Michael HigginsMichael Higgins
Visage data visualization environment. This paper traces the development of the VisageWeb project, using it to motivate an exploration of how an information-centric architecture copes with new visualization challenges
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Cartographic Concepts for Realizing a Location Based umts serviceCartographic Concepts for Realizing a Location Based umts service
In this context, mobile handheld devices, as they can be expected in an umts-environment, can be seen as an important step in the "digital revolution" of cartography
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Executive Summary 4Executive Summary 4
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Leland Stanford Junior University Stanford, CaliforniaLeland Stanford Junior University Stanford, California
Why wireless?
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Varun justine emmanuelVarun justine emmanuel
I can utilize my skills in team management and project management by contributing effectively for the success of organization and also to improve my personal and professional skills and to provide your organization with the best possible
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E-bulk rb system Test Plan commercial contentsE-bulk rb system Test Plan commercial contents
The dbs is introducing a facility to enable dbs applications to be bulk-submitted electronically and to return information regarding the result of those applications by a similar means. This facility is known as the “e-bulk” interface
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Supervisor: Joseph KehoeSupervisor: Joseph Kehoe
These features allow the user to diagnose errors in the system via trouble codes read out by the cars on board computer, allowing for a mechanic to address the issue faster, therefore cutting down on hours worked
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Solid geometry andSolid geometry and
The Cabri 3D software for exploring solid geometry was launched at CabriWorld2004 in Rome this month. It promises to revolutionise computer assisted visualisation and reasoning in 3D geometry in much the same way as the earlier `dynamic geometry
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In Pursuit of Optimal Gaming Experience: Challenges and Difficulty LevelsIn Pursuit of Optimal Gaming Experience: Challenges and Difficulty Levels
Keywords: Player enjoyment; player types; gaming challenges; role-playing games; game difficulty
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Group 5 Spr-Sum 2011Group 5 Spr-Sum 2011
The aim of the comprehensive health monitoring system is to not only measure relevant vital signs, but to store them, recognize patterns
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Ap computer Science Java wt Curriculum Essentials DocumentAp computer Science Java wt Curriculum Essentials Document
Ap computer Science a is a one-year course introductory college course in computer science. This course emphasizes a foundation in computational thinking, an interdisciplinary method of scientific inquiry
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Purpose of writing this assignment to learn about Android os, we will be able to understand what is android, how it works, the history and the users
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The Truly Mobile & Wireless Music Solution Michael Backman, Richard BannonThe Truly Mobile & Wireless Music Solution Michael Backman, Richard Bannon
This project also shows the practicality of Bluetooth enabled cell phones in controlling other Bluetooth devices. Finally, we see that a device such as Intel’s Personal Server can be a powerful mobile device when used in conjunction with other
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Audio spatializer for headphonesAudio spatializer for headphones
Hrtfs. The audio stream was sent through an audio codec to a digital signal processor where it was enhanced before being output to headphones. The device provided a clean audio signal to the user
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Java Code xml layout filesJava Code xml layout files
The xml method is preferred as it allows you to design the user interface of an application without needing to write large amounts of code
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