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Jongbok(James) Lee

210-1001 287 Kimpohankang11ro,Kimpo-Si, Kyeongki-Do, South Korea


Career Profiled

A highly motivated and proven HW AE based on RF over 10 years in mobile field.

I had studied UMTS and successfully launched various mobile phones for 7 years in LGE mobile

After that, I have strongly supported local and abroad customers for 7 years as AE of chip vendors (WiFi/BT,modem, AP)

The summary is as follows.

  • Resourceful and self-motivated problem solver

  • Excellent debugging skills in RF issues

  • Strong schematic and PCB review considering expected issues

  • Extensive experience in mobile development process, mutual issues between RF, digital signal and power

  • High understanding of Antenna, EMI/EMC, SAR in mobile device

  • PTCRB/GCF certification debugging and handling experience

  • Experience in PDN and SI check of digital signals

  • Equipment experience : CMW500, CMU200, E5515C,Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer,

  • Tool ability- ADS, Cadence Allegro PCB, Cadence Sigrity powerSI


  • MA in Microwave in Electronics Engineering

Kwangwoon University, Seoul, Korea (August, 2000)

Kwangwoon University, Seoul, Korea (February, 1998)

Professional Experience

Senior Application Engineer

Nvidia, Seoul, Korea:. (October 2009 – May 2015)

  • Supported mobile and tablet based on i450,i500 and T4i (Tegra3+i500 one chip) LTE, WCDMA,GSM multi-mode modem for local and abroad customers

  • Supported PDN and SI check of digital signals in AP embedded projects

Application Engineer

Icera, Sungnam, Korea: Icera was merged into Nvidia in June 2011.

  • Supported dongle and PCI modem projects based on E3xx, E4xx platform for Samsung.

  • Strong on-site support and overall HW issue handling.

Application Engineer and FAE

Exceltech, Seoul, Korea: Broadcom Agency (May 2008-October 2009)

  • Supported BT and WiFi part for LGE mobile and small business companies.

  • Co-worked with BRCM AEs.

Senior RF Engineer/Project leader

LGE mobile, Seoul, Korea (July 2000-December 2007)

  • Managed HW team and set project schedule up

  • Successfully developed lots of mobile devices(UMTS+GSM)

K series based on Qualcomm, U series based on Ericsson

  • Debugging experience in RF and mutual issues with other signals

  • Supported GCF/PTCRB certification and service vendors requirement abroad

  • Deep Study of 3G specification and proto-type platforms( TI, EoNex with Maxim RF chip) on early stage


  • Icera Award& Recognition 2011 for high contribution of Samsung projects

  • LG R&D Award 2005 for world first UMTS mobile phone achievement

  • 6 months Technique Training( developed HPA) during MA course, United Satcom , NY, US

  • The first degree Engineer Radio Telecommunication Equipment, National certificate

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