Brussels: event organisers’ favourite city

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Brussels: event organisers’ favourite city
Things happen in Brussels! There’s always a buzz. Not just because it’s the capital of 500 million Europeans and political decisions are made here, but also because Brussels offers an exciting cultural, artistic and social scene... at sensible prices. All in a city with historical beauty and a multicultural soul. These aspects and many others have contributed to make Brussels the n°1 destination for congresses in Europe.


SQUARE-Brussels Meeting Centre opened in September 2009. It offers a generous 13,000m² in the heart of the city centre with the latest high-tech equipment. 7

SQUARE occupies the entire site of the former Palais des Congrès, which was built for the International Exposition of 1958. Many original attributes such as the enormous wall paintings by Paul Delvaux, René Magritte and Louis van Lint have been restored and now accompany the contemporary setting created by a European team of designers. SQUARE provides 3,600m² of exhibition space and its main auditorium can accommodate 1,200 persons. Situated next to BOZAR (Centre for Fine Arts) with its 2,100-seat concert hall, combinations can be organised for larger congresses. 7

Tour & Taxis 7 a new exclusive conference centre in a passive office building! – Since November 2014 16

Belgian Chocolate Village – Since September 2014 16

Hilton Brussels Grand Place – Since winter 2014 17

Mercure Brussels Centre Midi – Since spring 2014 17

Motel One – Since spring 2014 18

Hôtel des Galeries – Since summer 2014 18

In this press kit, the information about Brussels as an event organisers’ city is set out in brief. More details can be found on”, the “Let’s Meet” brochure made interactive!
“” is one of’ official applications available on computers and tablets. It brings the latest publications of It is a guide before or during a stay in Brussels. The application is totally free for download, and can be used online or offline.

“Let's Meet” is the reference tool for conference organisers, and is now available via the’ app! Contacts, technical data sheets, seminar venues and places for relaxing, “Let's Meet” is the key to successful professional events in Brussels.

1. Brussels in figures

  • 1,163,486 million inhabitants (Feb. 2015)

  • 19 districts

  • 162 km²

  • Bi-lingual French/Dutch with English and other languages widely spoken

  • More than 150 nationalities, 45 of which have populations of more than 1,000

  • 28 EU countries represented, with 23 languages

  • 60,000 civil servants from the EU

  • 1,000 international press correspondents

  • 2,000 international associations

  • 15,000 lobbyists

  • More than 197 hotels

  • 12***** / 52**** / 66*** /39** /15*

  • 6.3 million overnight stays, 52.5 % for professional reasons

  • Around 18.000 hotel rooms

  • 350 meeting venues

  • Europe’s N° 1 destination for association conferences according to UIA statistics

  • 11th in ICCA rankings 2014

  • In the European top 5 for multimodal access

  • Main airport is just 20 minutes by train or by the Airport bus line from the city centre

  • Easy train access by Thalys (Paris) or Eurostar (London)

  • The 4 metro lines, 17 tram lines, 50 bus lines and 11 night bus lines makes every part of the city easily reachable by public transport

  • Bikes for rent all over town

  • 27m² of green space per habitant

  • 20 protected nature areas

2. Brussels, the meeting capital of Europe

Brussels is number one in Europe and number two in the world when it comes to hosting the meetings of international associations. And it is the unrivalled top host city for the offices of international associations. So says the Union of International Associations (UIA), an independent research institute that has been observing and documenting international civil society for over one hundred years. And it is located in Brussels.

It does, of course, depend on what is meant by “international associations”. According to the UIA’s Yearbook of International Organizations there are over 3,300 international organizations with offices in Brussels. The UIA’s classification codes help us sort out what is commonly acceptable and gives us (at the moment) more than 2,200 international associations. The same necessity for definition applies to the meetings of associations: according to the UIA’s criteria, there were 436 such meetings in Brussels in 2013, attended by over 285,000 people coming from around the world.
If these numbers do not sound impressive, consider this: the international associations located in Belgium (80% of them are in Brussels) had a total budget of 2.9 billion euros in Belgium in 2013, and they employed 31,000 people. Add to this the services required by their more than 2,000 offices and it is clear that the total impact of international associations on the economic life of Brussels is substantial.
Brussels hosts more international associations than any other city in the world, whether we’re talking about intergovernmental or non-governmental bodies. Worldwide, it is second only to Singapore. Ten years ago, Paris was number one in Europe and in the world, while Singapore wasn’t even in the top ten.
Why do international associations choose to locate their offices in Brussels? Why do they hold their meetings in Brussels? The presence of the European Union, NATO, the offices of more than 2,000 international associations, 15,000 lobbyists, more than 1,000 press correspondents, regular summits of the 28 heads of state, as well as the many facilities such as the AISBL status, good universities and hospitals, its central geographical position and accessibility, the professional services and the presence of the FAIB contribute to the attraction of Brussels.

Power cities alliance
Supported by their local governments, the two tourism offices of and Destination DC have signed a Power Cities Alliance aimed at sharing their expertise in hosting congresses and meetings, an economic sector of growing importance for both cities.
Through this alliance, and Destination DC agree to support one and other in the promotion of their respective destinations and to share good practice in order to attract large conventions to their cities. Being situated in two different continents, Brussels and Washington have everything to gain by collaborating in their effort to build loyalty with a common clientele.
The alliance chose the name “Power Cities”, with the slogan “A Capital-to-Capital Connection”, referring to the power reflected in the number of international institutions, corporate headquarters and press correspondents and lobbyists in their cities. As centres of important decision-making for their continents, both Brussels and Washington share significant advantages in the meeting industry.

3. Brussels can host any type of event

Brussels offers the vital element that conference organisers search for: a wide choice of venues. Indeed organisers can choose from a vast selection of venues specifically for conferences ranging from large, modern well-equipped sites to architectural masterpieces and museums adapted to the latest requirements of the meeting industry.

This great variety of meeting venues and infrastructures provides capacities of between 10 and 10,000 persons.

Brussels offers a large number of conference hotels, a congress centre, an exhibition park and a vast choice of reception rooms of all styles from the most classical to ultra-modern. There is also a wide selection of ancient museums, private historical houses, ballrooms, art nouveau buildings, even castles and cellars, guaranteed to meet any individual requirement.

In total Brussels can offer more than 350 meeting venues & hotels, broken down as follows:

  • 201 venues:

    • Conference & Exhibition Centres 24

    • Cultural & Sport Centres 33

    • Historical Buildings and Museums 69

    • Miscellaneous and contemporary venues 51

    • Theatre, Concert Halls 20

    • Castles 4

  • 149 hotels

Brussels key sites selection

  • Brussels Expo

The architectural façade features a unique mix of innovative 20th-century technologies. Brussels Expo is just 20 minutes from the city centre and covers approximately 115,000m² of space divided into 12 imposing halls, 5 of which date from the Universal Exposition of 1935. The other halls were constructed between 1958, the date of the second Universal Exposition, and 1998. All the halls are equipped with the latest technology. Brussels Expo also has an auditorium that can accommodate 1,800 people.
More information:

About Brussels Expo

  • Hall 12

In the summer of 2013, a new hall opened at Brussels Expo. Hall 12 is now Brussels' biggest congress and entertainment hall in Brussels. This state-of-the-art modular facility can welcome up to 15,000 spectators for international congresses, concerts and sports events. Hall 12 is also a key component of the on-going NEO project, designed to rejuvenate the area around Brussels Expo.
More information:


SQUARE-Brussels Meeting Centre opened in September 2009. It offers a generous 13,000m² in the heart of the city centre with the latest high-tech equipment.

SQUARE occupies the entire site of the former Palais des Congrès, which was built for the International Exposition of 1958. Many original attributes such as the enormous wall paintings by Paul Delvaux, René Magritte and Louis van Lint have been restored and now accompany the contemporary setting created by a European team of designers. SQUARE provides 3,600m² of exhibition space and its main auditorium can accommodate 1,200 persons. Situated next to BOZAR (Centre for Fine Arts) with its 2,100-seat concert hall, combinations can be organised for larger congresses.

More information:


  • Tour & Taxis

The four giant sheds of Tour & Taxis represent an area of 17,400m² and were initially used for transit goods at the beginning of the 19th century. Today Tour & Taxis has become a venue benchmark.

Tour & Taxis consists of a vast private car park, large halls that can be divided into numerous configurations accommodating up to 5,000 persons, loading jetties and a glazed metallic saw tooth roof. The Brussels Antiques & Fine Arts Fair, the Book Fair, the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and the European Business Summit are just some of the major events organised on the site every year.

The site of Tour & Taxis has welcomed a new iconic building in 2014: the amazing passive office building of, hosting also a 415-seats auditorium and a spacious atrium that can be used for cocktails and receptions.
More information:

About Tour & Taxis

  • Brussels Special Venues

Brussels Special Venues is an association of 32 unique meeting & event spaces in Brussels. This association manages a great variety of events in venues including congresses, conferences, press conferences, business meetings, concerts, presentations, product launches, award ceremonies, staff parties, New Year receptions, gala dinners, walking dinners, and many others.

Each of the venues has its own individual character and feel: authentic Art Deco, renewed and renovated industrial heritage, designer spaces, museums with a difference, concert halls & theatre stages... with capacities from 10 to 10 000 people.

All combined with the latest in meeting & event technology.
More information:

About Brussels Special Venues Convention Bureau
The Convention Bureau helps every organiser – whether it is an association, a company or an intermediary agency – by providing information about potential local suppliers. This includes the selection of the venue, an introduction to PCOs and DMCs, and other services before and after the event.

What’s more, in order to help increase the number of requests, attends professional fairs and shows in Europe and beyond. promotes the destination exclusively to congresses whose criteria meet the Brussels offer precisely.

The staff of the Convention Bureau works on several dozen applications a week, providing details on the capacities of venues and hotels, and information on possible visits.

The Convention Bureau uses various strategies to increase the attendance of congresses in Brussels. Specific actions are undertaken, such as:

  • Personalised welcome for the participants at the airport and in Brussels railway stations

  • Visibility of the congress on the website

  • Accommodation solutions for congresses with a large number of delegates offered by the Brussels Booking Desk. It can also obtain competitive prices when hotels are booked.

More information:

About the Convention Bureau advisory and welcome service
Whatever stage has been reached in the conference planning process, the team of experts is there to provide you with independent and neutral advice, and with free of charge welcome services.

The team will do everything possible to ensure that the meeting is a success, and to assist the organizers during every step of the organization of the congress.
For large conferences, can:

  • Help prepare a high-quality bid book: an essential step for a successful candidature;

  • Request support from relevant politicians and authorities in Brussels;

  • Support the organizers through the Brussels Fund for Scientific Congresses*

*The Brussels Fund for Scientific Congresses is a financial help that the city provides to Scientific Congresses with two types of financial aid: pre-financing, aimed at all congresses; and subsidies for congresses of less than 200 persons:

  • Help to sell the Brussels destination to decision-makers (your board, for example) with power points presentations, short films on Brussels and any relevant information on Brussels as hosting city.

  • Expertise and advice for finding the best location (conference venue, hotel, museum, theatre…) for congress and social programme

  • Help to organize the site inspections

  • Introduce to professional suppliers experienced in particular business area: PCOs, DMCs, event organizers, and trade fairs, AMCs if you are a non-profit organisation, interpretation agencies, caterers, transport services, and any other suppliers needed

  • Help select accommodation and then pre-book with advantageous rates and conditions through the Brussels Booking Desk, an accommodation booking service attached to

  • Plan and advice on social programmes for persons accompanying the delegates

  • Put a welcome desk at the airport and international train station - an easy point of contact as soon as your delegates arrive

  • Put a Brussels information desk in your congress venue. A dedicated concierge can assist delegates with touristic information, online flight check-in and restaurant or entertainment bookings.

More information:

About the advisory and welcome service

Information at

Sustainable meetings

The 66,000 registered meetings per year multiplied by the amount of drinks, food, travel, paper, water and waste per person represent an enormous impact on the environment. On the other hand it also offers an incredible opportunity for Brussels and its multiple offices to be leading examples in the organization of sustainable meetings & events.

Brussels is classified as Europe's first sustainable city for its environmental policy! Out of 30 European capitals, Brussels ranks 9th, ahead of Paris and London, in the European Green City Index or ranking of sustainable cities. In particular, Brussels comes joint top with Copenhagen when it comes to public environmental policy.

Through a venue selection, hotels, transports, catering, waste management or conference material, a lot of sustainable options can be put together.
More information:

About sustainable meetings

About how to organize sustainable meetings & in Brussels (practical guide)
Brussels Booking Desk
The Brussels Booking Desk helps congress organisers and participants in the reservation of hotel rooms in Brussels.
More information:

About the Brussels Booking Desk

Brussels Fund for Scientific Congresses
Every year some 870 scientific conferences of more than 50 delegates are organised in Belgium by academic organisations, 255 of them by Brussels-based organisations. This fund has a triple objective: to promote scientific research in Brussels; to develop the city’s reputation as a centre of innovation; and to increase the number of congresses held in the capital. lacked two essential tools for providing organisers with optimum support in the organization of their congresses and leading them through the complicated maze of the meetings industry, thereby increasing the number of scientific congresses held in Brussels.
The Brussels Fund for Scientific Congresses fulfils this double mission:

  • Offering the possibility of pre-financing to scientific congresses which do not have access to credit

  • Providing scientific congresses organised in Brussels with subsidies for each international delegate.

More and more international associations are taking advantage of support from the Brussels Fund for Scientific Congresses.

Since it was introduced in 2011, more than 50 associations have received pre-financing and subsidies from the Fund which is managed by

The numbers have been growing steadily from 2 in the last quarter of 2011, 13 in 2012, 17 in 2013 and 22 in 2014.

Examples of cooperation in 2015:

  • The 38th ECFS – Congress of the European Cystic Fibrosis Society – June

The ECFS conference provides a forum for the discussion of the best and most recent basic and applied science concerning cystic fibrosis to facilitate translation of the latest knowledge into daily clinical practice.

  • 17th Congress of ESOT – European Society for Organ Transplantation – September

From the Heart of Europe to the World of Transplantation is the theme of the Congress organized by the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT), which will attract 3,500+ delegates from around the world.

  • 60th Distripress Congress – October

Distripress is an International Association for Promotion and freedom of the press, which brings together publishers and distributors.

More information:

About Brussels Fund for Scientific Congresses

Some testimonials:

  • Simple procedure, fast response

One of the attractions for associations [of the Fund for Scientific Congresses, Ed.] is the smooth and simple application procedure”, says Jean-Pierre Goffart for the Organising Committee of the 19th triennial conference of the European Association for Potato Research 2014.

We made our request to for pre-financing the Congress in April 2012 and quickly received the funds. This enabled us to produce our logo and make initial payments for the hotel and meeting facilities in Brussels at the end of 2012. Importantly, this enabled us to avoid having to take out a loan.

  • Close support from

The Fund is created by the Brussels-Capital Region and City of Brussels, and managed by in partnership with Innoviris, the regional institute for research and innovation. The full support of right throughout the process of organising a congress can make all the difference for scientific professionals.

Geneviève Aubert, who as President of the International Society for the History of the Neurosciences organised the 19th Congress in Brussels this summer, explains: “ worked with me in the preparation and financing of our Congress with great effectiveness and willingness – from helping to prepare the Brussels promotion PowerPoint we used at the previous congress in Australia in 2013, to selecting, negotiating and booking our hotels in Brussels and providing the pre-financing on time. I certainly appreciated these services, as did the more-than 100 delegates who came from 15 countries in 4 continents.

4. Upcoming meeting events

A selection of international Congresses and Professional Fairs & Exhibitions in Brussels in 2015:

  • AIDEX - The Global Humanitarian & Development Aid Event – November (annually)

The Global Humanitarian & Development Aid Event is the leading international event for professionals in aid and development.

  • EAS – European Association Summit – May (annually)

Now in its third year, the European Associations Summit has established itself as THE annual peer-to-peer education and networking forum for international association executives and senior staff.

  • ESI 2015 – The MILSET Expo-Sciences International - July

The ESI promotes scientific projects created by children and young people around the World through an exhibition in a multi-cultural environment, also allowing the participation of institutions which want to assist young people in their project.

  • GEEW - Gastoenterology and Endotherapy European Workshop - June (annually)

  • Hadoop Summit Europe 2015 – April

Industry experts, business leaders, architects, data scientists and Hadoop developers will share cases and success stories, best practices, cautionary tales and technology insights.

  • Infosecurity – March is an online meeting place and trade fair for IT managers and IT professionals in the field of IT security.

  • ISICEM- International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine –

This 4-day annual meeting provides an important update in all aspects of intensive care and emergency medicine for the more than 6000 physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals who attend from over 100 countries around the world.

  • Labelexpo – September/October (every other year)

The largest label event in the world

  • Meteorological Technology World Expo 2015 – October

Meteorological Technology World Expo is the event for any company or organization looking for more accurate and next-generation weather forecasting and climate-change measurement technologies and services.

  • MoOD - September (annually)

International trade fair for producers of upholstery, window & wall coverings.

  • Open Days – October (annually)

European week of regions and cities.

  • Seafood Expo Global & Seafood Processing Global - May (annually)

  • TEDxBrussels - October (annually)

TEDxBrussels brings world-class speakers to the heart of Europe with over 2,000 influential audience members to push the frontiers of knowledge.

  • The future of childbirth in Belgium – March

The Belgian Midwives Association (BMA) is an umbrella organization of three professional organizations for midwives. The goal of this association is to defend the interests, political and philosophical position of midwives.

5. Educational programmes

The European Association Summit

Organised by since 2013, the European Associations Summit has established itself as THE annual peer-to-peer education and networking forum for international association executives and senior staff.

Brussels is not a random choice for such a gathering of professionals: as said before, the European Capital is Europe’s number one city in terms of the number of associations domiciled.

For the third edition, the EAS 2015 explores further the pioneering role and innovative services and practices which leading international associations are developing to the benefit of their members. The program features success stories on cutting-edge practices in diverse areas of association management.

Exchanging information and sharing best practices with professional colleagues across countries and sectors throw light on what “champions” have undertaken to revitalize their associations and how they went about implementing new working models.

More information:

About the European Association Summit

Two new university postgraduate programs: two visions for the future
With the support of and professional associations, the Solvay Brussels School has launched two new postgraduate courses: the Executive Master in International Association Management and the Executive Master in Hotel management. Two industries that are incredibly important for Europe’s capital, both in terms of its profile and the economy and jobs created. The courses for both masters will be based on the fundamental skills needed to manage an international association or a hotel.

The Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM) is a benchmark for participants, businesses and institutes that want to reap the rewards of the highest level of education and research in the fields of economics and management in Europe.

More information:

About the Executive Master in International Association Management

About the Execute Master in Hotel management

6. New in Brussels

New venues with meeting facilities

  • a new exclusive conference centre in a passive office building! – Since November 2014

Brussels Environment, the Brussels Institute for Environment Management, has recently moved into its new headquarters in a brand-new office building at Tour & Taxis. With 16,750 m², it is the biggest passive office building in Belgium and one of the biggest in Europe.

The conference centre aims to make events environmentally responsible. The green energy generated by the photovoltaic panels, the temperature regulated by means of geothermics, the recovery of rain water, or the local and seasonal caterer… The combination of respect for the environment, the social equity and the economic viability make events stand out.

Apart from offices and a conference centre, this building will also have an exhibition centre which gives information about the environment to private and professional people, to associations and to schools.
More information:


  • Belgian Chocolate Village – Since September 2014

All chocolate fans should head down to the former Victoria biscuit factory in Koekelberg – it’s been transformed into the Belgian Chocolate Village.

Developed by the local Koekelberg commune, the Belgian Chocolate Village is 900m² of chocolate history, culture and activities, including a tropical greenhouse with cacao trees.

Visitors can also watch demonstrations by chocolate-makers, try their own hand in preparations and of course, enjoy chocolate products in an attractive tasting room. Interest is maintained all the way by an audio guided tour and scenographic presentation.
More information:

Workshops (up to 20 persons), tastings (50 seats) and corporate events (up to 300 persons) can be organised.

About Belgian Chocolate Village

New hotels

With congress facilities:
  • Hilton Brussels Grand Place – Since winter 2014

With its prime location in the heart of the historic city centre, ideally set between the beautiful Grand Place and the SQUARE Meeting and Convention Centre, Hilton Brussels Grand Place is the suits for business or leisure. It offers 224 rooms including 27 suites along with 17 meeting rooms, including 2 light-filled ballrooms for up to 200 delegates.
More information:

About The Hilton Brussels Centre Midi

  • Mercure Brussels Centre Midi – Since spring 2014

Hotel Mercure Brussels midi is a beautiful new build hotel offering a 4-star service. Not far from the Gare du Midi from which you can take the Thalys, Eurostar or the ICE-train. It enjoys a fantastic base from which to explore the city at only 10 minutes’ walk from the city center and ideal for business purposes near to the European community convention hall. This 72-room hotel offers a bar, 2 meeting rooms, sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool and fitness.
More information:

About Mercure Brussels Centre Midi

  • Pentahotel City Center – Since spring 2015

Visitors to Brussels will soon be able to experience the laid-back welcome of pentahotel in the centre of town near the fashionable Louise district. Transformation of the former Mercure Brussels Louise Center into a pentahotel has beencompleted in April 2015. Like other pentahotels, it will bring business, pleasure and communal spaces together, giving guests an informal “neighbourhood lifestyle” experience. Travellers will also be able to check in at a pentahotel lifestyle lobby (which multi-functions as a reception, bar and café) at Brussels Airport and Brussels.
More information:

About Pentahotel
  • Motel One – Since spring 2014

Situated in the very heart of the European Capital, directly on Rue Royale and not far from the Brussels Park, MOTEL ONE BRUSSELS welcomes guests since Spring of 2014. The new complex comprises 490 hotel rooms run by Motel One and has and a public parking of 200 units. The hotel is within easy reach of the Royal Palace, the European Commission and numerous tourist sites in Brussels, such as the Grand Place, Manneken Pis and St Michael’s Cathedral. With 492 bedrooms, it is the second-largest hotel in the region, after the Sheraton, and offers contemporary design at an affordable price.
More information:

About Motel One

  • Hôtel des Galeries – Since summer 2014

On the corner of the Galerie du Roi and Rue des Bouchers, just a stone’s throw away from the Grand Place and Brussels’ Manneken-Pis, the Hôtel des Galeries opened in July 2014. A boutique hotel with listed façades, part of an historic monument built in 1847: the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. The interior design work was entrusted to Fleur Delesalle and Camille Flammarion, who have given the Hôtel des Galeries a lovely cosy feel, with decadent materials and a contemporary twist. There are 23 rooms and suites on three floors and a mezzanine, and some of them have views of the Galerie du Roi, the cathedral or the centre of Brussels.
More information:

About Hôtel des Galeries 

  • Suite Home

Suite Home has three properties in Brussels for business travellers and tourists. The suites and apartments can be rented out for short or long periods at competitive rates. A full hotel service is also offered to guests. For tourists, the properties have a Brussels Corner with maps and lots of information about what to see and do in Brussels.
More information:

About Suite Home

  • Zoom Hotel – Since autumn 2014

The Zoom Hotel opened in September 2014 and is a boutique hotel with 37 rooms decorated in an “industrial cosy” style. Its concept is a unique one, based on participatory photography. Each room contains a unique photograph of Brussels taken by an artist on huge industrial canvases. Guests can get involved in the décor thanks to an interactive wall that you can add photos to and temporary exhibitions in the lobby every day. The Zoom Hotel, an exceptional destination in uptown Brussels in a peaceful setting, yet just 50 metres from the trendy Avenue Louise, a 10-minute walk from the Sablon, and not far from the city’s Grand Place.
More information:

About The Zoom Hotel

7. Upcoming openings

  • Train Hostel – September 2015

The whole Reyers district is immersed in creative projects, not least Train Hostel offering accommodation in authentic railway carriages..

Train Hostel is located opposite the magnificent Schaerbeek station, with direct connections to Brussels’ high-speed train terminal. This innovative accommodation concept takes the train theme to its ultimate destination – sleeping up to 160 guests in authentic train carriages with bunk beds arranged in apartments, including an Orient Express suite. All at extremely democratic nightly rates.

More information:

About Train Hostel

  • Train World – September 2015

Right next to Schaerbeek railway station and sharing its historic concourse, Train World will open its doors to the public as Belgium’s magical new national train museum.

Remember, Brussels was the first capital city in continental Europe to be served by train, back in 1835. Train World traces this great adventure with locomotives, machinery and displays brought to life by Belgian designer Francois Schuiten. A magical place for all train fans (and others).

More information:

About Train World

  • Central Africa Museum – Reopening in 2017

The proposal for renovation of the Africa Museum was approved by the federal council of ministers in July 2006 and has been assigned to the Stéphane Beel Architectenbureau on September 11th, 2007. The preliminary design fully modernizes the museum, but in so far as possible retains the historical vista of the building. Besides the renovation of the museum building, a master plan is also being developed with a long-term vision for the whole site.

  • MoMA Brussels – 2017

Brussels will have its own centre for modern art in 2017 and aims to compete with the best in Europe. The Brussels Regional government has purchased the iconic art nouveau Citroën building by the Brussels canal, and plans to transform it into a 16,000m² showcase for modern art.

The deal is part of the government’s plan to make Brussels one of Europe’s cultural capitals and not just home to the EU institutions. “We need to start playing in the big league” says Brussels Region President, Rudi Vervoort. “We will have our MoMA, our Guggenheim.”

The new Brussels art house won’t have to look far for its first exhibits. Sitting in storage at Belgium’s Royal Museums of Fine Arts is a modernist collection that includes works by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and Francis Bacon… just waiting for a wall.

  • Beer World gets go-ahead – 2018

City authorities have given the green light to start work on the new 12,000 m² “Belgian Beer World” (Temple de la bière belge / Biertempel). It will open its doors when renovation of the famous neo-classic stock exchange has been completed. Visitors will be able to trace Belgium’s proud brewing history and enjoy a total beer experience in one of Brussels’ finest buildings.

  • Media City – 2022

This mega project will redevelop the nation’s TV broadcasting centre which fronts onto Boulevard Reyers where the airport motorway enters the city. The plan will create a state-of-the-art media city with broadcasters and specialist media companies surrounded by housing, retail outlets and park areas on the 450 000 m ² site. An ambitious programme that will modernize the nation’s broadcasting capabilities and expand Reyers’ business core.

8. Press information meetings information
More general information on

More information about the meeting agenda

More information and download of the interactive brochure “Let’s Meet” on
Official twitter account: CVB (@bxlmeetings)
General information about Brussels
On the press section of the website, a lot of general information can be found.

Want to know general information about Brussels? The brochure “Welcome to Brussels” depicts a general overview of Brussels.

Want to know the main events in 2015? The “Event 2015” kit is available online for free in the press section of the website.

Need to learn more about a particular theme? A lot of kits about the various identities of Brussels can also be downloaded. You will find:

  • « Art Nouveau & Art Deco »

  • « Brussels for chocolate lovers »

  • « Brussels for kids »

  • « Brussels on draught »

  • « Brussels sustainable destination »

  • « Brussels, the capital of Europe »

  • « Contemporary art in Brussels »

  • « Gay-Friendly Brussels »

  • « It’s Brusselicious »

  • « Mode & Design »

  • « Sized for Comics »

  • « Sized for jazz »

  • « Sized for Surrealism »

  • « Sized for Tourism & Congress »

  • « Sports in Brussels »

  • « The First World War Commemoration in the Brussels-Capital Region »

All pdf files can be downloaded for free on the brochure page.
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Many pictures on the online pictures library can be used free of charge


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