Bopla‘s new product brochure with virtual 3D models bopla has published its the red book compact interactive product brochure. This makes it possible, using bopla‘s augmented reality ar app, to see products in 3D on a smart phone or tablet

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November 17, 2015

Augmented Reality

BOPLA‘s new product brochure with virtual 3D models
BOPLA has published its THE RED BOOK COMPACT interactive product brochure. This makes it possible, using BOPLA‘s augmented reality AR app, to see products in 3D on a smart phone or tablet.
On several hundred pages, THE RED BOOK presents BOPLA‘s complete range of products, and now this enclosure manufacturer from Bünde in East-Westphalia is providing a 40-page interactive compact version of the list of its products. In an innovative way, and in combination with the mobile BOPLA AR app, THE RED BOOK COMPACT interactive allows the reader to experience BOPLA‘s products in 3D or as a video clip.
The app brings products to life
First the user must download the BOPLA AR app from the iOS App Store, or from the Play Store for Android users. In order to make it easy and fast to find the relevant app, BOPLA has provided a QR code in the product brochure – the reader simply scans the code with his mobile device in order to access the download. In the app, the reader then selects the "AR-SCAN" item from the menu. When he holds his smart phone or tablet over the brochure and over a product illustration which contains a small AR+ symbol, that product "comes to life" on the screen.
THE RED BOOK COMPACT interactive provides a complete overview of BOPLA‘s product range. This includes for example the BoTouch enclosures for the integration of touch screens, the versatile enclosures in the Filotec series with over 100 standard variants, and the sturdy Bocube aluminium enclosures for especially challenging ambient conditions.
To request a copy of THE RED BOOK COMPACT interactive as a free-of-charge printed brochure, just send an e-mail to Alternatively, a digital version can be downloaded as a pdf file without cost.

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For more than 40 years, Bopla Gehäuse Systeme GmbH, whose headquarters are in the East-Westphalian town of Bünde, has been developing and manufacturing electronic enclosures and input devices such as membrane keypads for applications in the fields of safety, telecommunications, automotive and medical technology. With its product portfolio of more than 25,000 articles, the company is one of the leading suppliers of electronic and electrical components. In addition to the standard products, customer-specific individual solutions form a special part of BOPLA's activities, and the company offers its customers a wide range of electronics services.

BOPLA currently has 180 employees and, as a subsidiary of the Swiss company of Phoenix Mecano AG, is represented worldwide with its products and services.

You can find more information on our website at

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Using a mobile app allows BOPLA‘s enclosures in the product brochure to be viewed as virtual 3D models

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THE RED BOOK COMPACT interactive brochure allows BOPLA‘s enclosures to be experienced in 3D on a smart phone or tablet.

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