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Mona Lisa Overdrive

Burning Chrome

Virtual Light

The Difference Engine

All Tomorrow’s Parties


Pattern Recognition

Ron Goulart

When the Waker Sleeps

Skyrocket Steele

After Things Fell Apart

UpSide Downside

The Prisoner of Blackwood Castle

The Enormous HourGlass

Thomas Greanias

Raising Atlantis

The Atlantis Prophecy

Joe Haldeman


Dealing in Futures (ss)

Tool of the Trade

The Forever War

The Forever War

Forever Peace

Forever Free

A Separate War & Other Stories

Tara K Harper


Cat Scratch Series

Cat Scratch Fever


Wolfwalker Series


-Shadow Leader


Wolf’s Bane

Silver Moons, Black Steel

Black Wolf Series


Wolf in Night

Robert Jordan

The Eye of the World

The Great Hunt

The Dragon Reborn

The Shadow Rising

The Fires of Heaven

Lord of Chaos

A Crown of Swords

A Path of Daggers

Winter’s Heart

Jack McDevitt

The Hercules Text

Ancient Shores

Eternity Road


Infinity Beach


Time Travelers Never Die

Hutch Series

The Engines of God





Alex Bennett Series

A Talent for War



The Devil’s Eye

L.E. Modesitt, Jr

The Eternity Artifact

Elizabeth Moon

Remnant Population

The Speed of Dark

Deed of Paksenarrion

Sheepfarmer’s Daughter

Divided Allegiance

Oath of Gold

Legacy of Gird

Surrender None

Liar’s Oath

Serrano Legacy

Hunting Party

Sporting Chance

Winning Colors

Remnant Population

Once a Hero

Rules of Engagement

Change of Command

Against the Odds

Vatta’s War

Trading in Danger

Marque and Reprisal

Engaging the Enemy

Command Decision

Victory Conditions

Planet Pirates


Generation Warriors

Steve Perry

The Trinity Vector

Venture Silk


The Forever Drug

Stellar Ranger Series

Stellar Ranger

Lone Star

The Matador Series

The 97th Step

The Man Who Never Missed


The Machivelli Interface

The Albino Knife

Black Steel

Brother Death

The Musashi Flex

David Weber/John Ringo

Looking Glass Series

Into the Looking Glass

Vorpal Blade

Manxome Foe

Claws that Catch

Empire of Man Series

March Upcountry

March to the Sea

March to the Stars

We Few

Legacy of the Aldenata

The Hero
Cally’s War series

Cally's War

Sister Time

Honor of the Clan

Hedren War series

Eye of the Storm

Posleen War series

A Hymn before Battle

Gust Front
When the Devil Dances
Hells Faire

Posleen War Side Stories

Watch on the Rhine

Yellow Eyes

The Tuloriad

Council Wars

There will be Dragons
Emerald Sea
Against the Tide

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Paladin of Shadows



Choosers of the Slain

Unto the Breach

A Deeper Blue

Special Circumstances

The Road to Damascus

The Last Centurian

Von Neuman’s War

The Princess of Wands

Non Series


Troy Rising

Live Free or Die

JK Rowling

Harry Potter

The Sorcerer’s Stone

Chamber of Secrets

Prisoner of Azkaban

Goblet of Fire

Order of the Phoenix

Half-Blood Prince

Deathly Hallows

John Varley

Red Thunder


The Official Guide to the Xenaverse

Lucy Lawless – The Unauthorized Bio

The Thief of Hermes

The Huntress and the Sphinx

The Empty Throne

The Chakram Magazine

Have 2,3,4,6,7,8,10,11,12

Roger Zelazny

Amber Series

Nine Princes in Amber

The Guns of Avalon

Sign of the Unicorn

The Hand of Oberon

The Courts of Chaos

Trumps of Doom

Blood of Amber

Sign of Chaos

Knight of Shadows

Four for Tomorrow

The Dream Master

Forgotten Realms/RP

The Avatar Series

  1. Shadowdale

  2. Tantras

  3. Waterdeep

  4. Prince of Lies

  5. Crucible: Cyric the Mad

The Cleric Quintet

  1. Canticle

  2. In Sylvan Shadows

  3. Night Masks

  4. The Fallen Fortress

  5. The Chaos Curse

The Crimson Shadow

  1. The Sword of Bedwyr

  2. Luthien’s Gamble

  3. The Dragon King

The Cormyr Saga

  1. Cormyr: A Novel

  2. Death of the Dragon

The Dark Elf Trilogy

  1. Homeland

  2. Exile

  3. Sojourn

The Demon Wars

  1. The Demon Awakens

  2. The Demon Spirit

  3. The Demon Apostle

  4. Mortalis

The Elminster Series

    1. Elminster – Making of a Mage

    2. Elminster in Myth Drannor

    3. The Temptation of Elminster

    4. Elminster in Hell

    5. Elminster’s Daughter

The Empires Trilogy

    1. Horselords

    2. Dragonwall

    3. Crusade

The Erevis Cale Trilogy

  1. Twilight Falling

  2. Dawn of Night

  3. Midnight’s Mark

The Fighters

  1. Bladesinger

  2. Master of Chains

  3. GhostWalker

  4. Sun of Thunder

The Finder’s Stone Trilogy

  1. Azure Bonds

  2. The Wyvern’s Spur

  3. Song of the Saurials

The Harpers Series –

  1. The Parched Sea

  2. Elfshadow

  3. Red Magic

  4. The Night Parade

  5. Curse of the Shadowmage

  6. Stormlight

  7. Finder’s Bane

  8. -

The Haunted Lands

  1. Unclean

  2. Undead

  3. Unholy

  4. Realms of the Dead

The House of Serpents Trilogy

  1. Venom’s Taste

  2. Viper’s Kiss

  3. Vanity’s Blood

The Hunter’s Blades Trilogy

  1. The Thousand Orcs

  2. The Lone Drow

  3. The Two Swords

The Icewind Dale Trilogy

  1. The Crystal Shard

  2. Streams of Silver

  3. The Halfling’s Gem

Legacy of the Drow

  1. The Legacy

  2. Starless Night

  3. Siege of Darkness

  4. Passage to Dawn

Lost Empires

  1. The Lost Library of Cormanthyr

  2. Faces of Deception

  3. Star of Cursrah

  4. The Nether Scroll

The Maztica Trilogy

  1. Iron Helm

  2. ViperHand

The Moonshae Trilogy

  1. Darkwalker on Moonshae

  2. Black Wizards

  3. Darkwell

The Nobles

  1. King Pinch

  2. War in Tethyr

  3. Escape from Undermountain

  4. The Mage in the Iron Mask

  5. The Council of Blades

  6. The Simbul’s Gift

The Netheril Trilogy

  1. Sword Play

  2. Dangerous Games

  3. Mortal Consequences

Paths of Darkness

    1. The Silent Blade

    2. The Spine of the World

    3. Servant of the Shard

    4. Sea of Swords

The Rogues

  1. The Alabaster Staff

  2. The Black Bouquet

  3. The Crimson Gold

The Sell Swords

  1. Servant of the Shard

  2. Promise of the Witch King

Seven Sisters

  1. Dove

  2. Qilue

  3. Laeral

  4. Alustriel

  5. Sylune

  6. The Simbul

  7. Storm

Shadow of the Avatar Trilogy

  1. Shadows of Doom

  2. Cloak of Shadows

  3. All Shadows Fled

Shandrill’s Saga

  1. Spellfire

  2. Crown of Fire

  3. Hand of Fire

Threat from the Sea

  1. Rising Tide

  2. Under Falling Stars

  3. Realms of the Deep

  4. The Sea Devil’s Eye

The Twilight Giants

    1. The Ogre’s Pact

    2. The Giant Among Us

    3. The Titan of Twilight

The Twilight War

  1. Shadowbred

  2. Shadowstorm

  3. ShadowRealm

War of the Spider King

  1. Dissolution

  2. The Insurrection

  3. Condemnation

  4. Extinction

  5. Annihilation

  6. Resurrection

The Wizards

  1. BlackStaff

  2. Bloodwalk

  3. Dark Vision

  4. Froststeel

The Year of Rogue Dragons

  1. The Rage

  2. The Rite

  3. The Ruin


  1. Realms of Valor

  2. Realms of Infamy

  3. Realms of Magic

  4. Realms of the Underdark

  5. Realms of the Arcane

  6. Realms of Mystery

  7. Best of the Realms Book I

Stand Alone Books

City of Splendors



Pool of Radiance


Baldur’s Gate Novels

Baldur’s Gate

Greyhawk Adventures

  1. Saga of Old City

  2. Artifact of Evil

  3. Master Wolf

  4. The Price of Power

  5. The Demon Hand

  6. The Name of the Game

Sea of Death

Ed Greenwood – Band of Four

The Kingless Land

The Vacant Throne

A Dragon’s Ascension

Ed Greenwood

The Silent House

Gary Gygax’s Dangerous Journeys

The Samarkand Solution

RA Salvatore Non-Realms

Saga of the First King Series

The Highwayman

The Ancient

Edward S Aarons

Don’t Cry Beloved

The Sinners

Sam Durell -- Assignment

1. to Disaster (1955)

2. Treason (1956)

3. Suicide (1956)

4. Stella Miarni (1957)

5. Budapest (1957)

6. Angelina (1958)

7. Madeleine (1958)

8. Carlotta Cortez (1959)

9. Helene (1959)

10. Lili Lamaris (1959)

11. Zoraya (1960)

12. Mara Tirana (1960)

13. Lowlands (1961)

14. Burma Girl (1961)

15. Ankara (1961)

16. Karachi (1962)

17. Sorrento Siren (1962)

18. Manchurian Doll (1963)

19. the Girl in the Gondola (1964)

20. Sula Sea (1964)

21. the Cairo Dancers (1965)

22. School for Spies (1966)

23. Cong Hai Kill (1966)

24. Palermo (1966)

25. Black Viking (1967)

26. Moon Girl (1967)

27. Nuclear Nude (1968)

28. Peking (1969)

29. White Rajah (1970)

30. Star Stealers (1970)

31. Tokyo (1971)

32. Golden Girl (1971)

33. Bangkok (1972)

34. Maltese Maiden (1972)

35. Silver Scorpion (1973)

36. Ceylon (1973)

37. Amazon Queen (1974)

38. Sumatra (1974)

39. Black Gold (1975)

40. Quayle Question (1975)

41. Unicorn (1976)

42. Afghan Dragon (1976)

43. Sheba (1977)

44. Tiger Devil (1977)

45. 13th Princess (1977)

46. Mermaid (1979)

47. Tyrant's Bride (1980)

48. Deathship (1983)

Ellery Queen

The Roman Hat Mystery

The French Powder Mystery

The Dutch Shoe Mystery

The Tragedy of X

The Greek Coffin Mystery

The Tragedy of Y

The Egyptian Cross Mystery

The Tragedy of Z

The American Gun Mystery

Drury Lane’s Last Case

The Siamese Twin Mystery

The Chinese Orange Mystery

The Adventures of Ellery Queen

The Spanish Cape Mystery

The Lamp of God

Halfway House

The Door Between

The Devil to Pay

The Four of Hearts

The Dragon’s Teeth

The New Adventures of EQueen

Adventure of the Last Man Club

Ellery Queen, Master Detective (new – The Vanishing Corpse)

The Penthouse Mystery

Adventure of the


Calamity Town

The Perfect Crime

The Four of Hearts

There was an Old Woman

The Murderer is a Fox

The Casebook of Ellery Queen

Ten Day’s Wonder

Cat of Many Tails

Double, Double

The Origin of Evil

Calendar of Crime

The King is Dead

The Golden Summer

The Scarlet Letters

The Glass Village


Inspector Queen’s Own Case

The Finishing Stroke

Dead Man’s Tale

Quintin Chivas

Death Spins the Platter

The Scrolls of Lysis

Murder With A Past

Kill as Directed

The Player on the Other Side

Wife or Death

Who Killed the Golden Goose

…And on the Eighth Day

The Duke of Chaos

The Four Johns

Blow Hot, Blow Cold

International Casebook

The Last Score

Beware the Young Stranger

The Copper Frame

The Cree from Minatree

A Room to Die In

Strange Kinship

The Killer Touch

The Fourth Side of the Triangle

Where is Bianca?

Queen’s Full

Who Spies, Who Kills?

A Study in Terror

The Devil’s Cook

Losers, Weepers

The Madman Theory

Why so Dead

Shoot the Scene

The Passionate Queen

Face to Face

How goes the Murder?

Which way to Die?

Q.E.D Queen’s Experiments in Detection

Cop Out

What’s in the Dark?

Guess Who’s Coming to Kill You

The House of Brass

The Last Woman in his Life

The Campus Murders

Kiss and Kill

The Black Hearts Murder

A Fine and Private Place

The Blue Movie Murders

The Tragedy of Errors and Others

The Best of Ellery Queen

The Green Turtle Mystery(Children)

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