Big Voluptuous Breast

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Big Voluptuous Breast
Every day women are bombarded with images of beautiful models with thin figures and huge round breast. In striving to achieve the “ideal” body type women are altering their bodies; cosmetic surgery has increased enormously in the past few years. Breast augmentation alone has increased 500% since 1992. What are the benefits of having big voluptuous breasts? Do the benefits overweigh the risks?

There are two main types of breast implants. One is filled with silicone gel and the other is filled with saline (sterile salt water); both of these implants have an outer silicone shell. Prior to 1991 both types of implants were approved by the FDA, but in April of 1992 silicone filled implants were restricted by the FDA to patients with needs of reconstruction, replacement of deformities, and replacement of ruptured silicone-gel filled implants that were used for augmentation. Saline filled implants are currently approved by the FDA for women 18 years old or older desiring breast augmentation and for reconstruction in women of all ages.

The restriction on silicone filled implants was provoked by the concern that the leaking of silicone gel could be detrimental to the body in the case that an implant ruptured. By contrast, a saline filled implant would only release salt water in to the body. However saline filled implants are not completely risk free.

An implant is a foreign object in your body thus the body can and typically does form scar tissue around it. This scar tissue can squeeze and harden the implant causing it to rupture. The tightening and squeezing is called capsular contracture and may cause hardening of the breast, rippling of the skin, and changes in breast shape. This in turn causes pain and may require extra surgeries to either remove the scar tissue itself or replace the implant. Surgery may also be required in the case of infection, shifting of the implant, and formation of calcium in surrounding tissues.

Other risk factors may include nerve damage, interference with breast-feeding, and interference in the detection of breast cancer. After surgery women might experience a change in sensation in the nipples or tissue of the breast. Some women may regain sensation but for others it can be permanent. After breast surgery many women are unable to breast feed, which can be caused by nerve damage. Detection of breast cancer is also a major risk. Breast implants can interfere with finding cancer during mammography. The implant can hide breast tissue and as result it can also hide lesions. In the article Saline Breast Implants Stay on Market as Experts Warn about Risks, Linda Bren says that, “The process of taking a mammogram, which includes squeezing, or compressing, the breast, may increase the chance of rupture. But limiting the compression may compromise the quality of the picture.”

When scheduling a mammography, women with implants require special attention. Instead of a regular screening, they should ask for a comprehensive, or diagnostic, mammography. They should also request an x-ray technician with experience in mammography for women with implants and inform the technician where the implant is located, above or below the muscle tissue.

Factors to consider before getting breast implants:

  • A breast implant may not be a one-time surgery; they can last 6 weeks or sixty years.

  • Changes in the breast are irreversible.

  • Routine screening mammography will be more difficult; you might need additional views taken which means more radiation and higher costs.

With all these risk factors why do women continue to get breast implants? Big breast has become a prerequisite to getting a date. Women as well as men are obsessed with breast. A full figure gets attention, and makes you feel better. Women op to get implants mainly because they can hide their breast in their padded bra for only so long. Having implants will make their breasts bigger firmer and round, thus maybe enhancing their self-esteem. With big breast women are less shy, and are more likely to be proud, confident and comfortable in their bodies. Having big breast may increase a woman’s social, personal, and professional life.

When talking about breast implants, many women claim that having cosmetic surgery was one of the best things that ever happened to them. “Feeling sexy and attractive is priceless,” says my aunt who had breast implants a few years ago. I asked her if she ever regretted having them done. “Absolutely not” she says, “feeling attractive boosts your self-esteem.” According to her, you are more likely to go out and do things that you might have never done before because you were either afraid of showing your physic or afraid of what people might think.

The professional world is very competitive; you have to be smart, know what you are talking about, and have the right skills to succeed. However it is statistically proven that women who are considered to be more attractive are more likely to have higher paying jobs and better positions in a corporation. So when considering a professional move many women may consider breast implants as a solution. Not to say that they are not capable in their job, but that the men who hire these women due take in to consideration a women’s physic when evaluating two equally capable candidates.

The social and personal aspect about our lives is very important and a woman can enhance it by getting implants. In our society today, we are frequently reminded about how important it is to stay fit, look young and beautiful. Increasing your bust size increases your chances in finding a man/women, and in satisfying not only sexually but in many other ways your husband or partner. With bigger breast it is believed that you will see a boom in your social and personal life.

There are many upsides to getting implants but there are also many risks. A woman has to evaluate her priorities and ultimately it is her personal choice as to whether she wants to enhance her breast with implants or not. Although not scientifically proven, many health risks may arise from breast implants. Such risks include rupture of implants, loss of sensation, inability to breast feed, hardening of breast tissue, rippling of the skin, and interference in the detection of breast cancer. There are other ways to enhance a woman’s breast but in the end it is her decision as to what route she wants to take.


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