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Table of Contents

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Study 1: Silicon Valley’s Surprising Testimony

Article 1: The Silicon Valley Saints

Study 2: Hollywood Disciples

Article 2: Cinema Verities

Study 3: Culture: Love It, Leave It, or Transform It

Article 3: In the World, but…

Study 4: Fresh Ways to Connect with the Gospel

Article 4:Myth Matters

Study 5: The Measure of Our Compassion

Article 5a: Counting (Helping) Hands
Article 5b: How Congregations Serve

Study 6: Caring for Our Community

Article 6: Being Here

Study 7: Authentic Fellowship

Article 7: Authentic Fellowship

Study 8: From Personal Faith to Social Action

Article 8: Compassionate Evangelicalism

Study 9: Engaging The Da Vinci Code

Article 9: The Good News of Da Vinci

Leader’s Guide

Silicon Valley’s Surprising Testimony

High-tech Christian executives are bringing biblical values
back into the mecca of Mammon.

With the development of computer and Internet technology, Silicon Valley has almost surpassed Hollywood and Madison Avenue as the chief shapers of American society. Silicon Valley has redefined entertainment, the dissemination of information, and business. But who defines Silicon Valley? And how are its entrepreneurs faring now that so many Web-based businesses have fallen on hard times?

Christianity Today senior news writer Tony Carnes visited Silicon Valley, and found some people God is using in unexpected ways in unexpected places. In this Bible study, we will discover principles that will mark our own availability for God’s use.

Lesson #3


Esther 3:1-6, 8-11; 4:1-5, 9-16

Based on:
“The Silicon Valley Saints.” Christianity Today, August 6, 2001 • Vol. 45, No. 10, Page 34


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