ClickBank Affiliate Program

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ClickBank Affiliate Program

ClickBank has a remarkable affiliate program. ClickBank is both a payment processor and an affiliate network. ClickBank is an affiliate program manager as well, and it is very easy to sign up as an affiliate with them. All you need is to register with ClickBank, it does not cost one penny, and is open to websites located in any part if the world.

Affiliates can earn anywhere from 5% to 50% commission on sales of products. This is dependent upon what they link to. There are hundreds of merchants to choose from with over 10,000 products and services. There are definitely niche merchants within ClickBank.

Linking to a ClickBank merchant has its advantages; such as you know you will be credited for all sales that go through the ClickBank network as the tracking is automated as part of the payment processing. One benefit of linking to ClickBank is that you will receive credit if the customer doesn't buy immediately. What this means is that if the customer comes from your link and decides not to buy, but changes his mind later and purchases, you will receive the credit on the commission, no matter how he got back to the site. This is controlled by cookies, which are maintained for 90 days after the initial click-through.

Once you join you will select a nickname, after that part is complete you will browse through the ClickBank Marketplace to select products to sell as an affiliate. ClickBank will provide you with the URL for each program using your nickname.

The other option is to use ClickBank as a merchant.

As a merchant (vendor or seller) you can set up an account for a one-time fee. ClickBank lets you set up a sales and thank-you page and list that in their database. After they have approved your pages, you can set a price and presto ... you've got an affiliate program running. ClickBank checks and pays your affiliate sales. And they will list you in their Market Place.

ClickBank affiliate program is not limited to people within the United States, however, payment are issued in US dollars and mailed every two weeks. You will also receive an email every time a payment is made through your referral. Real-time sales reports are available for your review 24 hours a day. You will not need a merchant account for this program. ClickBank tracks all visitors from your link, and then the commission is credited once an order is placed and accepted.

ClickBank has a lot of products you can sell as an affiliate, and you should be able to make a lucrative income from it. Remember you will need to put forth some effort if you expect any type of results.

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