Child Education

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Child Education

Every parent wants to provide best education to his child but faces many cross roads to decide what subjects and career should be chosen for child. They unnecessarily run for current trends which may vary when child completes his education and goes for job. Astrology clearly sees the future and provides clue for best subjects’ choice so that child may get good job after completing education. I am giving some glimpse of my big research article for our esteemed readers.

  1. First of all we should check the health profile (physical & mental) of child as all good combination of bright study career will fail if child is not in healthy state.

  2. Next important is home and school environment which should be made harmonious and any disharmony here is reflected in horoscope.

  3. Next is to know the inherent capability of child and extent to which we can improve before putting unnecessary pressure on child. Every study can be divided in three stages. First is desire to know which is important for learning. Third house of horoscope shows this talent and if quick planets like moon or mercury placed here child is curious and putts questions in class or searches in books.

  4. Next stage is comprehension shown by 4th house. Here child putts learned data in systematic manner. Planets Jupiter and Saturn are discipline and their presence here shows arranging data as well as study place systematically while planet mercury shows quickness as well as haphazard arrangement. Such child remain distracted during study and lot many cuttings and side notes are observed on their paper. They prefer loose sheets rather than bonded note book.

  5. Next stage is remembering and putting data in memory for Exam or competition purpose. Here strong Jupiter or moon gives photogenic memory and such child can cram even whole book by reading once only.

  6. By above information one can improve area of deficiency. Subjects of choice are interest are shown by planets, sign, house and nakshtra. Strong sun shows interest in Physics, maths, science moon in chemistry, medical, marine engineering etc. mars in electrical/electronics, Engineering, Fire equipment etc Mercury in commerce and finance, Law, para medical field etc Jupiter in Law, Management, Literature etc Venus in computer animation, Tour and travels, Event management etc Saturn in Engineering specially civil, Geology, Law etc Rahu in software Engineering, Research, wireless communication, Detective and forensic sciences, space Engineering etc Ketu in hard ware computers, computer Language,Microbiology etc

Above is exhaustive list but specific subjects and career can be judged by thorough analysis of horoscope of child. For our readers we offer in depth analysis absolutely free for subjects and career as far as possible. For this please visit our website and fill birth details there.


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