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Michael Napodano
Dallas, TX - 2149246371

Freelance looking for a full time position

Michael Napodano - Dallas, TX - February 1999 to Present


3D modeling & animation motion graphics

special effects

photo editing, com positing and photo restoration using Photoshop CS6 logo design & animation

texture mapping

environment graphics & backgrounds mechanical modeling

story boarding

video and audio editing lighting

modeling and texturing low-poly game objects print layout

general illustration


Creation of 2d and 3d graphics and animation for film television and trade shows Building high poly detailed 3D models from artists drawings for NBC/Universal and EA Creation of 2d and 3d graphics for 3D mapping interior & exterior building projection

Skills Used Oils Sculpture

3D Modeling & Animation

Video Editing Texture Mapping Lighting

Audio Editing


2D Animation Motion Graphics Compositing Character Animation Particle Effects

Color Correction

Photo/Film Restoration

senior 3d modeler

Parsoft Interactive - Plano, TX - 1998 to 1999


Building low-poly aircraft and scenery for the Activision combat simulator

"Fighter Squadron (Screamin Demons Over Europe)" UV mapping the aircraft interior and exterior

Building the crash objects and levels of detail

assigning the airfoil and game engine data to the polygons of the objects and getting the aircraft to fly in the game engine

Quality work with meeting the deadlines

Skills Used

Lightwaves modeler for building the aircraft MultiGEN for texturing and assigning the data Photoshop for creating the textures

3D Artist

Intelecon - Dallas, TX - 1997 to 1998


Creating 2d and 3d graphics an animation for the KISS Psycho Circus official music video

Creating 2d and 3d graphics an animation the KISS Psycho Circus stage show

Graphics for Alcon and Goldman Sachs trade show and award shows

Acted in and did graphics for an Alcon video


I learned the real, ins and outs of stereoscopic 3d rendering as well as get some lessons using the Flame editor

Skills Used

3d modeling and texturing particle effects

com-positing real action with CGI

UI Designer, Cinematic "transition scene" animator

7th Level - Richardson, TX - 1995 to 1997


Working from design drawings from the art director Jerry O'Flaherty, I built the cockpit interface for all of the

"GNOME" dashboards and some scenery objects for that game

Created some 2D graphics for "Monty Pythons Holy Grail"

Built, textured and animated objects and scenery for the transition scenes for the game "Return To Krondor" Built some objects for "Dominion"
Skills Used

modeling and animating in Lightwave and com-positing 3d Max renders into lightwave for the final render creating textures and animation using Photoshop

Graphic Artist, Design and Animation

Future Vision/DigiFX - Dallas, TX - 1990 to 1995


Co-writer, conceptual design of all races of aliens and their appearance, as well as some animation for the game "Command Adventures Starship"

Design of most environments, props, interiors and backdrops

Com-positing, story-boarding, acting and voice over for the game "HARVESTER" In this game, I worked closely with writer/director Gilbert Austin


Three friends and I met up with M. Lee Jacobson and started this company in January of 1990

This was my formal introduction to 3D computer graphics

Skills Used

All of the art production was done on the AMIGA computers using Lightwave and Digi-Paint


Photoshop Cs6

Cinema 4D

After Effects


Sony Vegas

Sound Forge








Woodrow Wilson High School - Youngstown, OH

1978 to 1982

Dave Morton

CGI Supervisor

NBC/Universal in house CGI department

Los Angeles, Ca


Michael Williams


Nitpixel Creative

Dallas, Tx


Bill Strother


WS Design & Production

Dallas, Tx


Derek Welch (Ricki Derek)

Entertainer, Cinematographer

Dallas, Tx


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