Chapter 4: Straight Dudes Seeking Same: Mapping the Relationship Between Sexual Identities, Practices and Culture

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Marissa Crisostomo Sociology articles
Chapter 4: Straight Dudes Seeking Same Mapping the Relationship Between Sexual
Identities, Practices and Culture
In this article, it explains the complexities of classifying sexual practices as gay or straight. Mainly because everyone has their own opinion and thoughts on what being gay actually is. Men don’t have as much flexibility with their sexuality as women do. The article also mentioned craigslist ads about straight men participating in, gay activities, known as dude sex while still claiming to be heterosexual. Craigslist ads view gay as a chosen identity as opposed to a description of sexual practices. In order to be queer, you must willingly consume queer culture.
Chapter 5: "Gay by Choice The Science of Sexual Identity"

This article details a man who was gay, and did not want to be gay anymore. He went under a psychological treatment referred to as, “reparative therapy Which makes you,
“ex-gay”. This challenges the idea that sexuality is something born onto you. Reparative therapy was put into place to repair the wrongness of homosexuality. This history of the belief that sexual orientation is innate was outlined. The article also mentioned that his attraction to the same sex stemmed from not receiving the love he desired, from his father. Since therapy, he has become asexual. Reparative therapy has maybe taught him to submerge his feelings so much that he doesn’t crave intimacy anymore.
Reparative therapy is taught to repress their sexuality rather than change it.
Chapter 6: Straight Girls Kissing
This article talks about the study of women engaging in gay culture, while being heterosexual. It talks about the reason they do it, from just acting out, wanting to catch male attention and sexual fluidity, which is how they shape their sexual identity. Some women feel that same sex desires provides them with a safe space that men can’t provide them with. This article also mentions that women have more freedom when it comes to their sexual behaviors. Gay behaviors amongst women are often encouraged, and accepted and can still maintain being heterosexual. While men do not have this freedom.

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