Carolina Garcia-Aguilera

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Carolina Garcia-Aguilera

Lupe Solano

Bloody Waters

Bloody Shame

Bloody Secrets

A Miracle in Paradise

Havana Heat

Bitter Sugar

Bloody Twist

Susan Wittig Albert

China Bayles

Thyme of Death

Witches Bane

Hangman’s Root

Rosemary Remembered

Rueful Death

Love Lies Bleeding

Chile Death

Lavender Lies

Misletoe Man


Indigo Dying

A Dilly of a Death

Dead Man’s Bones

Bleeding Hearts

Spanish Dagger



Holly Blues

Mourning Gloria

Cat’s Claw

Widow’s Tears

Isabel Allende


Donna Andrews (

Meg Langslow

Murder with Peacocks

Murder with Puffins

Revenge of Wrought Iron Flamingos

Crouching Buzzard Leaping Loon

We’ll Always Have Parrots

Owl’s Well That Ends Well

No Nest for the Wicked

The Penguin Who Knew Too Much

Cockatiels at Seven

Turing Hopper

You’ve Got Murder

Click Here for Murder

Access Denied

Delete All Suspects

Sarah Andrews

Em Hansen

Ten Sleep

A Fall in Denver

Mother Nature

Only Flesh and Bones

Bone Hunter

An Eye for Gold

Fault Line

Killer Dust

Earth Colors

Dead Dry

Leo Atkins

See Clay Harvey

Lori Avocato

Pauline Sokol

A Dose of Murder

The Stiff and the Dead

One Dead under the Cuckoo’s Nest

Deep Sea Dead

Nip Tuck Dead

Dead on Arrival

David Baldacci

The Camel Club

Linda Barnes

Carlotta Carlyle

A Trouble of Fools

The Snake Tattoo


Steel Guitar



Cold Case


The Big Dig

Deep Pockets

Heart of the World

Lie Down with the Devil

Michael Spraggue

Blood will have Blood

Bitter Finish

Dead Heat

Cities of the Dead

Nevada Barr (


13 1/2

Anna Pigeon

Track of the Cat

A Superior Death

Ill Wind

Fire Storm

Endangered Species

Blind Descent

Liberty Falling

Deep South

Blood Lure

Hunting Season


High Country

Hard Truth

Winter Study



The Rope

Nancy Bartholomew (

Sophie’s Last Stand

Legally Blonde

Stella Vallochi

-Stella Get Your Gun

Stella Get Your Man

Maggie Reid

You’re Cheatin’ Heart

Stand By Your Man

Sierra Lavotini

The Miracle Strip

Drag Strip

Film Strip

Strip Poker

Ted Bell

Nick McIver

Nick of Time

The Time Pirate









Steve Berry

The Amber Room

The Romanov Prophecy

The Third Secret

Cotton Malone

The Templar Legacy

The Alexandria Link

The Venetian Betrayal

The Charlemagne Pursuit

The Paris Vendetta

The Emperor’s Tomb

The Jefferson Key

The Balkan Escape

Claudia Bishop (

Hemlock Falls

A Taste for Murder

A Dash of Death

A Pinch of Poison

Murder Well Done

Death Dines Out

A Touch of the Grape

A Steak in Murder

Marinade for Murder

Just Desserts

Fried by Jury

A Puree of Poison

Buried by Breakfast

A Dinner to Die For

Ground to a Halt

A Carol for a Corpse

Toast Mortem

Dread on Arrival

Dr. McKenzie

The Case of the Roasted Onion

Case of the Tough-Talking Turkey

Case of the Ill-Gotten Goat

Lisa Black

Take Over

Meridith Blevins

The Hummingbird Wizard

The Vanished Priestess

Red Hot Empress

Will Blythe

To Hate LikeThis is to be Happy Forever

James Brady

The Coldest War

The Marine

Warning of War

The Marines of Autumn

The Scariest Place in the World

Further Lane

Why Marines Fight

Matt Bronleewe


CJ Box

Blue Heaven

Three Weeks to Say Goodbye

Joe Pickett

Open Season

Savage Run


Trophy Hunt

Out of Range

In Plain Sight

Free Fire

Blood Trail

Below Zero

Kathy Brandt

Swimming with the Dead

Dark Water Dive

Dangerous Depths

Under Pressure

Allison Brennan

The Prey

Bill Bryson

Mother Tongue

Made in America

I’m a Stranger Here Myself

The Lost Continent

Neither Here nor There

Dan Brown (

Digital Fortress

Angels & Demons

Deception Point

DaVinci Code

The Lost Symbol

Sinclair Browning (

Trade Ellis

The Last Song Dogs

The Sporting Club

Rode Hard, Put Away Dead

Crack Shot

Traggedy Ann

Alafair Burke

Long Gone

Never Tell

Samatha Kincaid

Judgment Calls

Missing Justice

Close Calls

Ellie Hatcher

Dead Connection

Angel’s Tip


Never Tell

James Lee Burke (

Jesus out to Sea

The Convict

Lay Down My Sword and Shield

The Lost Get-Back Boogie

To the Bright and Shining Sun

Two for Texas

Half of Paradise

White Doves at Mourning

Billy Bob Holland Series

Cimarron Rose



In the Moon of Red Ponies

Hackleberry Holland Series

Rain Gods

Feast Day of Fools

Dave Robicheaux Series

The Neon Rain

Heaven’s Prisoners

Black Cherry Blues

A Morning for Flamingos

A Stained White Radiance

In the Electric Mist...

Dixie City Jam

Burning Angel

Cadillac Jukebox

Sunset Limited

Purple Cane Road

Jolie Blon’s Bounce

Last Car to Elysian Fields

Crusader’s Cross

Pegasus Descending

The Tin Roof Blowdown

Swan Peak

The Glass Rainbow

Creole Bell

Jim Butcher

Dresden Files

Storm Front

Fool Moon

Grave Peril

Summer Knight

Death Masks

Blood Rites

Dead Beat

Proven Guilty

White Night

Small Favor

Turn Coat


Side Jobs

Ghost Story

Philip Caputo

A Rumor of War

Delcorso’s Gallery


Sally Chapman

Julie Blake

Raw Data

Love Bytes



As Annie Griffin

A Very Eligible Corpse

Date with a Perfect Dead Man

Love and the Single Corpse

Tall, Dead and Handsome

Lincoln Child



Deep Storm

Terminal Freeze

The Third Gate

Edie Claire

Leigh Koslow Series

Never Buried

Never Sorry

Never Preach Past Noon

Never Kissed Goodnight

Never Tease a Siamese

Tom Clancy

Jack Ryan

The Hunt for Red October

Patriot Games

The Cardinal in the Kremlin

Clear and Present Danger

The Sum of All Fears

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