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Lesson #12

* Set up a wireless connection
Introduction #12:
The BrailleNote has a web browser application called Key Web. As with web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, Key Web can be used to read and interact with web pages. You can conduct a search using google, check your facebook page, or download a book from Bookshare. There are many ways to use Key Web for completing Internet tasks.
The first job to be done is to set up the wireless connection. Students may help with this task so that setting up a wireless connection can be completed in other environments more independently. Students may want to use a wireless connection at home or in a public library.
Work Time #12:
This lesson assumes you are using a BrailleNote MPower or an Apex using the BT (braille style) keyboard. The lesson also assumes you are familiar with the parts and keys of the BrailleNote.
Below is a sample of how to connect the BrailleNote to wireless Internet that is an open connection with no password required. Setting up a wireless or LAN connection varies depending on the settings that are in place. For school connections, the IT staff may be able to help. It is often helpful to have HumanWare tech support on the phone while working with IT staff. Arrange times with all concerned ahead of time if possible.
Sample of Setting Up a Wireless Connection:
1. Turn BrailleNote on.

2. Press space + o to open the options menu.

3.Press letter c (dots 1 4) to open the connectivity options.

4. "Connectivity menu" is displayed.

5. Press letter w (dots 2 4 5 6) to open the setup options for wireless internet.

6. "Wireless Ethernet on? Currently no" is displayed. Press letter y (dots 1 3 4 5 6) to turn wireless on.

7. "Wireless Ethernet menu" is displayed. Press letter s (dots 2 3 4) to scan for available connections.

8. "List of available connections" is displayed. Space and backspace through the list to find your connection. Space will move forward through the list. Backspace will move back through the list.

9. The name of my connection is "Mauer Family Connection". BrailleNote displays "1. Ssid: Mauer Family Connection". Press enter on the name of the connection name you need.

10. "Entry list for connection configurations" is displayed. Down arrow to the first field.

11. "Connection configuration name?" is displayed along with the name of your connection name. Press advance thumb-key to move to the next field.

12. "Obtain an IP address automatically? Yes" is displayed. In my case, I leave this and other settings as they are. However, settings may vary. Advance thumb-key to continue.

13. "use a proxy server for this connection? No" is displayed. If I wanted the option to say yes, I could press y for yes. I'm leaving my setting at no, but if I did change to "yes" other fields and choices would become available.

14. Press space + h at any time to get help.

15. When you finish with the settings, press e chord (e +_ space).

16. "Add this record?" is displayed. Press y for yes.

17. The record will be added. Press e chord to back up a level.

18. "Wireless Ethernet menu" is displayed. Space to "reconnect using existing configurations" and press enter.

19. If your settings are correct, you will be connected to the wireless connection.

20. You will not have to repeat this process each time you connect.
Quiz Yourself 12:
After reading the paragraphs and following the steps in Work Time, take this quiz. Questions are taken from this lesson or prior lessons.
If the statement is true, write or say true. Write or say false if the statement is false.
1. Space + o will open the options menu.

2. Space + dots 3 4 will toggle among choices.

3.To exit a document, use e chord (e + space).

4. Press back thumb-key + space to turn the speech off.

5. In the options menu, c will open the connectivity menu.

6. Space + dots 2 5 will speak the current word when speech on or speech on request is on.

7. to check the power status, press p chord + o.

8. Space + f will help you find text.

9. When writing a Key Word document, the BrailleNote will automatically save the document for you.

10. Space + b will open the block commands menu.
Quiz # Answers #12:
1. true

2. true

3. true

4. false

5. true

6. true

7. false

8. true

9. true

10. true

Commands to Know Lessons 1 through 11:
1. Return to Main Menu with space + dots 1 2 3 4 5 6.

2. Press Previous thumb-key + space to toggle among the speech modes.

3. From Main Menu, press letter w to open the Word Processor.

4. Exit a document with e + space.

5. Enter + t to check the time.

6. Check the date by using enter + d.

7. From Main Menu, press u to open the Utilities Menu.

8. Space + dots 3 4 to toggle among choices.

9. From Main Menu, open the File Manager by pressing letter f.

10. Turn the volume up by pressing enter + dot 4.

11. Enter + dot 1 will turn the volume down.

12. Enter + dot 6 will increase the rate.

13. Decrease the rate by pressing enter + dot 3.

14. Make the pitch higher by pressing enter + dot 5.

15. Enter + dot 2 will make the pitch lower.

16. Move forward by word = space + dot 5

17. Back by word = space + dot 2

18. Read current word = space + dots 2 5

19. Move forward by character = space + dot 6

20. Back by character = space = dot 3

21. Read current character = space + dots 3 6

22. Move by line = space + dot 4

23. Back by line = space + dot 1

24. Read current line = space + 1 4

25. Check the power status with o + space, then letter p.

26. Move to top of document or file list with space + dots 1 2 3.

27. Space + 4 5 6 will jump to the bottom of a document or list of folders or files.

28. Advance thumb-key will move forward by display width.

29. Back thumb-key will move back by braille display width.

30. Use cursor keys to place cursor and edit as needed.

31. From anywhere on the BrailleNote, enter + backspace + f will open the File Manager.

32. From anywhere on the BrailleNote, enter + backspace + w will open Word Processor.

33. Backspace + r to rename a folder or document from within a list.

34. Backspace + dots 1 4 (c, for clear) to delete a folder or document from within a list.

35. Enter + backspace + s is the shortcut to open the Scientific Calculator.

36. Use space + h to get help.

37. Go forward reading with space + g.

38. Space + backspace to stop reading after space + g was used.

39. Space + dots 2 3 4 5 6 to start automatic reading with the braille display.

40. While automatic reading, previous to slow the rate and next to increase the rate of braille display movement.

41. Previous + next will stop automatic reading.

42. Space + f will find a string of text.

43. Space + n will find the next occurrence of the last searched for text string.

44. Open the block commands menu with space + b.

45. Press space + 1 2 5 6 to open the document you last had opened.

46. Space + dots 1 6 will bring up the spelling checker.

47. Space + o will open the options menu.

48. In the options menu, letter c to open the connectivity menu.

Calculator Commands:
1. Clear a calculation with space + dots 3 5 6.

2. Use backspace to delete the last key pressed.

3. For addition, use the plus symbol, dots 3 4 6.

4. Dots 3 6 are used for subtraction.

5. For multiplication, use dots 1 6.

6. Dots 3 4 are used for division.

7. For the decimal point, use dots 4 6.

8. To here the last number or operator, press space + 2 5.

9. Previous + next will change between displaying the result or the whole calculation.

Quick Assessment #12:
* Participate in the process of setting up a wireless connection
I = independent v = verbal cue p = physical assist na = not applicable














1. Open the options menu (space + o).

2. Open the connectivity menu (letter c).

3. Open the wireless menu (letter w).

4. Ensure wireless is on (y to turn wireless Ethernet on).

5. Scan for wireless networks when needed (s for scan while in wireless menu).

6. Open options to set up wireless network (enter on the network name).

7. Move through and set field options.

8. Add the connection (e + space when done changing required settings, then y for yes to add).

9. reconnect using existing configurations (enter on this choice in the wireless menu).

10. Return to Main Menu as needed.



Possible Goal for Lesson #12:

Given a BrailleNote and access to wireless connection, student will participate in the process of setting up a wireless connection when necessary and appropriate.
Rosa Mauer 7/17/2012

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