Cardiac Catheterization Lab Observational Experience

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Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Observational Experience

Created by Coleen Fritsche RN, MS, ACNP, CCRN & Kimberly Silver DNP, RN

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  1. List various procedures/interventions routinely performed in the Cardiac Cath Lab.

  2. What procedure(s) did you observe?

  3. Pick one procedure to report on that you observed. Why was it performed? Provide the chief complaint, past medical history, cardiac risk factors, reason for having procedure, prescription & OTC medications taken at home.

  4. Was the patient instructed to hold any medications prior to the test, if so why?

  5. Review the Pre-Procedure Care: Include education, medications given & why, assessment, & any other preparation.

  6. If some pathophysiology was documented by the procedure, please explain it.

  7. During Procedure Care: Include medication given & why, & findings or interventions during procedure—such as coronary angiography, hemodynamics measurements (right/left heart pressures, CO, EF), percutaneous cardiac interventions (PCI)-(if stents placed bare metal or drug eluting-& why was that type placed), or IABP placement.

  8. Post procedure Care: Include assessment, medications & nursing teaching for patient. If medications are going to be discontinued, held for a period of time or new medications started-why?

  9. If you are aware of the medical plan following the procedure-provide it here.

  10. Will this patient be admitted or a same day discharge, why?

  11. Prioritize & list potential complications of procedure.

  12. List potential nursing diagnoses &/or collaborative problems.

  13. What are the qualifications for an RN to work in these areas?

  14. As explained to you &/or witnessed by you what is the nurses role in Pre & Post Care Unit & in the Cardiac Cath Lab.

  15. How is safety maintained?

  16. Explain the teamwork & collaborative efforts while the patient is in the Cath Lab.

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