Chapter 1st semester

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Chemistry Units

Chapter 1st semester


Ch 1 Intro to Chemistry

Intro to Chemistry

Ch 2 Matter and Change

Matter and Change

Ch 3 Scientific Measurement


Scientific Measurement


Ch 4 Atomic Structure

Atomic Theories- Part I

Atomic Number, Mass Number, Atomic Mass, Isotopes

Ch 5 Electrons in Atoms

The Bohr Model and the Quantum Mechanical Model

Electron Configurations


Ch 6 The Periodic Table


Into to the Periodic Table

The Modern Periodic Table

Periodic Trends in Atomic Radius, Ionization Energy and Electronegativity

Ch 7 Chemical Bonding


Ionic Bonding intro to some naming
Dot structures for Ionic bonding

Metallic Bonds

Ch 8 Covalent Bonding

Covalent Bonding and Molecular Compounds

Types of Covalent Bonding and Rules for Writing Lewis Dot Structures of Molecular Compounds 

Intermolecular Forces

Ch 9 Chemical Names and Formulas

Law of Multiple Proportions and Law of Definite Composition

Naming Inorganic Compounds

Chapters 2nd Semester

Ch 10 Chemical Quantities

The Mole with calculations

Ch 11 Chemical Reactions

Writing Chemical Equations
Predicating products

Five Types of Chemical Reactions (including complete and incomplete combustion)
Net Ionic Equations

Ch 12 Stoichiometry

Mass-Mass problems
optional Limiting Reagent
Theoretical and Percent Yield

Ch 25 Nuclear Chemistry

Intro to Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear Reactions and Applications
Fission vs. Fusion

Ch 13 States of Matter

Kinetic Theory of Gases



Ch 14 Gas Laws

Gas Laws – Charles’s, Boyle’s, Combined
Ideal Gas

Diffusion and Graham's Law of Effusion

Ch 15 Water and Aqueous Systems

Water and its Properties

The Solution Process-Solvation
Colloids and Suspensions

Ch 16 Solutions

Solubility and Concentration-Molarity

Colligative Properties - Molality 

Ch 18 Reaction Rates

Collision Theory and Reaction Rates

Le Chatelier's Principle and Chemical Equilibrium

The Equilibrium Constant

Solubility Product Constant

Principles of Enthalpy, Entropy, and Free Energy 
most 18.3 omitted         

Ch 19 Acids and Bases

Definition of Acids and Bases
Arrhenius and Brønsted-Lowry – omit Lewis

pH and Indicators

Ionization of Acids and Bases and Strengths

Acid-Base Neutralization and Titration
Describe salt solutions

 JUNE 2012 Review Packet

Review Packet Answers

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