serving in Cyprus, he returned to Britain and was expected to spend 4 months in Bosnia in 2000. Richard is the first member of the RAF to gain this qualification.

George Taylor Happer

George Happer entered BBS in 1931. He became a lieutenant-colonel in the Royal.Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of the Indian Army. He then spent 4½ years with Arthur Guinness (Brewery), 19 years with the Beecham Group and 8 years as a Planning Consultant. He lived in Northwich, Cheshire.

Phyllis J Hardie


Mrs Phyllis Robertson (née Hardie) (1925) died very suddenly at home on 23rd March 2007. She was 95. Phyllis lived for most of her married life with her farmer husband at Tarvit Home Farm. She is survived by her two sons.

After leaving School she attended Bruce's Business College, Dundee and worked in an office for a year. Later she trained as a Masseuse and practised in Cupar district until her marriage in 1938.

Samantha Hardie

Samantha Hardie (S5) won a place in the National Youth Theatre in 2010. She auditioned along with 4000 others in February 2009 and now becomes a member until the age of 21. She was due to attend a course in London at Easter 2010, working with professional actors. She will continue to audition for shows held by the company and she will volunteer for courses to help her on the way to becoming a professional actress.

Extracted from FPA Newsletter, December 2012:

Sam, now 18, has won a place to represent Scotland at an international Youth theatre Festival during the summer. She teamed up in Stavanger with seven other young actors and actresses from Scotland to create a new Scottish company that will showcase a specially produced piece at the Relocation Festival. Five other countries sent the best of their young talent to perform at the 10-day event. Over 400 had applied from all over Scotland and only 8 were chosen. Since she left school Sam had been working as a youth acts assistant at Buckhaven-based Kinetic Theatre and it was they who nominated her for this event. Her next step is to study at Telford College in Edinburgh.

David Hart

David Hart entered BBS in 1948 and became a Chargehand linesman with the South of Scotland Electricity Board. He lived in Ceres.

Carlos Harto

Carlos Harto from Spain was staying with relations in Cupar and attended BBHS to improve his English during the 1996-7 Session. He was also learning German.

Chris Hartshorne


BBHS 1979

The following paragraph came to light on Facebook. It seems to have been written in response to a request from a facebook friend to write something about a particular year. Chris, who is a Technical Architect now living in Chesterfield, says this of 1979:

I was 11 or 12, the year I got to go on a school trip round the Baltic – Lübeck Germany, Copenhagen Denmark, Helsinki Finland, and Leningrad in Russia. Life changing two weeks, last year of primary school, learned to smoke, still loved learning maths and plate tectonics (georgraphy), had 3 months at Bell Baxter before my folks up sticks and move to Galashiels in the borders and I became a foreigner again. Probably 79 was my favourite year ever, and it all went downhill after that. A year of innocence, a good paper round (9 papers round the whole village took an hour on my bike) 2000AD was the best comic in the world, I had the best friends, Bob Dhanjal, Calum Ross, Jamie Cran, Adrian Barrett and Myles Payne. The kids in my class were all wonderful people with so much in front of them, the world at their feet. We all hated our teacher for all the wrong reasons. The summer lasted for ever. That is truly a year I'd repeat over.

John D Harvey

John Harvey of Cupar, who finished 6th year in 1997, was nominated by the school to take part in the International Youth Science Forum in London. There were only 2 places available for pupils from Fife, and John was competing with applicants from all the other Fife High Schools. He was Dux Medallist of the school for session 199697 and was hoping to study Veterinary Medicine at Glasgow.

Alexander C Hastie

BBS 1942-5

AIex Hastie entered BBS in 1942 and moved to Ayr in 1945 He graduated BSc from the University of. Glasgow and gained his PhD from London. He became a Lecturer in Genetics at Dundee in 1981.

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