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Peter McIntyre

BBHS 1956-62

I joined BBHS in 1956, class 1A2, always wondered about the difference between 1A1 and 1A2, anyhow I can remember feeling very second rate!

I rose to the ranks of prefect and even Vice-Captain of the cricket team.

Went on to Edinburgh Uni in1962, got a good degree in chemistry, thanks in the main to an inspirational teacher at BBHS, I wish I could remember his name, I’m sure there are past pupils who do...Bill Catan?? Fantastic bloke...

Did a PhD and a post doc at Manchester Uni (watched a lot of serious cricket and soccer, George Best, Bobby Charlton, Francis Lee etc.)  Then got a real job at the then Glamorgan Polytechnic, now the University of Glamorgan, teaching organic chemistry.

I have now retired, written 3 books, published a lot of scientific papers mainly on fats and olive oil chemistry, but also being Head of the School of Applied Science and ending up as Head of Quality Enhancement for the University.

I did a lot of work in Europe chairing groups in food chemistry and have unashamedly travelled the world talking either about quality in higher education or olive oil chemistry – very nice too!

I have had a good time exporting UK Higher Education quality consultancy to the far and middle east.

I am now still active in Quality Assurance Agency (HE UK University watchdog) activity for the current UK university sector and still teach at the University of Glamorgan.

Hobbies are still watching cricket (difficult here, I live in S Wales, Glamorgan are not so good), photography (if you search for me on  you can see my recent couple of accepted photos...!!, cathedrals, churches, graveyards,  trains, aeroplanes and stamps – scary really!

Hamish McKay

Hamish McKay (1950) died peacefully in hospital on 25th March 2012. Hamish was a master stone-mason and grate-builder, who worked in Cupar. He had a great love of nature and the outdoors and enjoyed sport. He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

Jenny Mackay

Jenny Mackay left School in 2003 and was about to embark on a Geography course at St Andrews University. She was among those who abseiled from the Forth Railway Bridge in the middle of September of that year. The stunt was in aid of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation in Edinburgh, and it seems that all the abseilers reached the ground (or was it the water?) safely.

Mary Buick Mackay

May Noble (née Mackay) (1932) died in 1995 after several years of ill health. Mrs Noble worked with Thomas Muir Son & Paton, Coal Merchants, with Fife Electric Power Company, with the Inland Revenue and finally in the County Treasurer's Department. She was married to Mr Ian Noble, who was the Deputy County Clerk of Fife for many years and who survived her by just two weeks. They are survived by one daughter, Vivien, who is married and has two sons.

Linda McKechnie

Mrs Linda Goldie (née McKechnie) (1954) died on 13th September 2004 after a long illness. When she left School, Linda went to Moray House in Edinburgh. While she was in Edinburgh she met her future husband, who worked for ICI. This meant that his career involved many moves to places in this country and abroad, including the USA. As result, Linda did not spend as much time following her own career as she might otherwise have done. However, when her husband retired they moved to Rattray, near Blairgowrie and before she became ill, Linda had been teaching in the Primary School there. She is survived by her husband, 2 daughters and a son.

Douglas McKendrick

From Issue 7 of the FPA Newsletter: Douglas McKendrick – son of John (qv) and Rosemary - is a qualified anaesthetist working in Botswana.

John McKendrick

BBHS 1945-51

This article for Issue 7 of the FPA Newsletter was contributed by Sheila Scott, who now lives In London.


John McKendrick was unable to attend the School's Centenary Reunion held in 1989, and his absence was regretted by his classmates of 1945-51. However, during 1993, I had the good fortune to revisit Zimbabwe and one of the highlights of my trip was to meet John and his wife Rosemary again, and we enjoyed, although belatedly, a very happy reunion of our own.

Catching up with all that had happened in our respective lives, (I last saw John and Rosemary thirty years ago), kept our tongues fully occupied for many hours. He was anxious to have news of his friends from long ago, and I was able, as a result of the formation of the Formers Pupils Association, to fill in many of the gaps. In return, I thought it might be of interest to give, through the Association's Newsletter, an update of John's activities.

As some may already know, John emigrated in 1959 to Southern Rhodesia, as it was known at that time. He was firstly appointed Senior Chemist, becoming Chief Chemist for the city of Harare. It was with amazement that I discovered we both retired from full-time employment on the same day at the end of June 1993.

John, now a consultant chemist, owns and supervises his own laboratory - "Analytical Laboratories", which he established, in 1973, to assist local authorities, mining concerns, industrial and consulting engineers. His company also assists in ensuring that waste water is disposed of safely without causing harm to the community and the environment. Carrying out routine analysis for quality control on water and sewage treatment plants, advice is also given on the design and operation of the plants as well as industrial effluent, water pollution control and sewage tariff assessment. Assistance in training operators of water and waste treatment works is also provided - all an extremely busy commitment for a retired man!

Now well established in Zimbabwe, appreciating the climate and a super garden, with swimming pool (which has of course ‘safe’ water to swim in!) I got the impression that John is unlikely to return to Scotland on a permanent basis. No longer playing rugby, John enjoys fishing in the Troutback Highlands area of Zimbabwe, and a weekly round of golf on one of Harare's courses (I wonder what his handicap is!).

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