Burns Tournament 2004 – Muck Masters Remix Questions by Mark Coen

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Burns Tournament 2004 – Muck Masters Remix

Questions by Mark Coen


1. The first recorded instance of this came in 1872, when Candy Cummings accomplished it for the New York Mutuals of the National Association. Jim Britt was the first to do it twice, back to back in 1872 and 1873 for the Brooklyn Atlantics. While Baseball Reference.com lists 500 occurrences, it’s only happened 11 times in the last 30 years and just twice in the last 25 years. One of those was in 1980, when Brian Kingman did it for the Oakland A’s. Name, FTP, this measure of pitching futility most recently achieved by Mike Maroth of the Detroit Tigers.

Answer: lose 20 games
2. First appearing in 1936, he may be a combination of “Little Esky,” an Esquire magazine mascot, and a character from salesman Albert Richardson’s calling cards. He has nephews Randy, Sandy, and Andy, wife Marge and a recidivist doppelganger named Jake. He didn’t get his name until 1946, when a stock-trading game used it. In 1999, though, he was given a more generic name based on research showing his original name wasn’t memorable. FTP, name this well-dressed man now known as Mr. Monopoly.

Answer: Rich Uncle Pennybags (accept Mr. Monopoly until given in question)

3. Of its eight tracks, one is a cover of the Isley Brothers “If You Were There” and another is the lamentable “Credit Card Baby.” It scored no Grammy nods and only one AMA nod, though it reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 and launched 4 songs into the top 3 of the Hot 100, three number ones and the number 3 “Freedom.” FTP, name this album which also gave us “Careless Whisper” and “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” the second album from Wham!

Answer: Make it Big

4. The current husband of actress Lela Rochon, he directed videos for Prince’s “Most Beautiful Girl in the World” and Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” before moving to movies. One of his releases this year is Lightning in a Bottle, a documentary on the blues. He’s directed Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino and directed an Oscar-winning performance by Denzel Washington in Training Day. Name, FTP, this director of movies such as The Replacement Killers, Tears of the Sun, and this summer’s King Arthur.

Answer: Antoine Fuqua

5. It debuted January 3, 1983, the same day as the game shows Just Men!, Hit Man, and Sale of the Century. Its first contestant won $6500. In the most recent season, with the middle spot worth twice its original value, the average contestant won $6667. The highest amount ever won is $23,000, though for show purposes the game isn’t won unless someone racks up the maximum total of $50,000. With 9 spaces marked from zero to $10,000, this is, FTP, what pegboard game from The Price is Right?

Answer: Plinko

6. Based in the company founded by Jules Bel in 1865, his son Leon founded this brand in 1921. The first original cheese brand named through the French patent office, it is found in over 90 countries, with more than 10 million portions eaten daily. It is best known for its spokes-animal, noted for her earrings made out of the product she sells and her red color. Name, FTP, this food whose chuckling bovine is an international icon.

Answer: The Laughing Cow or La Vache Qui Rit

7. Hailing from Commercial Point, Ohio, this driver spent most of the 1990s driving quarter-midgets, go-karts, and winged outlaw sprint cars before moving into ARCA and USAC events in 1998. A start at Texas at the end of the 1999 season made this driver the youngest ever to start an IRL race. More recent highlights include a second at Miami-Homestead in 2001 and taking the pole for the 2002 Belterra Casino Indy 300. Driving the number 39 Bryant car, name, FTP, this only current female IRL driver.

Answer: Sarah Fisher

8. Set during World War I, a suicidal plan to take the Ant Hill leads several men of the French 701st Infantry Regiment to not make the charge. A livid General Mireau orders Colonel Dax to have three men court martialed for what he calls the company’s cowardice. Dax defends the men, but even a revelation about Mireau to commanding general Broulard can’t save them. So goes, FTP, what 1957 Stanley Kubrick film featuring Adolphe Menjou as Broulard and Kirk Douglas as Dax?

Answer: Paths to Glory

9. She’s apparently impatient to get married, as she’s expected to “jump and holler” when she learns at the Hungry House Café that her man has saved two dollars so they can go find the preacher and get hitched. With eyes that look like heaven and eyes like sherry wine, she does inspire strong feelings in her future husband, as she “makes his little light shine” and gives him “a funny feelin’ up and down my spine.” The singer’s heart is on fire, FTP, for what title woman of a 1981 Oak Ridge Boys song?

Answer: Elvira

10. Born in London, she made her Broadway debut at age 9 in Leonard Kushner’s Slavs! and has appeared in movies including The Sixth Sense and Notting Hill. She spent a year playing Betty Ann Bongo on Kablam! and didn’t return to TV until 2001, when she played Katie Singer on Once and Again. She’s gained her most notice for playing a Californian girl next door, a role that earned her two Teen Choice Award nods. Name, FTP, this actress who plays Marissa Cooper on Fox’s The O.C.

Answer: Mischa Barton

11. He blamed a former GM for not getting elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1972, and declined the invitation to the induction ceremony when he made it the next year. He was traded by that GM, Frank Selke, to the Rangers in 1961, likely for his work in organizing the player’s union. A 12-time All Star, he won 6 Stanley Cups with his original team, which he captained after Maurice Richard. Name, FTP, this Canadiens blue-liner best known for his seven Norris Trophies.

Answer: Doug Harvey

12. Terri Flores is sailing up the Amazon seeking to film a documentary on the People of the Mist. They come across Paul Sarone, a river rat who says he can lead them to the tribe. When the boat’s captain and the expedition’s leader, an anthropologist played by Eric Stoltz, are incapacitated, Sarone takes over and reveals his true agenda – hunting the river’s largest, most deadly snake. A predictable body count then follows in, FTP, what 1997 movie starring Jon Voight as Sarone and Jennifer Lopez as Flores?

Answer: Anaconda

13. The first, Francine Barker, got the nickname from her genteel manner. The lead singer of the Sweet Things, she would quit the duo due to the rigors of the business. Marlene Mack, among others, took the name until her partner quit to join the Washington, DC police. When the duo regrouped in 1976, Linda Greene took the name, while it’s been held by other women since. Name, FTP, this female duo member who recorded songs like “Shake Your Groove Thing” and “Reuinited” with Herb Fame.

Answer: Peaches

14. While working as a crew member aboard the world’s most exact half-scale replica of the Cutty Sark, he was discovered by an agent and became the world’s first super-hand model. As a veterenarian in Turkey, he helped eradicate a domestic feline plague. A former student of the Tobago International College, he has a penchant for haberdashery and is fluent in six languages, including Braille. His current fame is tied to a fast food menu addition which shares his name. FTP, who is this man currently seen pitching Burger King’s latest beef on a bun sandwich?

Answer: Dr. Angus

15. Its first regular inhabitant was 1947’s Eye Witness, while Treasury Men in Action was the first to last more than one season. Bachelor Father, Stacatto, and Dragnet all aired here before it was subsumed into hour-long programming for most of the ‘60s and ‘70s. A Different World went five seasons here, the most since 1980, while the show that became its greatest counter-point debuted here in 1994. Name, FTP, this network and time slot, which got its loser reputation having to follow up Friends.

Answer: NBC Thursday 8:30 pm

16. The first one, held in 1984, was won by Providence. Duke has won three times (and never lost a game here), while Syracuse and Michigan have won two each. In 1987 the entire Iowa team was named MVP, while more recent winners include Indiana’s Bracey Wright and Dayton’s Keith Waleskowski. The host school, only 4-54, founded the event based on an historic 1982 upset. Held at the Lahaina Civic Center, name, FTP, this EA Sports-sponsored hoops tournament hosted by Chaminade University.

Answer: Maui Invitational (accept Maui Classic up to sponsor clue)

17. His original sidekick, born Roy Harper, fought drug addiction and later became Arsenal, who led the Teen Titans for a time. First appearing in More Fun Comics #73, he developed his skills when stranded on Star Fish Island, and used them to capture drug smugglers who were using the island. He was thought to have died saving Metropolis from a mutagenic bombing by the Eden Corps, but Hal Jordan saved his life, allowing him to return to Star City and take his identity back from Connor Hawke. Name, FTP, this DC super-hero born Oliver Queen, a sort of modern day Robin Hood.

Answer: Green Arrow

18. According to a 1999 song, you would be one of these if you “don’t have a car and you’re walking,” if you “live at home wit’ your mama,” or “if you have a shorty that you don’t show love.” Also known as a buster, individual ones are “always talkin’ about what he wants/ and just sits on his broke ass.” They also erroneously think that they’re fly and tend to get their Fila’s stomped by hip-hop trios. Name, FTP, this type of undesirable man dissed in a song by TLC.

Answer: scrubs

19. A drifter winds up in the Dakota territory town of Jackson, and tries to organize mine workers against the town boss. The miner’s camp is destroyed in retaliation, leaving 25 children orphaned. The drifter decides to pose as a priest to keep the kids together. He opens the Gold Hill School and teaches them along with Mae Woodward, his future wife. Created by Michael Landon, this is the basic premise of, FTP, what 1981-1984 series with Merlin Olson in the title role?

Answer: Father Murphy

20. The first, held in 1992, recognized Terminator 2: Judgement Day as best film, one of six wins. John Singleton was hailed as best new filmmaker. A Transatlantic Breakthrough Award was added in 2003, the first one going to Colin Farrell. Common categories include best fight and best kiss, most notably going to Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar for their lip-lock in Cruel Intentions. Name, FTP, this cinematic award given by a cable channel better known for short videos than features.

Answer: MTV Movie Awards

21. Nord Lafferty hires the main character to help his daugher, Reba, adjust after spending 2 years in prison. This seems easy – until Reba starts hooking up with Alan Beckwith, the man who sent her up the river. Turns out the feds want Reba to help do the same to Alan, which she agrees to – though in a way that may have a high body count - when she learns Alan is two-timing her. Such is the basic plot of, FTP, what latest Kinsey Milhone novel by Sue Grafton, named for a bullet bounce?

Answer: R is for Ricochet

22. They got their start backing their father, who previously had been in a band with his brothers called The Falcones. Hailing from Snyder, Texas, they lived in Nashville for a while, but moved back to Texas before recording their first album at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales studio in Austin. Nelson even plays guitar on “La Contestacion,” the last song on their self-titled debut album. Comprised of Ringo Jr., Jojo and Henry Garza, this is, FTP, what group behind the recent hit “Heaven?”

Answer: Los Lonely Boys

23. Their lone loss this season came in week 6, when Ryan Van Dyne hit Carl Morris in the end zone with one second remaining in the game. While their offense was paced by the tandem of QB Rohan Davey and wideout Chas Gessner, running back Eric McCoo earned title game MVP honors with a record 167 rushing yards and a 69 yard TD scamper. Their 30-24 win over the Frankfurt Galaxy gave, FTP, what other German-based NFL Europe team their third title in four years?

Answer: Berlin Thunder

Burns Tournament 2004 – Muck Masters Remix

Questions by Mark Coen


1. FTSNOP, answer these questions on third-party Presidential candidates.

(5) While the Meadow Party considered Barbara Jordan for its VP slot in 1984, they stayed within the Bloom County family and ran this ticket instead.

Answer: Bill the Cat, Opus the Penguin

(15) In 1996, they formed the Baseball Party. The VP candidate showed up in Dixville Notch, but it didn’t help them electorally. You’ll get 5 points for one running-mate, 15 for both.

Answer: Ken Griffey, Jr., Mariner Moose

(10) MTV got into the fray by having this hippie spokesperson, real name Jim Turner, run in 1988.

Answer: Randee of the Redwoods

2. While some consider rap and hip hop as urban poetry, in some cases… well, the poetry is more like Jewel than Keats. FTPE, answer these questions on odd rap lyrics.

(10) In “Jesus Walks,” Kanye West compares his need for Jesus to this woman’s need for her former talk show co-host.

Answer: Kathie Lee Gifford (accept first or last)

(10) While rapping the titular “21 Questions,” 50 Cent notes that his love for his woman is like a fat kid’s love for this.

Answer: cake

(10) When Puffy raps on Mario Winans’ song “I Don’t Wanna Know” one of the ways he showed his love to his woman was by getting her this, which must have been a very loving moment at the pizza parlor.

Answer: extra cheese
3. If you’re looking for international travel and a high body count, The Bourne Supremacy is for you. FTPE:

(10) The movie opens in this former Portuguese enclave, now part of India, where there’s only one death – one that sends Bourne back to Europe.

Answer: Goa
(10) Most of the bloodshed takes place in this Central European city, from the killing around a CIA file purchase gone wrong to Bourne remembering a violent episode from his past.

Answer: Berlin

(10) Bourne closes the loop on the opening death with a car chase-fueled death in this city, whose police cars are apparently able to take quite a pounding.
Answer: Moscow
4. FTPE, given a description name the competition from the first great reality program of the 1990s – American Gladiators.

(10) The contestant and the gladiator enter a raised circle; each gets hold of “the bone,” two triangles joined at a common point. The one who could “own the bone” by breaking the opponent’s grip and knocking them out of the circle won.

Answer: Whiplash

(10) Contestants and gladiator race along what looks like an inverted slot car course – the first to hit their sensor and get back to start wins.

Answer: Sky Track

(10) A 55 foot grid of rings is traversed by the challenger, who wins by getting to the gladiator’s platform. Just staying on the rings earns points, and in some seasons different colored rings earned different points.

Answer: Hang Tough
5. (VISUAL BONUS) Time to see if you’ve been sucked up into televised poker. On the sheet in front of you are five professional poker players. FTPE, name any three of them. Please match letter to player!

Answer: a. Andy Bloch, b. T. J. Cloutier, c. Howard Lederer, d. Jennifer Harman, e. Carlos Mortenson

6. FTPE, answer these questions on things that happened on August 7 in sports history.

(10) On this day in 1952, Sharp Note was driven by Bion Shively to a third heat victory in the 27th edition of this horse race, one of its kind’s triple crown races.

Answer: The Hambletonian Stakes

(10) On this day in 1972, he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame along with seven other players. This first baseman spent 17 years with the Homestead Grays, the longest tenure of service of any player in the Negro Leagues.

Answer: Walter “Buck” Leonard

(10) On this day in 1984, this american became the first Olympic gold medalist in the women’s marathon, running a 2:24:52 in Los Angeles.

Answer: Joan Benoit Samuelson
7. FTPE, name the following cinematic schools.

(10) The Ramones join with rebellious students to fight an oppressive administration and form this school, as noted in this film’s 1979 title.

Answer: Rock ‘n Roll High School

(10) Nerdy Jerry Mitchell gets stuck having to fight Buddy Revell, and if that’s not enough he’s been implicated in a case of embezzlement from the school store. Casey Siemaszko stars as the nerd liberator of this 1987 secondary institution.

Answer: Three O’Clock High

(10) A female student (plaued by Virginia Madsen) at a formerly all-male institution notices that her classmates are becoming less individual and more undead, thanks to a plot by the faculty. This 1987 romp also stars Sherilyn Fenn

Answer: Zombie High or The School That Ate My Brain
8. You may not know much about the 1980s music videos directed by Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, but if you do you’re in luck. FTPE, name the song from the video they did for it.

(10) The simple black backdrop was a perfect contrast to a maze of white candles on tall brass holders, as seen in the video for this song by The Police.

Answer: Wrapped Around Your Finger

(10) The face-morphing that got Michael Jackson notice in the “Black and White” video has roots in the video Godley and Creme did for this song, one of their own, where they blended faces using dissolves.

Answer: Cry

(10) The duo got to show more of a silly side in the video for this Frankie Goes to Hollywood video, where Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev wrestle while other world leaders bet on the outcome.

Answer: Two Tribes
9. FTPE, answer these questions on sharp things.

(10) A division of Hunt Corporation, this brand includes models like the Gripster, the No. 1 Precision Knife, and the SurGrip Retractable. They are favored by artists and hobbyists for their cutting needs.

Answer: X-ACTO

(10) Starting as a product line for Wear-Ever, it started making knives and other kitchen items in 1949. Sold in the home through its Vector Marketing arm, its line includes the Homemaker Plus and Galley Plus sets, as well as Ka-Bar sporting knives.

Answer: Cutco

(10) This Gillette product uses newly-designed blades and a battery-operated motor to vibrate the unit, which it claims gives you the best shave yet.

Answer: M3 Power Razor
11. While being from Canada seems to work for many Hollywood types, it doesn’t always go so well on TV. FTPE:

(10) On NewsRadio, what WNYX staffer was outed as a Canadian, a fact the person hid as a child for fear of the family being labeled as spies?

Answer: Dave Nelson (accept first or last)

(10) On The West Wing, this staffer was apparently born in Canada rather than in Minnesota, a fact discovered when trying to gain entry into Abby Bartlett’s birthday party.

Answer: Donatella “DonnaMoss (accept first or last)

(10) On The Simpsons, this participant in the Cypress Creek Elementary “Leg Up” program is thought to be slow because he’s Canadian. While we only know his first name, he’s apparently named for a hockey legend.

Answer: Gordie

11. Given a trio of books, name the author FTP. If you need books that have been made into movies, you’ll get five points.

(10) Choke, Lullaby, Diary

(5) Fight Club

Answer: Chuck Palahniuk

(10) Absolute Friends, The Night Manager, Single & Single

(5) The Tailor of Panama, The Russia House

Answer: John LeCarre

(10) Cuba Libre, Pagan Babies, Freaky Deaky

(5) Get Shorty, Out of Sight

Answer: Elmore Leonard
12. FTPE, name these US Postal cyclists who aren’t Lance Armstrong.

(10) Lance tried to give the win at stage 17 to this American, but wound up taking it himself. Raised in a Mennonite community, Armstrong noted it was easy to pick out his relatives on the course – look for the large group of women wearing bonnets.

Answer: Floyd Landis

(10) This native of Portugal finished fifth overall, and was Armstrong’s main protector at the front of the race with Landis and George Hincapie.

Answer: Jose Azevedo

(10) The team time trial was a personal trial for this young rider, who couldn’t keep the pace due to injuries from previous crashes. He rebounded from his anguish after the stage to finish the race.

Answer: Benjamin Noval
13. FTPE, name the albums with something in common from tracks and other info.

(10) This 1974 Eric Clapton album included his covers of “I Shot the Sheriff” and Robert Johnson’s “Steady Rollin’ Man.”

Answer: 461 Ocean Boulevard

(10) This 1965 Bob Dylan album, his first fully electric release, was number four on Rolling Stone’s 2003 list of the 500 greatest albums. Cuts include “Like a Rolling Stone,” “Ballad of a Thin Man,” and “Desolation Row.”

Answer: Highway 61 Revisited

(10) This 1978 Billy Joel album opens with the hits “Big Shot,” “Honesty,” and “My Life.”

Answer: 52nd Street
14. FTPE, answer these questions about the short acting career of 80’s hunk Michael Schoeffling.

(10) Schoeffling’s first movie role was playing Jake Ryan, the object of Molly Ringwald’s Samantha Baker, in this 1984 John Hughes work.

Answer: Sixteen Candles

(10) Schoeffling followed that up by playing Kuch in this 1985 wrestling flick starring Matthew Modine, perhaps best known for the on-screen appearance and use of music by Madonna.

Answer: Vision Quest

(10) As the ‘80s turned to the ‘90s, Schoeffling bid acting adieu with a starring role in this 1991 movie about a blind girl (played by Gabrielle Anwar) who dives 40 feet into a tank of water while riding a horse.

Answer: Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken
15. Sometimes, what comes around goes around. FTSNOP:

(15) In the 1986 semifinals of the World Cup, a ball that went into the net off a player’s hand was allowed, becoming known as the “Hand of God” goal. FFPE, name the player who scored it and his national team, and the former Cup champ they defeated.

Answer: Diego Maradona, Argentina, England (do not accept Great Britain)

(15) Twenty years earlier, England won its only title with the help of their own questionable goal, which would take its nickname from the stadium where the game was held. Five points for one, 15 for both, name that stadium and the team that fell victim to that goal.

Answer: Wembley Goal, West Germany
16. Macs rule. FTSNOP, name the Mac-based software from info.

(5) Available for PCs, too, this is Apple’s digital jukebox. You can synch your iPod to it, use it to buy songs from the Apple Music Store, or burn CDs.

Answer: iTunes

(10) If you think the Internet is one big jungle, you can use this Web browser to hunt for the pages you’re looking for.

Answer: Safari

(15) Your Mac becomes a recording studio with this software, not only to record and edit music, but to create it from the library of instrument sounds and Apple Loops, professionally-recorded music that you can use to build songs.

Answer: GarageBand
17. Pulp Fiction came out 10 years ago, and spawned a solid year of tournaments where every pack had at least one question on the movie. So rather than restart that, FTPE answer these questions on Quentin Tarantino’s post-Pulp career.

(10) Tarantino played the title character in this 1995 flop, playing a guy who drives into Vegas after picking up a guy fresh out of prison looking to pick things up again. Dylan McDermott and Nancy Travis co-star.

Answer: Destiny Turns on the Radio

(10) Tarantino wrote, directed, and acted a part in “The Man From Hollywood,” a segment in this other 1995 flop also featuring work by Robert Rodriguez, Alison Anders, and Alexandre Rockwell.

Answer: Four Rooms

(10) Tarantino played a deacon in this 2000 Adam Sandler film.

Answer: Little Nicky
18. The winning flight from this event, held last Saturday, was a 39 foot jaunt by a craft done up like a X-Wing Fighter. FTPE:

(10) Give the Germanic name of this event, sponsored by Red Bull, a contest to find the best human-powered flying craft based on distance, creativity, and showmanship.

Answer: Flugtag

(10) One of the judges of the event was this man, lead singer for Everclear.

Answer: Art Alexakis

(10) Given that most of the craft didn’t so much fly as plummet, it was a good thing that all attempts were made over this Oregon river.

Answer: Willamette
19. 40-30-20-10-1, name the song.

40: It is comprised of words set to music. Unless it’s an instrumental.

30: Eric Forman has the first line of this top 10 song from 1975 engraved on the inside of the engagement ring he gives Donna Pinciati on That ‘70s Show.

20: Barry White covered it in 1999, changing some lines to stress the song’s sexual overtones. Korn’s 1996 cover uses a bagpipe. The original’s most notable hook is a combination of horns, harmonica, and an organ using a stereo delay effect.

10: This song by War appeared on their album Why Can’t We Be Friends?, and on soundtracks to movies from Up in Smoke to Dazed and Confused to A Knight’s Tale.

1: An ode to low rider culture, it also appears on the compilation album Lowrider Classics.

Answer: Low Rider
20. As Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey proved, music and variety shows are hard. FTPE, name these more successful past examples of the genre.

(10) Hosted by Ted Mack, it ran for 22 years on TV and on all four networks – the big 3 plus DuMont. Among its best-known alumni are Gladys Knight and Pat Boone.

Answer: The Original Amateur Hour

(10) A summer revival of a show originally hosted by Arthur Godfrey, Jim Backus and Merv Griffin hosted this early 1960s offering. George Carlin, Vaughn Meader, Louise Lasser, and Charles Nelson Reilly all got early exposure here.

Answer: Talent Scouts

(10) Perhaps the granddaddy of all variety shows was this, most noted for the work of Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca. Writers included Mel Brooks, Neil Simon, and Larry Gelbart.

Answer: Your Show of Shows
21. FTPE, answer these questions about notable events in the course of the 1920 World Series.

(10) This Cleveland Indians second baseman assured his place in World Series history by being the first – and only – player to turn an unassisted triple play in the Series.

Answer: Bill Wambsganss

(10) Cleveland pitcher Jim Bagby became the first pitcher to do this in World Series play, doing so in game 5.

Answer: hit a home run

(10) In a similar vein, Indians player Elmer Smith became the first player to do this in a World Series.

Answer: hit a grand slam
22. FTSNOP, answer these questions on the intersection of pregnancy and TV.

(5) FFP, this Friend acted as a surrogate in bearing triplets for her brother, Frank Jr. and his wife.

Answer: Phoebe Buffay

(15) On Star Trek: Deep Space 9, a shuttle accident led to a cross-species fetal transplant. Five points for one, 15 for both, name the two females involved in this unusual surrogacy.

Answer: Keiko O’Brien, Kira Narese

(10) FTP, the parenting of Marcus Garvey Emerson on this Fox sitcom wasn’t unusual, but the naming was. Viewers could choose the baby’s name by calling a 900 number. The show also went against convention by doing its 1992-93 season live.

Answer: Roc
23. What do you get when you mix Woody Allen with musicals? You get, FTPE:

(10) What 1996 film featuring the vocal “talents” of Alan Alda, Goldie Hawn, Julia Roberts, and others?

Answer: Everyone Says I Love You

(10) This actress, the romantic lead opposite Edward Norton, was able to avoid singing by claiming a subpar voice, even for actors. Her songs were dubbed.

Answer: Drew Barrymore

(10) The film’s title is taken from a song in this 1932 Marx Brothers movie.

Answer: Horse Feathers


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