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Chris Melville

Dundee College of Education; teaching in Infant School, Cupar. Attended BBS in the early 1940s.

Elinor Melville

College of Domestic Science, Edinburgh; taught in Stirling; Mrs Sullivan, Kinfauns, 26 Dillons Avenue, Whiteabbey, Belfast. Attended BBS in the early 1940s.

Vikki Melville

School Captain for Session 1993-94 – Vikki Melville (Balmullo).

William Ramsay Menzies

William Menzies started at BBS in 1917. He took a BSc after leaving School and became a Science Teacher. He retired to Kirkcaldy.

Anton Merckoll

Anton Merckoll from Norway had studied at a Norwegian High School and had worked in the music industry before attending BBHS in the 1996-7 Session. He hopes to go to University.

Dess Millar

Member of St Kilda Club and of the Working Party of National Trust; pottery decorator; Mrs Johnston, 32 Eliot’s Park, Peebles. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

Doreen Millar

Doreen Millar (Mrs Beattie) entered first year in 1950. She taught for a number of years in Nigeria and was awarded the MBE in 1987 for services to education there.

Helen Millar

Vice-Captain for Session 1993-94 - Helen Millar (Cupar).

Alastair Milne

Alastair Milne (1936) died in hospital on 29th December 2006. On leaving School, Alastair joined the RAF where he served as a tail gunner. Following his service time, he trained as a teacher and taught in Auchtermuchty and Ladybank School from the time when they were Junior Secondary Schools. He later became headmaster of Ladybank JS. He was much involved in voluntary work in the town, serving as a member of the Scout Committee for many years. He was a member of the Town Council, a member of the Committee of the RAF Association and an Elder of the Church. For many years he was the Fife Herald correspondent for the community. He was predeceased several years ago by his wife, Margaret, and is survived by two daughters and a son.

Greg Milne

Greg Milne (2000) died aged 17, following a road accident on 19th December 2005. Greg was working at BSB Glazing in Glenrothes and was being driven to work by his identical twin brother, Blair, who worked for the same firm. Greg was a keen golfer. He was the grandson of Alistair Milne (qv) and his late wife, Margaret, both Former Pupils. Blair was injured in the accident.

Isobel Milne

Mrs Isobel Steven (née Milne) (1946) died on 16th April 2004 in Ninewells Hospital after a short illness. Isobel was involved in the family business, Fisher and Donaldson, after leaving School. She married Donald Steven and concentrating on being a farmer's wife took over. She ran a shortbread baking business from home for a time, and she and her husband had an award-winning Bed & Breakfast establishment. Isobel is survived by her husband and two daughters.

James M Milne

James Milne entered BBS in 1939. After School he worked in the Nobel Division of Imperial Chemical Industries from 1949-54, when he joined the UK Atomic Energy Authority as a Scientist at Harwell Laboratory. He lived in Abingdon.

Jim made contact with the FP Association early in 2014 and told us a little more about his life. He had been tasught maths by Dr Inglis, who was disappointed when Jim decided not to do a sixth year at school. He had also been inspired by Mr Wilson (Weary Willie), who taught Physics in those days, so went on to Glasgow RTC to study engineering.

He was in the School Rugby 1st XV and the Cricket 1st XI.

Ruth Milne

Mrs Ruth Dunn (née Milne) (early 1970s?) died on 6th April 2008 after an illness.

Archie Mitchell

Archie Mitchell (1945) retired from his career as a Quantity Surveyor in Dundee in 1994.

How lucky can you be? A raffle ticket for a trip to Australia? Such was the fate which recently befellArchie Mitchell and his wife. It seems that the Howe of Fife Rugby Club had bought raffle tickets in support of Struan's Appeal, in aid of funds to help Struan Liddell of Lismore Rugby Club, Edinburgh. The young man is paralysed after an accident while playing for his club in October 1999. Having won the raffle, the Howe Club then decided to re-raffle their win among their own members, and the lucky winner was Archie. He and his wife will be setting off for Oz in July and they will be able to watch the final two Lions' tests against Australia. Archie used to play for the Howe 1st XV. He and his wife now live in Blairgowrie.

Cecile N Mitchell

Mrs Cecile Anderson (née Mitchell) (1934) died very suddenly at home on 23rd March 2008. After graduating from St Andrews University in 1943, Cecile then took a Diploma in Social Studies at Glasgow University. She trained then with the Institute of Hospital Almoners, qualifying in 1945. She worked as an Almoner in Glasgow until 1948 when she married. After bringing up her family, she became a Child Care Officer in Newcastle in the mid 1960s. She moved then to Burnside, Rutherglen, with her husband and family. After the death of her husband she returned to Fife and lived in St Andrews. She is survived by her two daughters.

(Contributed by her daughter, Elizabeth).

Elma Mitchell

Mrs Elma Davies (née Mitchell) (1945) died very suddenly as the result of an accident in South Carolina on 31st January 2008. When Elma left School she went to train as a nurse in Arbroath Infirmary, subsequently doing her midwifery training in Dundee Royal Infirmary. She emigrated to Canada in 1957, moving to Pembroke, Ontario in 1958. She met her husband there and after her marriage her life revolved around family, hospital and church, where she was a member of the choir. She and her husband were travelling to Florida on holiday when they were hit by a truck as they crossed the road to the restaurant of their hotel. Elma was killed and her husband seriously injured. She is survived by her husband and 2 daughters.

The above was contributed by her brother Archie, who attended the funeral along with his wife and Elma's sister Marjorie Lironi. The funeral had a strong Scottish element.

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