Catalogues/brochures/flyers/monographs/posters/journals by others included in lillian f. Schwartz archive/collection donated to osu

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Jan. 22 - March 26 Cambridge Kettle's yard. Catalogue.


Re-Inventing the Emblem: Contemporary Artists Recreate a Renaissance Idea

Yale University Art Gallery Jan. - Mar. 1995. Catalogue.



Denise P. Leidy/Wai-fong Anita Siu/James C.Y. Watt. Metroolitan Museum of Art Bulletin


Technologies et Imaginaires: Art Cinema Art Video Art Ordinateur

De Maria Konaris and Katerina Thomadaki. Ouvrage Publie avec le Concours du Centre National de la Cinematographie - Service Nouvelles Technologies Centre National des arts Plastiques - F.I.A.C.R.E et avec la collaboration de A.S.T.A.R.T.I. pour l'art Audiovisuel. Catalogue.


Pierre HENON. International Forum on New Images of Monte-Carlo, IMAGINA.

From this Earth - Pottery of the Southwest Museum of IndianArts and Culture

Sante Fe, New Mexico Stephen Becker Director of Museum of Indian Arts and Culture/Laboratory of Anthropoloy Boolet.

Technologies et Imaginaires: Art Cinema Art Video Art Ordinateur

De Maria Konaris and Katerina Thomadaki. Ouvrage Publie avec

SIGGRAPH 1990 "Leonardo" Digital Image/Digital Cinema

Journal of the International Society For The Arts, Sciences and Technology. Pergamon Press.

DISCOVERING POMPEII July 12 - September 15

Exhibition /IBM-ITALIA/NYC, IBM Gallery of Science and Art.

L'erma di Bretschneider.


Vol. 3, Issue 4. Summer, #12.


Gold of Africa

Timothy F. Garrard.Prestel-Verlag.Catalogue.


Images Du Futur 88

Edite par La Cite des Arts et des Nouvelles

Technologies de Montreal, Canada.

High Technology and Art

Arts-Unis. The Chunichi Shimbun Publisher. Naganae Printing Co., Japan. Catalogue.

Artists in the Computer Age

Curated by Jack Beardsley and Ilene Schuster. Owens-Illinois, Toledo, Ohio.

ACM Siggraph Art Show: A Retrospective

Curated by Patric Prince. IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Graphics, Dallas, Texas. Catalogue.

Evolving Aesthetic Criteria for Computer Generated Art: A Delphi Study

A Thesis by Richard Edward Lucas, OSU Monograph

The Age of Corregio and The Carraci

National Gallery of Art/Metropolitan Museum of Art/Nuova Alfa Editoriale, Bologna. Exhibition Catalogue.


Siggraph '85 Art Show

Curated by Louise R. Ledeen. San Francisco Moscone Convention Center. Catalogue.

Computer Art Exhibit, Lehigh University Art Galleries and The Ralph Wilson Gallery

Lehigh, Pa., Feb. Catalogue.


Diego Rivera The Cubist Years

Curator Ramon Favela/Phoenix Art Museum. Catalogue.


Motion Picture Academy Avant Garde


Along The Ancient Silk Routes - Central Asian Art

Herbert Hartel/Marianne Yaldiz The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Kunstbuch Berlin Verlagsgesellschaft, Berlin. Catalogue.


Venice Biennale

Computer-Vision '81 London.


Nexus Gallery & High Museum.Catalogue

The Women's Art Movement The Women's Artists Series at Douglass College: Tenth Anniversary Retrospective Show

Mabel Smith Douglass Library; Walters Art Gallery, New Brunswick,NJ. Catalogue

Exhibition A.I.R. Gallery


Salon Des Independants

Grand Palais Paris.

Films By and About Women

McCarter Theater, Princeton.

Experimental Film Festival; Sigma XVI

Bordeaux, France.


L'Artiste et L'Ordinateur

Swedish Cultural Center and the French Embassy.

Video at Tweed: New Work In Abstract Video Imagery

Tweed Museum.

Suspended Animation-And/Or

Film & Graphics By Computer

North Carolina Museum of Art.

Passport to Space: An Arts & Science Festival for New Jersey


Computer Graphics and Film

Memphis State University.

First World Animated Film Festival


Egyptian Wall Paintings. Charles K. Wilkinson.

The Metropolitan Museum's Collection of Facsimiles Bulletin

The Cloisters and The Abbaye. George Grey Barnard

The Metropolitan Museum's Collection of Facsimiles Bulletin


Bibliotheque publique d'information - ethnographique film festival

Centre Georges Pompidou

Sinking Creek Film Festival

Nashville, Tn.

UNESCO Colloquium on Cinema: Theory & Research


Animation Festival- Argonne

Argonne, France. Argonne Company.

Transformation, Analysis

Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

International Exhibition of Computer Graphics

The Huntsville Museum.

The Waters Art Center

Flint Institute of Art, Flint, Michigan.

New Jersey Artist of The Month

Douglas College. Catalogue

Albright - Knox Art Gallery

Buffalo, New York.

Award winning Films

McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Maryland. Poster.

Colloquium-Secretariat d'Etat a'la Culture Office d'la Creation

France. Publication

Lincoln Center - New York Film Festival


Master Artists Series of New Jersey


Independent American Filmmakers : Southern Circuit

(NEA). Brochure

Vanguard Video - Film Carnegie Institute

Pittsburgh. Flyer.

Dance Movement Improvisation with Film

High Museum, Atlanta, Georgia.


Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Exhibition Joe and Emily Lowe Art Gallery

Syracuse University.

IFIP Congress 77


Award-Winning Films

McCarter Theatre.


Directed Moderated for ICA. Video


New York Film Festival


Grenobel Film Festival


Oberhausen International Film Festival

Oberhausen, Germany.

MOMA Art & Computer, Projects Video VI


Conceptual Animation

Film Forum

Changes in Film & Video


2nd International Festival of Women's Films


Mexico City Televisa

Sponsored by USIA in Mexico.

Award-Winning Films

McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ


International Film Festival.Ottawa, Canada. Catalogue.

International Women's Art Festival

Walker Art Institute.

Avant Premiere Du Computer Arts Festival

Paris, France. Catalogue

Journee Des Musiques Electro-Acoustiques


International Computer Arts Exhibition


Innovations of the 20th Century Avery Fisher Hall (Strindberg, Shuller, Bartok) with films by L. Schwartz. N.Y. Philharmonic conducted by David Gilbert. Program.
Centre Cultural Americain

Dragon Theatre Paris.

Image Science Colloquium

Naval Post graduate School, Monterey Program.

Ottawa '76, International Animated film Festival. Sponsored by Canadian Film Board and the USIA. Catalogue.
IBM Systems Engineering Symposium, Toronto, Canada.
International Film Festival Athens, OH.
Whitney Museum of American Art, New Filmmaker"s Series. Flyer
Domes, Cliffs, Waterfalls, Brief geology of Yosemite Valley Published by Yosemite Natural History Association with National park Service. Pamplet

Carnegie Hall Film as Art, American Film Festival.

American Film Institute, Kennedy Center for Performing Arts Flyer
Third International Computer Art Festival, City University of New York.
Computer Art Day, Purdue University.

Annenberg Center for Communication Arts & Sciences: Women & Film.

The American Federation of the Arts, Film/Graphics.
Cal Tech Film Festival.
Rochester Institute of Technology Film Festival.
Whitney Museum of American Art: New Filmmaker's Series.

Sinking Creek Festival Flyer

Newark Museum, "Eight Women Artists".
Cannes Film Festival: XXVIieme Festival International du Film.
Whitney Museum of American Art: New Filmmakers Series.

Computer Graphics & Film Workshop, New York University.

Women by Women, Centre Culturel Americain, Paris.
Institut voor sonologie van de rijksuneversite Utrecht.

WDR TV, Cologne, Germany,

Vokwang Museum Essen.
IBM, Sydney. Flyer
Festival d'Automne, Paris.
Indianapolis Museum of Art: Exhibition of films.
Evergreen State College-The International Computer Animation Festival.

International Manifestation t-5 and the 25th Annual Assembly of the International Association of Art Critics /AICA/. "The Gallery of Contemporary Art", Zagreb.

New Jersey Women Artists Mary Chandor, Art Curator : Morris Museum of Arts and Sciences. YM-YMHA of Essex County, April.
Essex to Get Major Art Show: Frank Stella, Rauschenberg, Albers, Vickrey, Koch, Magafan and Anuskiewicz. Sculptors will include Archipenko, Giacometti, Chaim Gross, Bruno Lucchesi and Lillian Schwartz. "The New York Times", Nov. 25.
International Computer Arts Festival, "Kitchen", New York. April.
1973 National Computer Conference & Exposition, "Science Film Theater", New York Coliseum, June.
ENIGMA, "Kenyon Film Festival".
MUTATIONS, "National Academy of Television, Arts, & Sciences."
APOTHEOSIS, "Foothills Film Festival."
MUTATIONS, "CINE Golden Eagle", Washington, D.C.
APOTHEOSIS, "Sinking Creek Film Celebration."
Film Retrospective of Lillian Schwartz Films, Whitney Museum of American Art.
University of Guelph Ontario, Canada. Feb.
Lincoln Center Film Exhibition.
IBM- Graphics and slide show Zurich.
Los Angeles County Museum, sculpture.
Arts Festival - Bordeaux.
Los Angeles International Film Festival.
Manifestation Tendency, 5/T-5/Zagreb Graphics, film.
Melbourne Film Festival.
Berlin Film Festival.
International Film Festival, Edinburgh. Award and .
New American Filmmaker's Series, "Whitney Museum of American Art".
United States Pavillon - World's Fair. Films including Pixillation.
Best COM-Generated Film, National Microfilm Association. 21st Annual Convention, COM Movie Festival. May. Silver Spring, Maryland.
Film Retrospective Newark State college, Union, NJ Feb.

Salute to Lillian Schwartz, USA International Animation Film Festival. NY Hilton. Catalogue, pp. 10.

San Francisco Museum of Art. show graphics and film.
ENIGMA awarded Special Award for Special Effects by National Academy of Television, Arts, & Sciences.
ENIGMA received 1st in animation at Foothills.
UFOs "International ICOGRADA Jury Award." Schwartz sponsored by AT&T. Oberhausen.
UFOs received honorable mention award at Sinking Creek Film Festival.
Ontario Science Center. One-person showing of films.
International Animation Film Festival, NYC, Tribute to L. Schwartz films. One-person.
United States Embassy, London, England. One-person film and lecture.
University of Toronto. Lecture and grant from IBM of Canada and Bell of Canada to produce computer-generated film. Production.
Film Retrospective and Juror - 1st International Animation Film Festival, New York.
Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. Lecture and films.
Talbot Rice Arts Center. Exhibition - - sculpture.
Walker Art Center. exhibition of graphics and film.
Seventh National Sculpture Conference, Lawrence, Kansas
Museum of Modern Art, Film showing of award winning films from Zagreb Film Festival.
Whitney Museum of Art, New Filmmaker's Series.
International Film Festival, Edinburgh
Spring Joint Computer conference, Atlantic City, NJ showing of graphics and film.
Directed & Edited computer-generated film "Memory Model Movie" for J. Landau, Bell Labs. Production.
Subject in "Man and Machine" for NBC Television Network Co. produced by AT&T. Production.
United States Embassy, London, England, one-person show (films).
Lecture Series - "The Computer in Filmmaking" at the University of Toronto. Lectures.
Corcoran Gallery, Washington D.C.,
ENIGMA award for excellence at Festival International du Cinema en 16 mm. de exhibition. Montreal.
ENIGMA and UFOs received awards 2nd Los Angeles

International Film Exposition.

ENIGMA award 5th Annual Monterey Independent Film Festival.

Directed & Edited computer-generated film "Statistics" for P.Tukey, Bell Laboratories for the Montreal Statistics Convention. Production.

UFOs received 1st award at Ann Arbor Film Festival.
PIXILLATION received CINE Golden Eagle Award.
PIXILLATION selected by the Smithsonian Institute & The United States Department of Commerce, Travel Services for Man & His World at the Montreal Expo,71.
PIXILLATION awarded Red Ribbon for Special Effects by the National Academy Television, Arts, & Sciences.
PIXILLATION, special award IFIP congress in Yugoslavia.
Film Festival, Cologne, W. Germany for 'X-SCREEN' with Lillian Schwartz, Stan Vanderbeek, Malcolm LeGrice, and John Stetura.
United States Pavilion, Expo, Montreal, Canada (films).
Whiney Museum of American Art, New Filmmaker's Series.
Museum of Modern Art Film Showing of Zagreb Festival selections.
International Film Festival, Edinburgh
Spring Joint Computer Conference, Atlantic City, NJ Graphics and film
Groningen-Arenheim-Dusseldorf-Eindhoven. Graphics and Film
International council of Graphic design Assoc., Visual Communications in the Learning Industry, Vienna. Graphics and Film
Stedlijk Museum of Art, Amsterdam. Exhibition and Collection
International Film Festival, Germany. Film selected by CINE to represent USA.
Montreal Film Festival. Film selected by CINE to represent USA.
Goethe Institute. Exhibition of graphics and films.
Films selected for the United States Pavillion at Expo, Montreal, Canada.
AAAS, Philadelphia, evening of computer films at the Zellerbach Theater. One-person.
Graphics and sculpture selected for the International Exhibition, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Group Exhibition at the Art Museum of Jerusalem. LS exhibited graphics and sculpture.
Art & Music Symposium at the Tweed Museum, Duluth, Minn. LS exhibited graphics, film and sculpture
Exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

LS exhibited graphics, film and sculpture. and

Group Exhibition at the Weisbaden Museum of Art, Germany. Graphics and film.
Group sculpture exhibit at the Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri.
Group exhibition of graphics and film for Einladung Kunst Konton Franzius, Amsterdam.
Association of Computer Machinery Film Theatre

Group showing of films at the International Film Animation Society, London.

Group exhibition "Cybernetics" at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London. Sculpture and Film.
Group showing of graphics and film at Einladung Kunst Konton Franzius, Amsterdam.
ACM Film Theatre.
Conference on Computers in the Undergraduate curricula, Dartmouth College. "MATHOMS" and "UFO's". June.

Vasarely New Paintings and Sculpture

Sidney Janis Gallery NYC, NY. Catalogue.


The Machine - as Seen at The End of The Mechanical Age The Museum of Modern Art. Catalogue.

Some More Beginnings

Exhibition of submitted works involving technical materials and processes, in collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum and The Museum of Modern Art, NY. Published by EAT. Printed by Redmond Press, Denville, NJ. Catalogue.

New Jersey State Annual Competition, Newark State Museum Trenton, New Jersey. Catalogue.

Columbia University Ferris Booth Hall

Exhibition. Catalogue.


New Jersey Artists at the Newark Museum of Art



National Academy - American Watercolor Society

Fifth Ave. New York. Catalogue.

The Mona Lisa

by Leonardo da Vinci by Theodore Ronssear - Curator of European Paintings Metropolitan Museum. Monograph.



Frank Caro Gallery NYC, NY. CATALOGUE>

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