3rd Party Video Specifications

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3rd Party Video Specifications

I. Video




HD: 1280w x 720h or 1920x1080, 16:9 video will auto-scale correctly

SD: 420w x 480h, 4:3 or 16:9 pixel aspect ratio

Frame Rate

Frame Rate: 23.98, 25, or 29.97 based on native frame rate

Constant frame rate only

No de-interlacing with no frame blending

Remove any pull-down added for broadcast


  • Source File - Apple ProRes 422HQ Codec

  • Transcoded Assets - MP4

  • VPAID Assets - SWF & JS ( These assets run on desktop inventory only)


15 or 30 seconds

*Tags submitted must contain creative of one length.

For example, only 15s long creative in one tag. If 30s are part of the creative rotation, they must be submitted in a second tag, that only contains 30 second creative.


2 Channels only, AAC Codec, 192 KBPS minimum, 16 or 24 bit only, 48 kHz Sample Rate, Audio is required.

Audio Decibel level – Max Peak audio range between -7db (max) to -9db (min)

VPAID File Format

For VPAID Assets, CBSi currently requires 2 tags. 1 Containing .SWF (Flash) and a second separate tag containing a .JS (Java Script) asset

VPAID File Size

Between 1MB & 2MB per :15 seconds (30 seconds can be up to 4MB)
(this refers to the video file being served by the VPAID, not the size of the VPAID asset itself)

VAST Bit Rate:

Required Assets

Bit Rate

Min Dimensions

File Size

Use Cases


15 – 30 MBPS


10GB Max

For use when further transcoding is required by CBSi partners as well as SSAI environments and ad stitching.

High: Over 2,000 kb/sec


Between 4 MB & 4.5 MB per :15 seconds

High bandwidth users

Medium: 800 kb/sec


Between 1.5 MB & 2 MB per :15 seconds

Standard asset for most users and pre roll

Small: 500 kb/sec


Between 750 KB & 1 MB per :15 seconds

Low bandwidth users

* It is suggested, but not required, to have more than 3 assets. Including both a 700 kb/sec and a 1000 kb/sec bit rate, for a total of 5 assets, is optimal.

II. Companion



Companion Ad
Only required for buys that include Desktop executions


300w x 60h
300w x 250h - for CBSSports.com only

Maximum File Size


File Format

JPG / GIF / Standard Redirects / Iframes (Some site restrictions apply to all formats)

Required for JPG/GIF: Define the source type as StaticResource creativeType="image/gif" or "image/jpeg"

Additional Specs

1×1 tagging is accepted for site served assets.

Tracking Available

CBSi is able to run the full host of IAB tracking metrics. Including but not limited to:


Quartile Tracking: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%



Full screen

III. Important Notes

VAST 3.0 and VAST 2.0 are supported; VAST 1.1 is not supported.
"Fourth-party" wrapping of a VAST tag or any billing pixel within it, is not allowed.
All tags must be SSL compliant. Client must provide https tags and assets (instead of http)
Ad server Creative ID required in VAST XML

Submission Instructions

Please submit the VAST tag via e-mail to your CBS Interactive representative.


CBS Interactive requires that all creative be submitted 3-5 business days prior to launch date.


Questions about this opportunity

Please contact your CBS Interactive representative.

Technical questions about your creative

E-Mail AdSpecQuestions@cbsinteractive.com.

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